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My 19-month-old DD has pretty much PLed herself. WOO-HOO!!!!! But she's so tiny, I can't seem to find underwear for her. Then, I had this brainstorm and thought you EC mamas might have some resources for such a thing.

Sooooo ... I am looking for cotton (organic would be especially wonderful) panties in a 12-18 month or 18-24 month size. Got any idea where I might find that?

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One surprising thing I learned from doing EC is that size 2T/3T underwear is really small. Like, small enough for a baby to wear. My dd started wearing Gerber cotton trainers, size 2T, when she was 8 months (and on the small side for her age), and they were pretty loose but not falling-off loose. Later, I got some Fruit of the Loom panties in 2T/3T, and they turned out to be even smaller. So I bet you could go into any store and get some 2T/3T cotton panties and they would fit, even if the package indicates they're for a weight range a lot bigger than your daughter's size. (They wouldn't be organic, of course, but maybe someone else will have a suggestion about organic ones.)
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i use gerber training pants 2t and have for months. try finding some thing all cotton and (like gerbers) and shrink them.

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under the nile has organic cotton training pants http://www.underthenile.com/underthe...ail.php?id=156 that are very lightly padded, my DD started wearing them around 12mo. they also have underwear, but i don't think they would be small enough... let me think and get back to you...
found these too-
one more-

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What is their smallest size because the size 3 at Target. The one's with Dora or Hello Kitty were too big but my dd is only 23 pounds at 2 years old. She has been wearing panties for over a year. The smallest ones I found were the Gymboree ones they made in 2004 or previuous years. They mae a new size that is 3/4 instead of 3 and it is too big.
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We just splurged for my daughter's birthday and bought her some Hanna Anderrson hipster fit underwear, size XS. I think they are awesome, and they are organic cotton. These fit my 27 pound, 2 year old daughter great. I tried them on my 5 mo, 16-17 pound daughter. They were a little big in waist, but they would work fine for her too.

We found that the fit in 2T/3T panties varied widely, but I really like the fit of some TKG ones made in Canada that I found at Sears. We bought lots of panties when my daughter was about 1 year old, and many of the 2T/3T panties fit her well enough then. Look at the weight ranges because some of them are specific down to 22 pounds or so on the 2T/3T size. I thought I had way too many panties, but we use all of them.

Again, I love the Hanna Anderrson undies that we just bought. So if you can justify a splurge for those, I would go for it. My daughter loves them too, and I love the lower rise fit that they have and the incredibly soft cotton. I wish I had bought them earlier!

Keila - whose daughters are well-endowed in the hip and thigh area, and of course, that does affect fit
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if you know people in other countries you can get it a lot cheaper. i got mine from india where everyone is diaperfree (excpet a few people adopting modern ways ...)

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Not sure if they are organic or not, but Dharma trading company has small undies in their catalog.

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also baggy underwear and pants are easier for them to pull down themselves. won't be long before she can do that.
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My daughter was too tiny for training pants and they would fall off. I tried several different types, with no luck. There is one brand, but they were about $20 a pair... She only was wearing about 12-18 mo pants at the time. I was bought cotton undies at Target and was going to have my mother alter them, but amazingly the 2T undies fit her!!!! Give some of the cheapie ones a try. You can also try washing in hot water to shrink them
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