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pamelamama's Avatar pamelamama 11:06 PM 03-22-2003
Isnt' it great when people who were skeptical start to come around? My mom took Eli to the bathroom at my suggestion when his diaper was dry. She talked to him in the mirror and put him on the potty, and ... I hear her talking.... running the water.. and ...

"You made a sissy!!" <laughing out loud>

("sissy" is our word for pee -- I don't know why!)

I could tell she was delighted by the tone of her voice. She tells her friends about it like it's nuts, but I know inside she thinks it's great.

Like, MAGIC!

bellee's Avatar bellee 02:03 AM 03-23-2003
Wow! That is so great! Maybe now she won't think it's so nuts .
BowenTherapist's Avatar BowenTherapist 05:13 AM 03-23-2003
my mom was so excited when she first peed kaiya
she tells all her friends that the baby pees on the potty she bought her
ShannonCC's Avatar ShannonCC 05:11 PM 03-23-2003
That's great!