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ShannonCC's Avatar ShannonCC 08:30 PM 03-28-2003
So, it's finally happened. The day has come. Owen is not overly interested in going potty anymore. We still get the morning one, but other than that, he's not very interested. I know it's the age. If he was in diapers, this would be when he would start fighting changes too, yk? He's been walking only one week and it was within days of walking that we started having serious trouble. Ah well.

I am optimistic! Thank goodness I know so many awesome EC moms so I know this is NORMAL and not necessarily the end of EC

So he's in dipes a lot now . I was letting him pee without worries because we have hardwood floors but then we had a MEMORABLE poop miss that left me not so relaxed

I still consider us to be ECing though! EC isn't all or nothing and I will not stop communicating with him about this just because it's not going "perfectly"! I am still keeping him diaper free a lot of the time. When he wears a dipe, I am still keeping him coverless so I can change him immediately. I am still cueing him when I see him pee (he peed standing up on the floor today ). I'm still offering him the potty when I think he has to go (respecting if he doesn't want to of course!)

So those of you who've been through this, how long did it last?

Dodo's Avatar Dodo 10:59 PM 03-28-2003
In my experience, strikes usually last a few days. I am interested to hear what the other mamas have to say.

Hope it ends soon!
loon13's Avatar loon13 04:10 AM 03-29-2003
Our recent potty strike lasted a couple of days. Same reason -- new skill. In my case, dd was just starting to pull up. (She is 9 months now and cruising...)

You sound like you're doing great! Still communicating with your ds, respecting his right to say no, etc.

ShannonCC's Avatar ShannonCC 11:16 PM 04-01-2003

And it looks like it's over
Dodo's Avatar Dodo 11:01 AM 04-02-2003