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Name: Allie

Partner: Joel

EC'd babe(s):
DD 1yo

EC'ing since: 5month

Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): We just use training pants now, usually waterproof when out of the house.

Favorite 'potty':

Other info:
ECing became much easier once we got all those developmental milestones out of the way. These days she signals she needs to pee by grabbing her crotch- it's cute!

familybed1.gif planning a : h20homebirth.gif 6.2011

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Name: Kristen
Partner: Devin
Babe: Curran, 9 months
Since: yesterday
Diapers: cloth, out and at night

Living simply with the loves of my life! :::
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Name: Cathy

Partner: Brian

EC'd babe(s): DS 3.5 (not EC'd, but diaper free in daytime), DD almost 7 weeks

EC'ing since: yesterday

Favorite 'potty': seat insert from the BB potty seat

Other info: Very excited that it is sort of working!
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Name: Paula
Partner: Charles
Babe: expecting first baby on September 26, a boy
EC: considering giving EC a try once my baby is born - and have lots of questions!!
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Hi - I'm loving this forum and thought it's about time I introduced myself. Loved reading about many of you and am so glad to have found this place.

Name: Liz

Husband: JM

EC'd babe(s): DS 10 1/2 months

EC'ing since: DS was 3 months

Favorite 'potty': Anyplace that makes my little guy happy right now - he's pretty partial to our kitchen sink and a potty I have on top of my dresser so he can look at himself in the mirror. He's not into sitting still at the moment, so I have become quite the entertainer to keep him happily pottying.

Diaper Use: We use cloth fitted diapers (made by my talented niece - www.annesdiapers.com) with a cover during naps and at night. He doesn't wake up or I don't hear him - I'm not sure which. He's often dry after naps these days if I go to him quickly enough - but we don't use monitors, so sometimes I'm a little too late. During the day, we sometimes use training pants, nothing, or just a pair of shorts with nothing underneath (hot hot climate). Just bought three pairs of open-crotch shorts, so we'll see how those work.

Other info: I live in China, which is a plus because people are accustomed to babies going potty outside (pretty much anywhere). Of course, since I have a "yang wa wa" (a foreign baby) - he also gets a ton of attention for going potty, because people here are used to foreign babies being diapered. We love ECing, I can not imagine doing it any other way. It's kind of second nature at this point, even as we navigate this challenging stage as DS learns to walk and is so on the move. I think it's making me a more sensitive Mother.

Hurray for EC! Glad to meet you all!

Lizbiz, wife to my man who makes me smile, and mom to one bouncy boy (08/07), one sassy girl (12/09), and one sweet new boy (08/12).

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I realized I've posted here, but not an intro, so...

Name: Lisa

Partner: Karey

EC'd babe(s): Margot, born July 2006

EC'ing since: 4 months

Other kids (+ages): none

Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): We're grads now, but we used trainers and cloth in combo.

Favorite 'potty': BBLP

Other info: Margot graduated at 22 months, and we are very happy that EC has been part of our parenting! We live in NYC and don't have a washer, but wanted to use cloth dipes. We started EC with a mind towards making cloth diapering easier, but quickly became more interested in making EC the bigger part of our approach to toileting needs. I would really highly recommend EC to many parents, but urban ones in particular. :
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Name: Jamie

Partner: Tyler

EC'd babe: Ella Lynn, now 10 weeks old

EC'ing since: 2 weeks (part time)

Diapers: Cloth

Favorite 'potty': Our toilet.

Other info: I live in gorgeous Colorado. I'm still a little overwhelmed with the newness of motherhood, and am only ECing part time. But I'm making it work for us and having fun in the process.

My husband was supportive but left it to me to do the ECing until this week when he had to change a really nasty diaper. I reminded him that all that poo could have gone in the toilet instead, and suddenly he was very interested in what I've been doing.
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Name: Larissa

Partner: Patrick

EC'd Babe: Lysander

ECing Since: Birth

Diapers: Cloth; flats, prefolds, and a variety of others I have borrowed from a friend.

Favorite Potty: Sinks, the BBLP, grass

Other Info: I am so amazed at the amount of communication that really goes on between my ds and I. I never doubted EC, but at the same time I didn't realize how clear the communication actually would be. It's wonderful.

Is there any one else on here who is from the Central Michigan area? It would be nice to get together with someone else who does this.

wife to DH 6/25/05, mama to DS 5/26/08 & DS2 9/1/10
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Name: Emily, 22
Partner: Ryan (husband), 21
EC'd babe(s): August--13 months
EC'ing since: 3 days ago!!
Other kids (+ages): none
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): cloth--bumgenius and cuddlebuns wahm-made--all the time until we started ec'ing, and now just at night/if during the day we can't pay attention for an extended period of time
Favorite 'potty': baby bjorn little potty
Other info: Well, we've only caught a few pees and one poop in several days...don't even get me started on all the places i've found poop since we began ec'ing. It is so hard with a baby who can walk because I cannot get him to sit on the potty. I wish we had done this from the beginning!
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Name: Kimberly

Partner: single mom

EC'd babe(s): Hannah born 04-06-08

EC'ing since: 4 or 5 days old, can't remember

Other kids (+ages): none

Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): all kinds, cloth, disposable, or no diaper

Favorite 'potty': baby bjorn little potty, esp. sitting on the bed

Other info: I had planned to do EC from birth, but that didn't happen. (planned home birth turned into a hospital c-section) so I just changed her diapers as quickly as I could (as soon as I could change them myself) and our first active elmination communication was definitely on her part, she gave me a big poop during a diaper change. It went all over the wall, I was so excited! I held her over the sink shortly after that and she peed on cue. More excitement! Lots of misses and catches since then!

Kimberly, in love with Hannah Rose! (04/08) EC grad!
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Since it's been over a year:

Name: Liz
Partner: A.
EC'd babe(s): None (
EC'ing since: Birth (
Other "kids" (+ages): two cats
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?):Probably. I like the idea of flats the best, but who knows? Still planning on using flats and now I have a bunch!
Favorite 'potty': I'm going to buy a BBLP, but I'm betting this ends up being something random like a hole in the yard.I think I'll just get a bowl from the thriftstore instead. Since we're in an apartment now, the hole in the yard is not so much.
Other info: Of all the reasons for wanting a baby, wanting to EC is the one that makes me the most impatient. Still mostly true, but ditching the swollen feet has moved up the list quite a bit.
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I'm learning....

Name: Rochelle
Partner: DH
EC'd babe(s): DD C, 5 months, 13.5 lbs
EC'ing since: June 08
Other kids (+ages): 0
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): 'sposie, trying to get started on prefolds with covers.
Favorite 'potty': Just ordered the BBLP in PINK -- hope it comes soon!
Other info: Caught pee on the first try...very exciting! Caught poo in week two. Getting a little discouraged now....I think we are in week 4. Hope the new potty will arrive next week and get me excited. We are having trouble getting in a comfortable hold and her new thing is always wanting to face out, but I'm afraid to drop in her in the toilet. Any suggestions for tiny training pants? DD is 13.5 lbs.

Looking forward to support/encouragement/advice.
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Hi I'm back here after two years.
Name: Anne
ED'd babe: Ds #2 age 21/2 months
ECing since 2001 Ec'd with my now 2yo ds #1
Other kids 2yo ds 6yo dd
diapers: cloth fitteds when ds is not in arms, nakey whenever possible, sposey at night
potty: outside, bblp, a glass jar with lid, the big potty
other info-i love ec! it was a fantastic experience with my 2yo ds, he has been independent, minus help with clothes since 15 months
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Hey Everybody!

Name: Rin
Partner: Owen
EC's Babe: DS Emery Born 4.15.08
ECing Since: 4 days ago
Other Kids: Just a crazy cat named Purrscilla
Diapers: Mostly prefolds, seldom g-diapers, and at night we use bum genius pocket dipes
Potty: A BBLP knock-off from Ikea, any nearby sink, and the full size 'potty' in the bathroom...can't wait to get him to go outside!
Other info: I can't wait to see where ECing takes us. I have no set goals, just want DS to feel as independent and valued as a little person as possible. I'd also love to connect with more mamas/papas in the Portland, OR Metro area.

Birth Doula and Owner of an online natural baby boutique. Aspiring to be a Midwife.

Wife to Chef DH, Mom to DS (4/15/08), and DS (2/11/12) joy.gif



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Name: Katie
Partner: Tommy
EC's babe: DS Haven born 5-31-07 (and another due in Feb. '09!)
ECing since: about a week ago
Other kids: new baby on the way!
Diapers: sposies until recently. Now BG 3.0 one size. When new little one arrives will start out with greenmountain pfs and snappis
Potty: big potty in his own bathroom!
Other info: Excited that he really likes potty time already! And glad I am now educating myself on EC to start with new children to come! Very happy to find a community that does this. Thanks ladies!
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Name: Yael
Partner: Scott
I'm a Wanna-Be
Other kid: Liam, 21 months
Diapers: use them with Liam (wish I had known about EC when he was born)
Other info: now 18 weeks pregnant with 2nd baby and would really like to EC, at least part time but don't know if I'm cut out for it. Worried about naked time and being peed on and pooped on a lot. Would also love traditional potty training advice for a 21 months old boy if you've been there and done that.
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Name: Alicia
Partner: DH
EC'd babe(s):0
EC'ing since:5.5 months
Other kids (+ages):0
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?):fitted at home no cover, w/ cover while out
Favorite 'potty':BBLP and just ordered pottete potty to go
Other info: My DD is now 8 months we have good days (1 or 2 misses) and not so good (3 or 4 catches only). Looking forward to discussions and advice.
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Name: Berry
Partner: Ben
EC'd babe(s): Delilah, 16 weeks
EC'ing since: Two days ago
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): Yes, in between naked butt times, I use prefolds and pockets. I've been trying to do naked butt time a lot, especially in the mornings.
Favorite 'potty': A big blue pyrex mixing bowl.
Other info: I'm trying really hard not to obsess over catching every pee. I think if anything discourages me, it will be my own ridiculous standards.
I actually caught a poop today, not because of a sign, but because I happened to be holding her over the bowl for a pee. She only poops once every 3 or 4 days or so (she's bf) so those might be harder to catch at first.

Rebecca, mother of one beautiful girl born May 9, 2008, wife to Ben since June 30, 2007, and angel1.gif July 9, 2011.

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Name: Elisha
Partner: Alex
EC'd babe: Charlotte
EC'd since: 2wks old
Diapers: fitted w/ no cover at home (or bare bumm on a chuck pad,) prefolds otherwise, pockets at night, & 7th gen disposables on long trips.
potty: pink Bjorn, sink (she likes the mirror!) patch of grass or dirt.
other info: We had some diaper free time out & about today! Quite on accident, but it worked! We are looking after a friend house while they are gone, I stopped in on my walk home from work cuz DH was there working. I took her potty but she had wet her last diaper. We hung out bare bum & discussed supper, decieded we needed cheese. I didn't want to walk the rest of the way home then back to town, so I took her potty again & put her in the sling bare bum. We got back to DH & realized we needed tortillas too. On the walk back to the store again I felt that "phantom warmpth" & took her out of the sling to potty. We stayed dry the whole time!!! It was inspiring!!! :

Elisha; happy, working, mountain/river/music, single mamma to Charlotte hearts.gif 03/16/08.      http://rivermamma.blogspot.com/

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Name: AislinCarys
Partner: DH
EC'd babe(s): DD, 6 months old
EC'ing since: DD was 3 wks old part-time, full-time since 2 mts
Other kids (+ages): nope
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): Tushies at the beginning (other nappies, eco-sposies & cloth, too big and often leaking). Moltex at night, Disana knitted nappies or Imse Vimse Snap nappies (they finally fit!) at day. Making organic training pants/knickers for her. Nappy free quite often at home (but used to be all day at home before she became so mobile!).
Favorite 'potty': Potty Bowl!
Other info: DD is often dry at night, but wets just before the last waking up in the morning. 1-3 "misses" during the day.
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Name: Elizabeth
Husband: EW
EC'd Baby: almost 3 months
EC'ing for : about 2 weeks
Diapers: some naked time on the floor, prefolds and snappis, w/ or w/o covers, BumGenius at night
Potty: bathroom sink (next to changing station), BBLP, wanting to come up with something for out and about
Other: We're only doing it part-time (and not at night), but she's often dry after naps and when I pull her out of a carrier. EC is prompting me to change her a lot more often too, because I don't want to train her to sit in a wet diaper.
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Name: stacey
Partner: J
EC'd babe(s): jessica 25m-was ec'd read 9/10/08 post.
EC'ing since: day time-9days- 9m of age
Other kids (+ages): expecting 11-08
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): trainers and sposies now (tried aio but cut her legs)
Favorite 'potty': any toilet, ikea potty and fp royal throne
Other info: relearning bc dd is resistant to any potty
these days!!!
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Name: manon
Partner: Justin
EC'd babe(s): unborn: want to learn now!
EC'ing since:
Other kids (+ages): expecting 04-09
Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): will go cloth, and hopefully ec
Favorite 'potty':
Other info: just heard about ec and am excited about the prospect!

Francaise and American, third culture lady, loving life with DP Justin and DS Merlin, b 04/01/09 - Hoping to welcome "petite graine" in February 2015

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Name: Claire
Husband: Luigi
EC'd Baby: almost 17 months
EC'ing for : about 1.5 months
Diapers: some naked time or pocket diaper covers only on the floor and furniture, Seventh Generation disposable diapers/training pants, gDiapers at night
Potty: Baby Bjorn 2piece potty, tub if she will do it
Other: Part-time (and not at night). I only discovered early EC existed 2 months ago and began as soon as I did - baby already is used to wearing a diaper. The first day or two however, after the BB potty came, she used it for peeing every time, but thereafter we only get a pee a day if we are lucky and/or determined. Since we are doing it part-time, I am excited when it does happen. One thing which seems a block is that she seems to hold it when I take her then pee and loves playing with pee. She thinks it's like water at the fountain or in the dog dish but we continue on; it may take a bit longer than we expected!
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Name: Wendy
Husband: Matt
EC'd Baby: 7 weeks
EC'ing for : since birth on and off
Diapers: prefolds w/simplycover or disposable (when out for long time, sometimes overnight or when we run out of covers)
Potty: BBLP, sink, plastic bag w/prefold
Other: Started EC from day one, looking for signs and giving cues. First 2 weeks was easy to know when she needed to go, and would just let her go on a cloth diaper instead of in one. Then it got a little difficult knowing and was overwelmed with 1st time mommyhood... but kept with the cues and changing her every time she went. This week started ecing full time and its been going great -- have been catching plenty of pees and poops. Practicing night time ec too, because she won't go while she's sleep and grunts until I put her on potty. Have some misses at night and during day -- the past few days have been using way less diapers, so thats exciting!

Catching pees is a lot easier to do than poops, cause she'll go whenever I give her the cue (if she has anything) so she goes after naps, before BFing, etc. Poops are more difficult, she still goes during/after each feeding (except in the evenings) and sometimes theres no warning (she'll poop w/o even popping off the breast). As I'm catching more, she's complaining more when shes in diaper and needs to go.
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Name: Sylvie
Daddy: Lyndsey
EC'd Babay: 16 months
ECing since: 3 months
Diapers: An array of hand-me-down cloth ('Baby Love' are our favorite -easiy to use, built in covers) and disposable when we go to town (only once every 2 weeks).
Potty: Mostly a kiddie potty, or outside, or the toilet or a sink when we're in town. She's only just begun to use her own potty, ussually we would hold her in position and cue her.
Other: We were sucessful with poops right off the bat, barely a poopy diaper since she was three months, except a relapse when she started crawling, and another just now...
Pees took longer, and she didin't always hold them and wait the way she did with poos. In the night we had total sucess with pees too, i'd pee her every time she woke up and otherwise she'd stay dry.
The last month though she's been resisting being pottied at all during the day. She sat on her pot proudly a few times by herself, but now doesn't want to sit and doesn't want us to help her. I won't force her, but it's hard when I try and she protests and then immeadiatley pees.: It seems that all our work is for nil, but I am hoping it is just a transition, we move with the seasons and are between homes right now, hopefully once we're settled in our winter home she'll get back into it!
(She does hold her stuffies over the pot and make the pssshhhiiing sound at least!)
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Name: Kellie
Husband: Wayne
EC'd Baby: Peyton
EC'ing for : I was a late starter at 7 months, so it's going on a month now!
Diapers: mostly we do naked time, when we use diapers it's Bum Genius and Fuzzi Bunz
Potty: BBLP, sink
Other: I'm loving EC, my only problem right now is that by the time I realize DD is giving a cue she is already peeing all over the place inlcuding my feet
Hopefully i'll get better with time!
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Name: Paul
Wife: Jan
EC'd Baby: Guinevere (Ginny), 2 months
ECing since: Birth (occasional)
Diapers: Mostly Knickernappy pocket diapers and prefolds. Haven't really got the nerve to try diaperless for very long.
Potty: The big toilet, and sometimes a little tin bowl that we call her chamberpot
Other: She definitely has days where she seems to love to trick us, being very stealthy. Night is usually a great time for EC, since she rarely pees in her sleep, and usually I catch her cues before she pees after awaking.
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Name: Amanda
Husband: Mike
EC'd Baby: Kai 14 mo
EC'ing for : 13 months (started at 3 weeks)
Diapers: pocket diapers during the day (yes, pockets, and no, he doesn't like peeing in them, he takes them off to pee now), cotton pants or nakey bum at night
Potty: the big toliet though he used to have a BBLP that we misplaced during a move
Other: I never thought we'd be ECers but I tried it and Kai loved it so we're hooked and now that he's bigger I can't imagine doing it any other way. :

Traveling mama to two little boys and a new baby coming with the monsoon
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EC'd Baby: Due in January with our first DD
EC'ing for : I'm hoping to start right away
Diapers: I registered at ECwear So I guess we are going to try Thirsties Fitted and then put a cover on at night. I asked for some trainers too because they look easier to get off for pottying. Hoping that works ok?
Potty: registered for acouple bblp. Does anyone know of a diaper bag that can hold the bblp for when we go out? Or maybe something else I should get?
Other: DH and I are very excited to try this even though I think everyone in our family thinks we're nuts. : ) I actually heard about this through my roommate at college before I was even married. I didn't ever expect to find a husband that was on board with trying this too! I'm looking forward to learning from all of you guys!
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