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Molck's Avatar Molck 01:17 PM 08-04-2008
DS is 11 weeks now, so this is getting slightly easier, still I'd love some tips. Poops are easy enough in the newborn hold over the sink, but I have to keep his penis covered up with a prefold to keep pee from going everywhere. I just can't angle it/him down enough to aim it into the sink.

So we end up with him on his back on the floor catching into a prefold above him, or just cue him while he's in the diaper. I've caught a couple with him on the BBLP, but he's really too small and floppy for this to be practical (though it is super cute ).

Anyone have any tips for catching little boy pees? I'm not in a rush to change things, just looking for ideas.

J.J.'s Avatar J.J. 02:41 AM 08-05-2008
I'm right with you, DS is 10 wks.

When using the sink, I use kind of a modified newborn hold. I put his lower back in my right hand, support his upper back/head with my chest and head. His head usually ends up near my left shoulder. My left hand is under both his legs, so that his right thigh is between my thumb and first finger and his left leg is over my left wrist. Or something like this, he squirms quite a bit prior to going, but this positioning contains the pee since either he ends up sagging into the sink enough to catch the stream or it's deflected off my left palm. We have a big counter that I've converted into the changing area, after he goes I set him down to the left and wash my hands with lots of soap. There's also a large mirror so he loves looking into the mirror while being held over the sink or waiting (of course I have to wash the mirror nearly everyday too). HTH.

FWIW this is my third boy, and I've resigned myself to lots of bathroom cleaning. My 4yo is pretty good, but my independent 2yo who has to do everything "ownself" is about 50/50 getting it all in the toilet. Someday we'll laugh.

If someone has a better tip, I love ideas.
breezyanne's Avatar breezyanne 01:40 PM 08-06-2008
I'm sure it depends on the size of your DS, but I hold my 5 week DS in the regular hold with him reclining over my left forearm and up against my chest. My hands are holding his thighs from underneath. In this position, I can put out my finger on either hand to point his penis down into the sink or bblp. Usually this works great, unless he is really squirmy. Then I usually don't get it pointed in the right direction until after he has started the stream. Yep, I'm resigned to lots of cleaning with a little boy!