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conshek's Avatar conshek 06:50 PM 06-14-2002
Can anyone recommend a certified nurse midwife in Tacoma/Lakewood or Puyallup?



butterflyma's Avatar butterflyma 03:42 PM 06-16-2002
conshek, you may want to try asking this question on the Finding Your Tribe, Washington, Oregon, Idaho board
lisamarie's Avatar lisamarie 05:06 PM 06-16-2002
Hello & Welcome~

I have been interviewing midwives here recently. I live in Tacoma and w/my first baby, I went through Franciscan Midwives. They have offices in Lakewood, Puyallup and Tacoma. They are a wonderful group of CNM who only do hospital births. I had a wonderful, natural birth at St. Joseph's Hospital.

But, this time, I am thinking about a homebirth or birthing center. I have interviewed Pearl Place Midwives in Tacoma. They are also CNM and have a freestanding birthing center too. Have also spoken w/Annette Manant, CNM in Ollala. She also does homebirths and has a freestanding birth center. I haven't spoken w/Nancy Spencer yet in Lake Tapps. Jeanne Stagner, CNM also does home, birth center and hospital births. Another mom here recommended a midwife in Olympia/Lacey. I'll try to find her name and post it.

Good luck on your search.


XM's Avatar XM 01:59 AM 06-18-2002
lisamarie's Avatar lisamarie 12:22 PM 06-18-2002
The other midwives name is ~ Marijke van Roojen. Good luck!


aiden&brennsmom's Avatar aiden&brennsmom 05:58 PM 07-17-2002
Hi, in april my sister had her first baby with Annette Manant. I was her doula and i really liked her a lot. My sister had to have the baby at St Joe's because baby was breach but it was still very nice... got baby to turn and had a nice birth.
mamamoon's Avatar mamamoon 01:44 AM 07-20-2002
there is a fabulous midwife in Enumclaw named Toni Ericson, she is listed in the south king county phone book. I've had my two sons with her and recently was a doula at another one of her births. She is VERY experienced a CNM and RN. I think she has almost 30 years experience in the birth industry. 10 children of her own. great post partum support. she will do homebirth or she has a birthing area in her home. my second son was born at home and then went into distress she handled it so well and probably saved his life. I know lots and lots of moms that have used her and they love her and I've heard no complaints ever.
Kirsten's Avatar Kirsten 05:30 AM 08-01-2002
OK, probably not quite as close as some that others have mentioned (and also not nurse midwives) but so, so incredible that I feel I have to at least toss this info out there - we had our second baby at a freestanding birth center in Kirkland (east of Seattle - probably 45 minutes from you? maybe less?) called Puget Sound Birth Center. You can check it out at www.birthcenter.com - we used room 3! Many of my friends have gone here too. 2 blocks from a hospital if needed. After using PSBC I give it my highest recommendation and would drive much further than Tacoma to get here myself for appointments and delivery if we moved. We live about 30 minutes away. Just SO attentive and respectful and professional but in such a loving way. I always feel so happy and safe when I am there. Such wonderful women. My insurance paid for every cent. The midwives were so accomodating to my every concern, wish, need - as well as my husband's and our first daughter's. I would make a little trip up and take a look for yourself - I am sure you could get an appointment to just say hello if you called ahead. Tell them I sent you!
Good luck - I am sure you will find someone wonderful whatver you decide.