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chocomoto's Avatar chocomoto 10:50 AM 08-15-2002
For all you midwives and doulas....what kind of gift would you absolutely love to receive??
I'll be having a homebirth, and my midwife will be coming over everyday for 10 days postpartum.

Any ideas??

ps. If it's a book it has to be in French, she doesn't speak English.



mama2jonah's Avatar mama2jonah 06:31 PM 08-15-2002
Try to find out if she already has all of Michel Odent's books. I understand that most of his work is published in French.
phoebekate's Avatar phoebekate 09:40 PM 08-15-2002
I gave my midwife & my homeopath a really nice photo album each to put photos of the babies whose birth they had attended. They both seemed to really like it, and if they don't use it for that it will make a nice album of something else anyway
jacksmom's Avatar jacksmom 11:00 PM 08-16-2002
Hello! Check out this link:
I (doula, childbirth educator and future midwife) would be ecstatic to receive anything on the website!
chocomoto's Avatar chocomoto 12:28 PM 08-20-2002
I love the attachments catalog. I think I'll order one of the little statues for her.
Thanks for the tip!