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You have all been so helpful to me the last little while... I really appreciate all your input. I have another question. My first baby was c-section. #2 was born at home after a very long hard labor... 32 hours. Part of my problem was that my cervix is tipped wayyyyy wayyyyy back. The babies head wouldn't put enough pressure to dialate me very quickly. I had my midwife check me today and I am 4 cent. and 50% efaced but my cervix is stilll way way to the back... My question is.... What can I do to prevent a long hard labor like last time. I know there has to be some positions or something I can do to help my cervix right??? Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks!!

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Is your baby posterior? I find that sometimes a posterior baby's head doesn't seem to put quite enough pressure on the cervix to swing it forward. (it's normal for the cervix to be way back when pregnant) If your baby is sunnyside up, then going on your hands and knees several times a day might help.
When you go into labour, lying on the side you want the baby to turn, with the bottom leg fairly straight and the top leg propped high on pillows and bent so the knee is close to your chest, while someone gently rocks your hips back and forth helps turn babies around.
Sit on a low stool so your knees are above your hips and wide may help the baby put more pressure on your cervix and help it swing forward.

Hope that helps.
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I can offer some incredibly uneducated speculatiion. I know of this in a woman with a high assimilation pelvis, her last vertabrae was fused to her sacrum, and she had the same issue. The baby was more forward. Perhaps a pregnancy belt?

I welcome any more educated opinions.
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At some point the cervix will move forward. Many times in my experience, (I have short fingers) I have a hard time finding someone's cervix. It depends upon a woman's individual anatomy, the baby's position, and the consistency of the cervix.

Frequent intercourse (like every couple of days or so), red raspberry leaf tea, and evening primrose oil (both orally, and inserted vaginally at night) starting week 36 can help the cervix soften and move forward. Getting on your hands and knees and doing pelvic rocks will help get the baby in a good position. If your baby is in a good position, squats during labor will help.

Have you ever had cervical surgery? Cyrotherapy, biopsy, LEEP, etc? These can leave scar tissue on the cervix; usually it results in the cervix getting "stuck" for quite some time (I experienced this myself, being stuck at 5 cm for over 18 hours) before the scar tissue gives.

Every woman's cervix is pointing backwards; at some point late in pregnancy or in labor it moves to the forward position, usually early in labor. Your first vaginal birth sounds fairly normal; this one probably won't be nearly as long. Remember, it was the first time your body had done this; but the pathway has been forged! Keep you bag of water intact for as long as possible, think good thoughts (envision your cervix moving forward and opening....as corny as this sounds (I am not much of a fan of this sort of thing personally) I have seen it work time and time again in labor), and have a great birth!

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Trust your body!

It sounds like your 2nd was just the typical long 1st vaginal baby.. can also be loong with 1st VBAC

I'll offer a little anecdotal info... my 2nd baby I was about 5-6 cm, 80%, in very active labor with a posterior cervix, but an anterior baby... she was born an hour later.

Do as others have mentioned & make sure your baby is in a good position (anterior) this will help prevent a long labor.

Don't worry so much about your cervix.. it'll move forward in labor as your baby descends.
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With baby #2, I started active labor at 3cms with a posterior babe and cervix. She was born three hours later.
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There is nothing wrong with you!

Your body is perfect.
Your cervix is healthy and normal and everything is as it should be.

You deserve to remember that you can trust yourself. You GET to trust yourself!
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