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I have a client who has had a subchorionic hemorrhage in the second trimester (at about 18 weeks) Her last pregnancy was with triplets, which was complicated by early labor and cervical thinning, and finally her water broke at 25 1/2 weeks. When her labor could not be stopped again, she had a cesarean birth. Two of her triplets died due to prematurity. She also sees a perinatologist and the peri thinks she is at risk again for early rupture of membranes due to the blood clots from the subchorionic hemorrhage, which apparently can weaken the membranes over time.
Is anyone aware of any vitamins, supplements, or herbs that might promote strength of the amniotic sac? She is willing to try absolutely anything to get a baby further along this time.
Seems to me I've heard someone mention something here about promoting strong membranes, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!
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Disclaimer: I am no medical professional, just a doula and wannabe midiwfe but since you are, I'm sure you will know if this is totally wrong, but I have heard that vitamin c (I think the recommendation I heard was 1000 mg daily for the last 6 wks) can actually strengthen the amniotic sac. The woman I heard this from was a doula whose client did this and ended up having her baby en caul (sp?), so the info is purely anecdotal. I would actually really love to know what you/others think about that.

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would any of the herbal teas that say on the box that they are for pregnant women or uterine health, etc, help?
I have no idea, i have just been looking at them at the store and they came to mind.
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Vitamin C and Vitamin K are both supposed to strengthen the amniotic sac.
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I've heard about good outcomes from increased protein and visualization for women with a history of PROM.

With the visualization have her be in a quiet place and picture in her head: the happy baby inside of her, a good strong amniotic sac, a healthy placenta nourishing, etc.

How sad! I hope this birth goes well for her and her baby!
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vitamin E- is what I would use moderate dose 400 IUs, doesn't cross the placenta too much but seems to help protect against oxidative stresses at the placental bed level -- I have used this since the 80's - I avoid high doses for a couple reasons one- it can thin the blood the other- 1000-2000 IUs megadoses have been known to raise BP in the short term
vitamin c also an anti-oxidant and has been shown to help increase membrane strength
go over diet sheets and be sure she is eating her greens- veggies everyday

Biol Reprod. 2005 Nov;73(5):983-7. Epub 2005 Jul 13.

Vitamin E is essential for mouse placentation but not for embryonic development

Jishage K, Tachibe T, Ito T, Shibata N, Suzuki S, Mori T, Hani T, Arai H, Suzuki

Pharmacology and Pathology Research Center, Chugai Research Institute for
Medical Science, Inc., Gotemba, Shizuoka, 412-8513, Japan.

Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) was discovered 80 years ago to be an indispensable
nutrient for reproduction in the female. However, it has not been clarified when
or where vitamin E is required during pregnancy. We examined the role of
alpha-tocopherol in pregnancy using alpha-tocopherol transfer protein
(Ttpa)-deficient mice fed specific alpha-tocopherol diets that led to daily,
measurable change in plasma alpha-tocopherol levels from nearly normal to almost
undetectable levels. A dietary supplement of alpha-tocopherol to pregnant
Ttpa-/- (homozygous null) mice was shown to be essential for maintenance of
pregnancy from 6.5 to 13.5 days postcoitum but found not to be crucial before or
after this time span, which corresponds to initial development and maturation of
the placenta. In addition, exposure to a low alpha-tocopherol environment after
initiation of placental formation might result in necrosis of placental
syncytiotrophoblast cells, followed by necrosis of fetal blood vessel
endothelial cells. When Ttpa(-/-)-fertilized eggs were transferred into Ttpa+/+
(wild-type) recipients, plasma alpha-tocopherol concentrations in the Ttpa-/-
fetuses were below the detection limit but the fetuses grew normally. These
results indicate that alpha-tocopherol is indispensable for the proliferation
and/or function of the placenta but not necessary for development of the embryo
Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2000 Oct;183(4):979-85.

Pretreatment of human amnion-chorion with vitamins C and E prevents hypochlorous
acid-induced damage.

Plessinger MA, Woods JR Jr, ****** RK.

Research Division, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of
Rochester School of Medicine, Rochester, NY 14642-8668, USA.

OBJECTIVE: Preterm premature rupture of fetal membranes has been associated with
infection, cigarette smoking, and bleeding. Hypochlorous acid (a reactive oxygen
species) is central to the body's response to infection, yet it may damage
surrounding tissue while destroying pathogens. We examined in vitro the
tissue-damaging actions of hypochlorous acid on the amnion-chorion and the
protective role provided by pretreatment with vitamins C and E. STUDY DESIGN:
Amnion-chorion samples were obtained from 4 term pregnancies, cut into segments,
and divided into 6 exposure groups. Half were treated in advance with vitamins C
and E (Trolox C) and half were treated with buffer solution alone. After
rinsing, amnion-chorion samples were exposed to hypochlorous acid at 1 or 10
mmol/L for 4 hours. Histologic and immunocytochemical evaluations were conducted
with antibodies for collagen I and IV. RESULTS: Extensive damage to amniotic
epithelium and collagen I but not collagen IV resulted from hypochlorous acid
exposure and was dose related. Pretreatment with vitamins C and E prevented this
damage in all cases. CONCLUSION: Hypochlorous acid damages the amniotic
epithelium and collagen I in the amnion-chorion. The protection against
hypochlorous acid-induced damage provided by antioxidant therapy (vitamins C and
E) is of therapeutic significance.
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They say red raspberry leaf and red clover tea drunk for the duration of the pregnancy works for this.
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