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faeriewisp's Avatar faeriewisp 11:32 PM 05-21-2006
Hello! I'm wondering what your opinion is concerning the any risks that come along for pg or birth with back to back births. I had a baby last september and got pregnant (big whoops) in february -- we're talking like 14 months difference in age.

I personally feel a threat to my nutrition. Wondering what y'all think about other issues. I know it's recommended to NOT get pregnant so close together.

Thankis so much!

cfiddlinmama's Avatar cfiddlinmama 01:45 AM 05-22-2006
I had my 1st 2 15 mo apart. It was fine (except I had preterm labor.) They are so close; completely inseperable. It was hard but has come out just great! They think the reason for the preterm was the fact I didn't really have a period & my hormones weren't on track not because of the closeness. Do make sure you eat well & rest as much as you can! I don't know of any specific risks from close preg though. Good luck to you!
MamaTaraX's Avatar MamaTaraX 12:02 PM 05-22-2006
One "risk" is the decline in milk production to the babe that is out and nursing. Many nursing pregnant women find a drop or disappearance of milk (i expeienced this). This can be a bad thing when you have an infant that is **** exclusively breastfed. If you do reding about pregnancies that are close (less than 18 months between births) you will find risks such as post-partum hemorage and preterm labor. Something obvious is the tiredness of being pregnantcombined with having to care for a very small child can be overwhelming, so make sure to have lots of help available.

Namaste, Tara
LizaBear's Avatar LizaBear 12:15 PM 05-22-2006
I wonder if your iron stores may still be a little low too, and definately your milk supply.
faeriewisp's Avatar faeriewisp 12:21 PM 05-22-2006
Yeah, we already went through my milk drying up. It was difficult!!!!!! So is the tiredness. I'm being carfeul about extra iron and b-vitamins.

I'm having a bit of paranoia all the sudden about risks.
zoe398's Avatar zoe398 08:02 PM 05-22-2006
One thing that I heard (mine are 15 months apart) was the resiliency of the uterus is lessened since it hadn't fully recovered from the first pregnancy. So, basically less tone, I think....
hippiemom's Avatar hippiemom 11:48 PM 05-22-2006
All of the above plus for some, a higer risk of post partum depression... The key here is H E L P, for pregnancy and postpartum. Line up those helpers now, yesterday. Exhaustion, nutritional depletion, milk supply, all of those areas of concern require you to take good care of yourself, which can be a challenge with a little one (or two!). Maybe some regular sitter time so that you have even a couple times per week to do something nourishing for you? I spaced my 3 kids well apart and still felt buried some days. Help with childcare was a Godsend, even just 3 hours a week, which I had for several years. I used that time slot to schedule massage, go for long walks alone, read grown up books in a cafe, draw, write, anything that fed my soul. This can be so good for you in pregnancy, and a line to your sanity postpartum.

Tea for tone: 1 part red raspberry leaf, 1 part Nettle leaf, 1/2 part mint and or lemonbalm. Yummy and you can make sun tea with it, very nourishing and good.
ice_chick's Avatar ice_chick 12:15 AM 05-23-2006
My first two are 10 months apart & then the next came along 12 months later. I think there is an increased risk of preterm labor when they are so close. The best thing to do is make sure you are taking care of yourself. It is harder when you have a little one to take care of, but you need to make sure you eat very healthy & get adequate rest because it is harder on the body to be pregnant again so soon. Take any help from relatives & friends that you can get. It is worth it because when the kids are so close in age, they make good playmates. Good luck!
sevenkids's Avatar sevenkids 12:58 AM 05-23-2006
You really have to eat well, and I cannot stress the importance of taking naps enough! My 5th and 6th children are 15 months apart, so I had a houseful of little children running around, 4 in school and a walking at nine months baby. Afternoon Nap time was mandatory during that pregnancy! Eating well was a real challenge for me, because either I was too busy, or too tired. Sometimes I had to choke the food down, I think I lived on smoothies, sugar cane, and avocados. Luckily, my dp made breakfast for us every morning, so at least I got that in before getting tired during the day. I did have a really nice birth, and felt great afterwards.
Try to eat healthy little snacks all the time, and take a good 2 hour nap with the baby every afternoon. Resist the urge to clean or get laundry done when the baby is sleeping. The more tired you get, the worse your appetite, at least, that's how it was for me.