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I am looking for info on training to become a doula or midwife. I was wondering if someone could point me in a good direction
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I certified through ALACE www.alace.org. Generally, they tend to be more holistic and allow their doulas to labor sit. DONA www.dona.com tends to be more medically minded. Most hospital based doulas train through DONA.

Good luck.
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I was trained through DONA and didn't really like it. There was way too much time spent on how to get certified, how to fill out their paperwork, benefits of being certified, etc. rather than how to help turn a posterior baby, assisting with breastfeeding, etc.

I have chosen not to become certified through any organization as a doula because I don't think that it's necessary and it really doesn't mean anything except that you can fill out tons of paperwork and can pay the money to get the certificate.

Midwifery training just depends on where you are and what kind of midwife you want to be.
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I am doing my midwifery training through The Association of Texas Midwives. It is a program designed to train Certified Professional Midwives.


Even though it is based in Texas it is a distance learning program and we have students from all over the world.



Amy: Certified Professional Midwife and mom to Max (11) and Stella (6).
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I just did DONA training this weekend, and a lot of time was spent on practical stuff with very little time spent on how to fill out paperwork, etc. It obviously depends on who your trainer is.

There were a lot of reasons why I chose DONA, with the main one being their extensive training opportunities and trainings in my area that weren't 6 months a way. I also looked at ALACE, but there were no trainings anywhere near me, and they only had about 12 listed all across the country.

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I went with CAPPA, because I like the personality of the organization ( sort of a middle ground between ALACE and DONA, though as it was said, it really depends on who you work with. I know the state and regional reps for both organizations, and may actually also certify with DONA eventually)...

But the thing I most liked about CAPPA is that they also offer lactation educator certification ( my next step) and Childbirth Educator certification..( evenetually!)
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Hi there,

I trained with ALACE.

I was very happy with them, and I agree it might have alot to do with who your trainer is! I had Terese (sp?) from North Carolina or Virgina. She was excellent...in great shape and that influenced her ability to show various positions, and she had a very high energy.

She was also just awesome and kind, and her approach was VERY natural. She has had MANY years of doula experience and her experience was a great help to me.

I am in the south, and I heard she only trains from the east coast.

Best thing is that I felt prepared to start attending births right after the workshop. We saw some awesome birthing videos, and the certification takes you thought a good amount of preg., birthing and postpartum books.

I highly recommend ALACE. Also, nursing moms are welcome to bring their nurslings to the workshop. I took my daughter with me.


Vegetarian Hindu, mother to L,P and R. 
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I'm doing my training at the community college here. The midwifery program is 3 years long and the instructors are all certified nurse midwives. I love it.
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I am doing the DONA training this weekend. I am a little nervous. Anyone else going thru training/certification?
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O.K., I did not see this thread, before I began my own. I was just concerned with the standoff-ish attitude I was given when I had asked a service about being working with them as a doula.

I thought the doula service I had contacted was rather rude; after talking to them I thought I would never use a doula from them and as a CCE, I certainly had the opportunity to direct people from them!

So there is certification for doulas from Alsace and DONA. O.K. Thank you.

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Is it true that ALACE has all the doulas learn to do vag. exams on each other? That's what I heard and decided that was not for me, though I really like their approach to birth. I'm going through DONA and have been pleased enough. I figure I will learn the most hands-on and from watching other doulas. Training was just hoop to jump through for me. Also, it's the most well-known (at least around here) and I thought that MAY make more clients feel comfortable.
Really, I think who the doula is as a person is more important than training, and that is something you can't get from a book, aye?
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Regarding the vag exams in the ALACE training.... they are optional but I was told that the majority of the students do it because 'everyone else is doing it' kind of thing. Peer pressure. Also vag exams are not in the scope of practice of a doula. ALACE teaches a few things that are not in the scope of doula practice more in the line of midwifery assistant. You take what you need.

I was signed up to take ALACE but then became interested in becoming a hospital based doula and they required you to be trained through DONA. I loved the workshop and the trainer did not talk much at all about certification paperwork. She just said contact her with question (since she is one of the certifiers).

I'm currently working as a hospital based doula and it's great work so far. It definetly has its limitation vs a private doula but the program is ver cheep for the parents ($100) and they have the option to have prenatals if they choose. A pretty good deal. I've attended 9 births so far and everyone is so different!

Shane - living the open life
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I'm starting my midwife training/schooling to be a traditional mw all I'm doing is a study group and an apprentceship (so far)My dh is starting with more of a CNM goal and is starting college for his RN,then may apprentice,and do final little things - more college,training to fill gaps for CNM certificate.
A couple years a go I took the training class to teach the Bradley method,and certified Bradley teachers are considered certified doulas as well.

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I started with ALACE and loved the 3 day workshop and the way they taught and thought. The clinical part was great. But they were not organized at all with getting in touch with you, sending out the newsletters and such. I went with DONA later because they were much more recognized as a doula organization. They do not approve of the clinical part and you sign things saying you will not use it when a DONA doula. They are very organized. But most importantly, experience says it all. Neither organization has done much (actually zero) to help me attract clients. Find a way to attend births and your hands on experience is SOOO much more education than some extra letters after your name. Continue your education, reading, conferences and such and you'll be a great doula!


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As a homebirth midwife, I will say that I MUCH prefer ALACE trained doulas to DONA doulas.
I think DONA has kowtowed to the medical establishment (which, admittedly,makes me really really hostile)
ALACE teachs women that they own their own bodies and that WOMEN get to say who does what with their bodies, not doctors.
However, if you are going to be practicing in a hospital, DONA might be ok for you.
We teach a lot of midwifery workshops here, and get asked this question all the time.
I actually took the ALACE workshop before I began my midwifery training. It was an excellent experience, very empowering.
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