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mamaley's Avatar mamaley 12:22 AM 06-14-2003
Does this even happen?
I ask because when my mom was pregnant with me, she went almost a week past her edd, and was told that I had lost weight in utero, I think because of high blood pressure, and i was born at 5 lbs 11 oz by c-section (i was breech).
I was wondering because I thought doctors could not tell how much a baby weighs in the womb, although I guess they could feel if the baby was smaller?
Just wondering.

pamamidwife's Avatar pamamidwife 03:36 AM 06-14-2003
with high blood pressure, there is concern that the placenta might not be optimal to supply baby with all of its needs. However, even in a woman that has high bp, this is not always the case.

through ultrasound measurements, providers can tell if baby's growth has slowed, or has become assymetrical, which could indicate a restriction of growth due to placental insufficiency.

weight estimates via u/s are just that - estimates. same thing with gestational age estimates. many times they are off by as much as 2 pounds / 3 weeks, so it's more accurate to look at a variety of things: amniotic fluid volume, head circumference, abdominal circumference, etc.