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After the birth when we had a minute, the midwife told me that when she first checked her, she thought she was at 4, but then she realized that it was the fontanelle she was feeling.
Maybe she was 4 when she first checked, and the cervix just melted away....

I've had the experience several times, with a ripe, buttery cervix that is 3 or 4 when I check, and while getting position on baby the cervix just disappears (dilates) and melts away under my fingers without doing anything stretchy to it.

Here's me to the woman;

"Okay, you're a nice 3 cms, no, you're 5....wait a minute, you're 6.....um, no, you're now 7, okay, do you want to get in the tub? Quickly?!?!"

Pretty amazing!
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I'm with sostinkinhappy- it was a fourth birth, not a first, but I was definitely at around a 4cm when my midwife checked when she arrived, and at that point I immediately stalled out due to living my worst nightmare (long story.) Eventually got my head together, dilated, broke waters, birthed baby in the next three ctx, but the cause? In my case, adrenaline. I was seriously, seriously scared by the implications of giving birth in that time and place (at home, with a kid having a lifethreatening asthma attack) I could imagine a "whoa, shouldn't have done that" second thought about castor oil also causing that kind of adrenaline, though.

Helen mum to five and mistress of mess and mayhem, making merry and mischief til the sun goes down.
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You've summed it up right here:
Originally Posted by doctorjen View Post
In the years since I first started, I find that I've become pretty adept at figuring out where women are in labor. I'm not too hot at guessing dilation by looking at someone, but I can usually be pretty accurate about whether the baby is coming soon or what based just on how a woman is acting.
and especially
Originally Posted by doctorjen View Post
The fact that my client was acting like someone about to birth a baby was much more accurate than the fact that her cervix was 3 cms dilated! I'm guessing it was the same for your client.
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I find that a woman at 3cm looking like she is about to birth needs lots of attention because, either, she *is* gonna birth any minute, or she has a really bad malposition and she might need some help getting that baby moved around to a better position before the baby gets too far wedged in that position. Y'know?

I had a mom this week go from 4cm/70% effaced to fully in just a few minutes. That baby would have flown out, except he had his arm wrapped around his chest and up by his ear. We wondered why this 4th time mom was pushing so hard and worried about shoulders. Well this chunky almost 9 pounder just had the arm wrapped around and a little nuchal hand by his ear that slowed him down. Her last labour was under an hour, too, beginning to end.

I've also had 2 multips stalled at 7cm for a loooooong time and the baby come out with my fingers immediately after an AROM. It was like, "ok, lovely clear fluid... and a baby! Hello little one!"

My all-time fasted client carried equipment around with her as she reported her last baby was born with only a couple of contractions. She carried a little kit around at work and around with her on the farm she lived on. One night I got a page from her with no message. I waited a bit while I tried to unsuccessfully contact her then headed out to her place. When I arrived, she was in the tub, placenta in a bowl, and the baby dressed and in a car seat watching her bathe. Her 5 other kids were asleep in her room. It was 4 am. She said she tried to get me there, but awoke with a contraction, paged me, then on the next contraction the baby slid out, with her not moving from the side of the bed! She said it was so fast that none of the kids, not even the ones bedsharing, woke up. Sure enough there was her barely mussed sheets, sleeping kids in the room, and a little tiny smear of blood on the side of the bed and a bit on the floor. She clamped the cord and cut it herself, then gave herself a bath, and dressed the baby, all in the 30 minutes it took me to get there. I had very little to offer her, other than cleaning that littlle bit of blood up, and playing with the kids. She was awesome and and inspiration. (She was also interesting because, even at about 110 lbs, she never had a fundal height above 26 (!) at term, and had 8lb+ babies! She hardly looked pregnant! I still can't figure out where she hid those babies from a pure physical perspective - she was stick-thin. She had such great faith in her body and was a lot of fun to care for.) When I think of truly precipitous birth, I think of her.
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Okay, I'm waiting for the day that I tell someone they are a tight one, but it is only because I have stuck my finger up their baby's butt. It'll happen to me, I'm sure. And then when I realize it, I'll faint and get my concussion. I can see it now. And it makes me giggle.

The only babe I caught (I'm a nurse) was a mom who had a history of precipting, and she came in, was a three (as she had been in the office earlier that week), had only had a few contractions that day but felt like something might be happening. Less than an hour later she is on the toilet, had ONE contraction, and out came baby head. I just happened to be closest and have gloves.

My own births differ in that my first was less than 6 hours from start to finish, and my second one was somewhere a long the lines of 30+ hours. The difference? Well, I felt the second one turn, so I suspect she was OP. AND I had a colpo with multiple biopsies 6 months before I conceived her. So I agree, anything that might cause cervical trauma could result in scar tissue that hangs out and doesn't give until it *really gives*. Because I hung out at 5 cm for 29.5 hours, and then I asked the doc to break my water, and 30 minutes later I was holding my baby. I have personally seen this with many moms, post cervical procedure.

I agree, watching how they act is as (or more!) important than the cervical dilation.
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Originally Posted by dianna11 View Post
Not a birth professional either, but that is a very interesting thought! I had a LEEP procedure done about 4 years prior to DD's birth (first child). I'm not sure how fast I dilated, but the whole labour was under 4.5 hours, with 10 minutes of pushing. Nobody was expecting that!

I wonder how common this is?
I had a LEEP proceedure too, 12 years or so before DS was born. At 32 weeks I had a transvaginal ultrasound and discovered I had a short cervix - only about 2cm (3-4cm is normal I think). Four weeks later I had a great home birth. My water broke at 3pm (at work!), contractions started (they were intense but managable; I assumed I was in early labour). I called my midwife to come over at 11:30pm that night when things intensified and I *knew* I wanted her there (as per her instructions). When she arrived and checked me I was fully dilated. Guess I had been in active not early labour. I think I had fully dilated for some time because DS had one of those spongy hematoma things on his head where he had been resting on my dilated cervix (sorry if my conclusions are wrong, I'm not a birth professional, just trying to put 2+2 together). I didn't have the urge to push until I started consciously pushing, then it became uncontrollable. Anyway, he was born an hour or so after she arrived. I didn't push hard until our midwife said his heart rate was speeding up - it only took 2 100% pushes. The whole thing was fantastic. Yay for LEEP lol. Oh, he was born at 36 weeks and 2 days and had a few little signs of prematuraty. His latch was great though and we didn't have to take him in to the hospital to be checked or anything. I'm pregnant again and just pray I carry this LO to term.
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