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Inducing a miscarriage

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So, I'm sitting here checking my pad every 10 minutes waiting to start bleeding. I had an u/s 12 days ago which showed baby had not grown much at all & hb was only 55bpm. Then about 3 days ago I had fluid leak out 3 different times & I knew it was my water. An u/s yesterday showed no additional growth & no hb. The wait is killing me & I'm so ready to get this over with. Is there anyway (herbs, accupuncture,etc) to cause the m/c to begin? (That's safe of course.) These last 2 months have been crazy on my emotions from the surprise pg (I had an iud) of a 5th child, to an u/s that only showed gest. sac, to "no we see a fetal pole", to "there's the hb" to "hb is way too low" & I need off of this rollercoaster.
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you could try castor oil
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If the home remedies don't work get a D&C
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i read that sometimes it can take weeks for it to happen - and i remember a poster a few months ago who waited a month or two. It will happen in time and if you feel like you would like it to go naturally i dont belive there is a medical reason to speed things up. Of course there is always the option of a D&C as the previos poster pointed out.

I am so sorry to hear about your loss
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Another medical, but not surgical option, is oral misoprostil (cytotec.) It can be used to encourage complete of a first trimester "missed abortion" where the baby has died but not been passed yet. Waiting out a missed miscarriage can take weeks, and misoprostil increases the chance of completing without needing surgery by quite a bit.

Here is one abstract about it.
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to be honest the misoprostil was my first thought as well. I have known many women who try something, home remedy success is hit and miss, but I also know that women who ask for an alternative, usually try the alternative means before going in for pharmaceutical help. I have seen miso work, with the addition of it also helping to prevent excess bleeding.
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I know the feeling of wanting it over with. I waited 6 weeks for one to happen and when it did I hemmorhaged and ended up in the ER. If I were in the same situation again I would probably opt for Cytotec. D&C's freak me. I don't know why but they REALLY bother me. Good luck and I wish you a speedy recovery.
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don't know if things have already changed for you, but...
I had a miscarriage 6 years ago- baby died at 12-13 weeks gestation, then it took 11 more weeks for me to actually have the miscarriage. It was much like labor, and I went to the hospital thinking I was bleeding too much, but once the placenta came out, everything was fine. We buried her in our back yard, with my son's placenta.

I tried lots of home remedies and nothing worked to induce. It might just take time. fwiw, I think being as ready as you are, could help.

Hope it all goes well for you.
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My friend felt that Wishgarden Herb's No Misconceptions tincture helped her miscarriage along. I am so sorry for your loss.
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Thanks for everybody's response. I feel like I am in constant limbo. I'll feel crampy & think, this is it & then it just goes away. I've talked to the baby & to my body about the fact that it's time. It's time for my body to quit fighting to keep this lo & it's time for this lo to make his/her way out. I am really ready to proceed with this m/c & have some closure. I find myself being cynical & I am so not a cynical person - I know it's time to move on & I really want my body to help me do that.
Thanks to everyone who shared their own personal experience.
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I am sorry for your loss.
If you wish to go the more natural way; if possible call a local herbalist/midwife. She can give you blue and black cohosh to help things move. It is important to have someone there to monitor blood pressure and bleeding. She should have shepards purse on hand in case bleeding is too much. Of course she would know this if this were a practice she was familiar with.
Of course it is probably best just to wait, but you need to do what you need to do.
You might try some emmenagogues such as; strong ginger infusion, tansy, parsley sprig vaginally.
In the meantime; be gentle with yourself, surround yourself with love, and nurture yourself.
Best wishes
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Is it possible that you're not emotionally ready to let go of the baby/pregnancy?

When I m/c'ed, we saw no heartbeat, but nothing really happened until I laid down and came to terms with what had happened and what was going to happen. I told her that I would miss her, that I loved her, but that we both knew that now wasn't the right time for her to join our family, and that when that time came, I would welcome her spirit back with us, should she decide to return.

Sure, I'd wanted to be over with it ASAP too, but I was still upset about it, and while I wanted it over, there was a part of me who didn't really want to accept that this was over. Until that night.

I let her go the next day in the bathtub and later buried her at the beach.

I know, it might sound hokey...but I really feel that it worked for me.

Having said all that-I would opt for 2-3 rounds of cytotec before going for the D&C. In fact, I think I'd avoid the D&C until I began to show signs of an infection. That's just me though.

I'm sorry for your loss.
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