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Cheshire 04-14-2008 12:21 PM

I sure could use some info!

I'm 22 weeks and at my ultrasound on Thursday my placenta is still right at my cervix (and the doc said if I delivered now I wouldn't be able to vaginally). I know it more than likely should move. But, I also have a 4mm amniotic sheet. The doc performing the ultrasound didn't say a lot except we'd check it again in six weeks. And, of course, I wasn't prepared to ask questions about an amniotic sheet. I won't be able to see my midwife until tomorrow and I'm hoping they got a copy of the ultrasound report. (I really missed MDC on Friday and over the weekend, I'm glad we're back online).

It seems my placenta is attached to the amniotic sheet. Will that affect the ability of the placenta to move away from the cervix (I know the placenta doesn't actually move, but the uterus grows - I just don't know how else to phrase the question).

The info I've been able to find online is so contradictory. One study showed a complete amniotic sheet (which is what I seem to have) linked to a higher incidence of fetal demise. Another said amniotic sheets (didn't mention complete or incomplete) as benign. And, yet another mentioned amniotic sheets are linked to early labor.

Anyone an expert on this??? Thanks in advance for reading!

majikfaerie 04-14-2008 12:26 PM

first of all, at only 22 weeks, there's no cause for alarm just yet.
even if it does transpire that you have a praevia, and need a section, look into waiting as long as possible before having the op. even till labour starts on it's own, if possible.
about the amniotic sheet, I don't know, but I'm interested to read responses.

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