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SeaDoula's Avatar SeaDoula 02:35 PM 07-26-2009
Hello all,

I am trying to figure out some complicated stuff. I plan on moving to another state for school, Midwifery school, and I am just not sure I am going to be able to make everything work.

If I move to a new state am I not eligible to receive benefits there?

Where would I go to find this out?

My plan is to move from WA to OR.

kdmama33's Avatar kdmama33 03:03 PM 07-26-2009
Can I ask why you're not staying in Seattle and going to SMS? Since it's right there and you're already established in WA?

Here's a link I found regarding residency requirements for Oregon in terms of receiving benefits. I believe you'll have to go through the application process for all of the benefits you receive all over again, and things like Section 8 and such have long waiting lists, so you'll be waiting to reestablish benefits for awhile.
meemee's Avatar meemee 03:37 PM 07-26-2009
check out section 8 in both states.

they are closed here in CA. not taking any applications for the past year i think.
DogwoodFairy's Avatar DogwoodFairy 03:41 PM 07-26-2009
I moved from Maine to Oregon last November, and applied for benefits (food stamps, TANF, and OHP medical) within a week of arriving. My reason was essentially to force the State of OR to establish a CS order, which is automatically set in motion when a parent applies for benefits.

I had no issues with receiving any benefits. They wanted the regular documentations, of course. I told them I just moved here, am separated, need help. Shouldnt be a problem for you. Sec 8 here is closed, though there are subsidized housing units that you can sign on waiting lists for.

Good luck...what area of Oregon are you moving to?