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ishereal's Avatar ishereal 11:46 AM 12-13-2010

My sons father lives in D.C and I live in TX *sigh* so much for meeting halfway, lol 

MaWhit's Avatar MaWhit 10:40 PM 12-13-2010

I'm a full-time student and have not gotten child support for years.  I moved to a cheaper area, drive an old car, and live mortgage-free in a mobile home in the boonies.  I take my classes online, and work part-time from home (writing/editing/marketing/nonprofit) and out of the home with kids (teaching UU sunday school).  We've homeschooled all the way, but the kids will likely start school next year (in 2nd, 4th, & 6th grades) since I'll have internships and such and haven't figured out another plan.

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