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sassuhfras's Avatar sassuhfras 09:07 PM 09-29-2012
I'm due in january. the childs father quit his job and moved in with his wealthy parents. they are paying for his school which he said he is starting in january, full time, to avoid child support

I live with my parents but that doesn't mean I can afford this baby on my own. I can't get any assistance because I live at home.

I don't know what to do and I'm very depressed.

LLQ1011's Avatar LLQ1011 10:31 PM 09-29-2012

That is lame. I'm pretty sure they still give child support even if he is unemployed it might not be much. But also a judge will evaluate where his $$ is coming from.

34me's Avatar 34me 11:18 PM 09-29-2012
When my friend was getting divorced I helped her fill out the child support paperwork. Because her STBX was underemployed on purpose he was ordered to pay more that she thought.
Goodmom2008's Avatar Goodmom2008 07:25 AM 09-30-2012

What you are going to do is ask that he be imputed income to what he made before he voluntarily left his job.  Barring that, he should be imputed minimum wage at full-time hours at the very least. 

greenemami's Avatar greenemami 07:00 PM 09-30-2012

You may be able to get assistance even though you live with your parents.  Where I live, you just have to prove that you buy your own groceries (i.e. I assume with receipts?)  So call the local office and see if you can at least be eligible for state insurance, etc. if you need it.  Can't hurt to ask! 


As for you child support, I don't really have any experience with that situation, but I believe he would have an imputed income based on his previous income.  I don't know if his going to school interferes with that.  Good luck mama!

sassuhfras's Avatar sassuhfras 02:18 PM 10-01-2012
he has only worked under the table jobs. so he will have no record of ever having an income.

the dhs said they could give me 300 dollars a month. but how will I get on my own with that?
Goodmom2008's Avatar Goodmom2008 04:46 AM 10-02-2012

Since he will have no record of income, unless you can prove his earnings from the under the table jobs, the amount that he is very likely to be imputed will be 40 hours at minimum wage.  You will get a child support order.  Doesn't mean that he will pay, but you will have the order.  And if he gets a regular job that isn't under the table, the support (along with the arrears) can be garnished from his check.