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mamabear0314's Avatar mamabear0314 05:17 PM 08-18-2013

STBX signed it, what does it mean for me regarding the decree? We're doing a pro se divorce..

Springshowers's Avatar Springshowers 08:34 PM 08-18-2013
I did a quick search it looks like it probably means that he is aware of the divorce and doesn't need to be served papers notifying him you are filing. But depending on your state it could be slightly different (I read Texas).
mamabear0314's Avatar mamabear0314 06:10 AM 08-19-2013

The paper says "I understand by signing this waiver of service that I give up all legal rights in this case", which is why I was wondering. :)

Springshowers's Avatar Springshowers 06:14 AM 08-19-2013
Maybe you can proceed with the paperwork and file and no longer need him to do anything? That sure would make it easy. You don't have property or money to split right? So it should be pretty straightforward.
mamabear0314's Avatar mamabear0314 06:22 AM 08-19-2013

Nothing to split and he wants me to have sold custody of the kids..hope it is as easy as it seems it will be. I'm ready to finalize!

justmama's Avatar justmama 12:29 PM 08-19-2013

In my state, the state is giving the attorneys the ability to mail summons instead of subpoena people because it saves them $60 per case.  It's not legally binding so you can walk out at any time in the summons and if you don't show for it, there's no penalty but then they will subpoena you to appear.  BUT they have to get your waiver of a legal serve in court stating that you are aware that you are not bound to appear and that you can be subpoenaed to appear if you prefer(ie, to get the day off work from an uncooperative employer).