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I loved the last one. And I have been so consumed I have had little time to see what is going on with everyone and to share.

My new job is, well, consuming! The other day my 6 yo said, 'mom, you don't have time for anything anymore!" YIKES. that scared me. Last week was particularly busy, not every week will be like that, but this weekend is for rest, relaxation and spending time with my boys. We are well on our way.

All our changes have occurred: starting school, switching daycares and my new job. I am relieved to be settling into our new routines. And so are the boys - no complaints in that department.

And I have been seeing someone: trying not to jump in with both feet, but I think I failed that. I am going to try to back peddle a little. Of course, it is easy to idealize a relationship before it is doing much (it is easy for me anyway). And of course, my boys enjoy/love to see him too. It is difficult to separate these parts of my life bc there is so little time alone, unless I get a babysitter and that can be a huge project in itself!

My boys' dad is allegedly coming back for a week's visit at the end of the month. He has requested to see them one day. He has not seen them since April. The purpose of his trip back is to request to have his child support payment reduced... Now, there's a good dad for ya!!!! It is laughable because he doesn't pay at all. How does someone have the guts to do that? And you know what, somehow it is all my fault.

well, I hope everyone will add. It is fun to catch up. Peace - Jennifer
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Jennifer~glad to hear things are settling in nicely for ya.

I'm still here. 3 more weeks til my due date!! At little scared about how everything is going to go after, but whatever. DD is doing really good, she keeps asking if today baby sister is coming out..EVERYDAY!!! I'm hearing now, that I will have my job til Jan. then I will get permenantly laid off. Which is better than Oct. So I'm hoping that is true, and that this baby hurrys a little, so I can't get back to work and save up and get a place and such. Things are a little strange with DD's dad, he told her she can't love my dp (or whatever he is right now) and that he (dp) doesn't love her. She was very crushed and I had to work with her for a while to her to understand that she can love anyone in this world and its okay. I'm really upset at him for this, his GF and her son is with DD everytime he takes her and DD comes home talking about them and everything, and I smile and happily listen, and tell her I'm happy she had fun, and NEVER act upset, cause it doesn't bother me. My DD knows I'm her mommy, and to me its like my sister or SIL or someone loving my daughter, it doesn't matter what they do, they are still who they are to her, and I'm still her mommy. I don't feel threatened, but I think for some reason her dad does, for no real reason. UGH!! Yet to him his GF and DD's relationship is okay?? :

anyways after that big ramble..sorry. Things are pretty decent, they could be worse. I just can't wait to have this little baby!!! I'm nesting like a crazy women!!!
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Katt - its so exciting that your baby is nearly here. I really want another baby, so is it ok if I live vicariously through you? :LOL

Everything with me and Harper is going well. We've been living in our little cottage for nearly a month now, and I love it (heres a pic of my cottage). I'm slowly starting a vege and herb garden, it needs alot of work so its taking me awhile.

Harpers really starting to notice 'daddy's, and even his cousin asked me yesterday wether H had a dad (it was fathers day here) I told him he did but he lived far away. I don't know how I'm going to explain it to Harper when he really starts to ask, I guess I thought I would have more time to think about it. (For those who don't know, I havn't seen his father since I told him I was pregnant, he didn't want to be involved)

I've have decided on some study options for me , I just have to decide when I want to start. I can start soon or wait until the new term next year, I'm leaning more towards next year.

So thats our news this month.

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The kids & I have been in our new place for a week now. I am finally getting used to being here, but when I think about it I really miss our house. DS1 is having a hard time with not seeing his dad much, the other 2 don't really notice much. I know I am doing the right thing, but it's still hard. I am trying to get us all settled into a routine, esp. since I HS DS1, but with 3 kids under 5 by myself it's not easy. I am thinking of getting a temporary order of custody & child support, but don't want to rock the boat b/c at this point H is still supporting us financially & I can still stay home with the kids. The days aren't bad, but I get so lonely at night. It's difficult to adjust to being alone after being married for over 5 years.


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Hi all,
Besides going green with jealousy at the prospect of stbx seeing someone else, things are going well.
I just got back from the Womans Herbal Conference in New Hampshire where i had 5 days to myself (no work) It was glorious, i had a great 'no media' time and when i checked into a hotel (felt decadent) on the way home I found out about Katrina. I had no idea, made me wonder about the people in NO who had no access to media and didn't know what was going on.

stbx wrote me an email last night telling me that there was nothing going on between him and that girl, why should i care anyway? It would almost be a relief if he were involved with someone else, though painfull. I'm just starting to deal with these issues. I think i jusst want to get it over with.

Katt, I'm also living vicariouly through you bc i also want another baby so bad, i'm almost 39 though, and not even really single yet, soooo

Good luck to you all.

                                Whatever will be, already is...
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Well, things are going well here. My divorce was final last month and I am moving forward day by day. I have been unemployed since May 2004 and I decided to apply to nursing school. I have a dual master's degree in public health and public policy, but jobs in my field are scare now. I start classes tomorrow. I have 3 to take to apply to school for next Fall. My DS is doing well too. We are starting a toddler and mommy class at a local preschool next week. He was recently diagnosed with food allergies and asthma but he is doing very well, especially for a 19 month old little guy. Despite the hard times, I am really happy. My XH is a jerk and an absent father but I try to focus on the good things in our life. I have also been dating a guy since April and things are going well. We are taking things very slowly. So, that's it for us.
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green - glad things are going well. New guy sounds cool!
katt - sending positive vibes for a healthy birth & little girl!
harper - LOVE the cottage. You must be enjoying your own space! Harper is adorable!
calimommie - it does get easier. Can you read or something at night or do a hobby or something to help feel less lonely? I now LOVE my time alone at night. Hang in there.
beloved - this too shall pass. Jealousy is a tough one.
annarbor -sorry to hear about the allergies & the ex.

We are doing well. I was fortunate to be in a healthy space when this occurred, so I took a few days to myself and managed to resolve things for myself.

We were at my mom's for a few days and went to my Grandfather's wedding. He turns 86 this month, so if he can re-marry, there's gotta be hope that I'll find someone one day too!!!!!

I've been busy with school. I've managed to keep my grades above 95%. I love the mental challenge and it keeps me busy.

We're starting to homeschool again and I've got some fun activities booked for the next few months, so I'm excited about sharing these things and doing some fun stuff with the boys.

Ex and I are still trying to finalize our agreement. I am sending out positive vibes that we will have it resolved soon.

Not much more to say. All is well.
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My daughter starts first grade tomorrow.

I'm seeing someone who happens to be in a similar situation as I am. She's 2 years older than me with a 6 year old boy (who's named derek which is a little weird to me). We have a lot in common (including having the same birthday haha) and many similar interests. She's really awesome and I'm really enjoying my time with her.
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Derek~ That is great to hear!! I'm glad you found someone who understands you, and that you enjoy your time with, that is sooo nice! I hope your little girl enjoys 1st grade!! Its nice to get an update on you!! Keep in touch!!!
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Hi all!

Life's moving on well here, too! It's hard to believe how good I feel about where I am and what a journey it's been...

I started law school this summer and did really well the first term, and I'm really enjoying being in a school environment again. The girls and I moved out on our own, from living with my mother, and it's felt really great to have the distance and independence. Plus, I'm spending a lot MORE time with the girls without other distractions around.

It's great to here how everyone is doing, sounds like things are really going well!
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