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MsChatsAlot's Avatar MsChatsAlot 09:12 PM 02-28-2006
Happy Birthday Steph!
It's nice that he remembered. Sounds like a thoughtful guy.

Jilian's Avatar Jilian 10:52 PM 02-28-2006
Happy belated birthday Steph! I'm excited for you, it sounds like you've found a nice guy.
Jster's Avatar Jster 01:06 AM 03-01-2006
Steph, happy birthday! And how fun! I hope you guys continue to enjoy your time together (and you manage to get some sleep as well!)

koofie's Avatar koofie 11:53 PM 03-01-2006
Happy Birthday :

I'm so glad he remembered! I hope you get sleep, but I know how nice it is to NOT get enough sleep sometimes too
MommytoB's Avatar MommytoB 05:16 AM 03-05-2006
It's going to be so hard for me like knowing of the good guys between the bad guys. I said to my mom it will be hard for me to even meet a guy because I sahm and my only 'real friend' who i stay in touch with since 98 would make my mom 'scream' unsafety ' when she brought a guy to 'my place' who was 4 yrs older than me and 5 yrs younger than my ex.

But I always get some a TO (turn off when it is guys who smokes) yech but then who knows maybe my ex still smoked after he said he didn't and I didn't smell it on him etc.

Sigh , that's the only guy I seen plus there's this one guy who i always runs into at the Pancake area .

I'm a pretty shy type of person and it has to do with a 'friend intro' than it would be with on my own because the only on my own was 'internet dating trouble' cuz that's how i met my ex.
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