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phathui5's Avatar phathui5 06:17 PM 02-01-2002
I'm officially legally single now. And I have sole legal and physical custody of ds. I was so worried that his dad would try to pull something in court, but he told them that he's not ready to be a dad and that he trusts I'll do what's in Patrick's best interest.

As much as Pat (dad) irritates me and I think he's a loser, it doesn't matter because I'm free.

rocketmom's Avatar rocketmom 03:24 AM 02-05-2002
I know how great it feels to get away from a horrible partner....

alianmama's Avatar alianmama 07:56 PM 02-08-2002
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Isn't it great to be free from a down situation?

Live every moment!!!