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indigoscot's Avatar indigoscot 06:00 AM 01-01-2009
Waiting to O
megincl & ktcl

Waiting to Know... Braving the 2WW

Waiting to Transfer

Taking a Break
Sprout's futuremom
giggleblue's DP
twylightdove (taking a break from the board but continuing ttc)

Waiting to be Ready
Miss Scarlett
indigoscot's dp (tsh in hyperthyroid range, pcos, endometrial polyp(9mm!!))


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indigoscot's Avatar indigoscot 01:25 PM 01-01-2009
happy new year ladies! i hope 2009 brings us all the bfps we've been hoping for! :

afu, we stuck to our plan to wait until saturday to test again. symptom-wise, pretty much the same as previous days but no further spotting. tomorrow we head to labcorp to get blood drawn and hopefully get the beta back early saturday morning.

lexbeach's Avatar lexbeach 03:50 PM 01-01-2009
: indigo!

for all . . . so excited about all of the queer spawn to be conceived/born in 2009!

carmen358's Avatar carmen358 06:20 PM 01-01-2009
Thanks for creating the thread, indigo. Good luck for Saturday....good will power for holding out!!

ewcm finally showed up yesterday. Put in message to KD but he hasn't responded (probably out and about for new year's celebrations) so not sure if we are going to have crappy timing again this cycle I haven't checked opk yet today but it was getting darker by yesterday. If he doesn't get my message by tonight, I'm really hoping I don't O until the following day!
ktcl's Avatar ktcl 10:10 PM 01-01-2009
Ok guys, I am ready to be a more active part of this thread (I think), thus making papa NOT the longest lasting on the thread of TTC. We are now at about 2.5 years!!!

Anyway, I am feeling really good about this next go... for no good reason at all. Since the m/c my HCG levels are down to 11 as of Tuesday. I think we'll inseminate this round even before I get my period again if I can notice any fertility signals at all. I think I just need to pay attention. Temping won't really work, but POASing should give us a decent window. But who knows, it could be many many weeks before I o again.
carmen358's Avatar carmen358 01:50 AM 01-02-2009
Argh, no word from KD : I know I can't really be mad as he has been amazingly flexible so far but I am disappointed. Last month O happened the weekend he was celebrating his bday and this cycle is new year's...just crappy timing. OPK was almost positive today...I find it really hard to read them (I'm using internet cheapies). Strangely, no ewcm today though. I usually get 3 days in a row of really good cm. Odd. Maybe my body is conveniently holding out!

papa, have you broken down and poas yet??

ktcl, welcome back to the thread. I hope your cycle bounces back quickly!
indigoscot's Avatar indigoscot 12:02 PM 01-02-2009
well, we are in the countdown to knowing whether or not this try worked. dp had blood drawn this morning as scheduled and we should : get the result back tomorrow. we'll do an hpt first thing in the morning also.

last night she had some very vivid and weird poas dreams which i attribute to nervousness about testing tomorrow.

carmen, that sucks about your kd. maybe you won't o right away and you can still line him up?

ktcl, i hope your cycle gets back to normal quickly so you can try again soon.

papa, are you going to test tomorrow?

wishin'&hopin''s Avatar wishin'&hopin' 03:20 PM 01-02-2009
Okay, so I broke down and thought I'd just pee on the stick left over from last month. I figured, well it will be negative anyway b/c it's too early and then I won't have to obsess that it's in the cupboard. But, I think there was another line...maybe just maybe. Barely visible? And, it was mid-day, not first thing in the am. So, now I'm obsessing and need to rush out and buy more tests because I need to pee on another stick tomorrow morning (first thing) I'm not even going to mention to my sweetie that I did this...just in case. But, ack, ack, ack. Part of me is : and the other part of me is trying to squish the : because, it was too early. The line was too faint. So, I still don't know and maybe I should have waited 'till Epiphany. But, I can't take back the pee

I'm proud of all of you who are holding out...
indigoscot's Avatar indigoscot 03:47 PM 01-02-2009
wishin'&hopin', ooh i hope that it really is a bfp for you guys!! everything i've read says a line is a line when it comes to an hpt so this might just be it - so i offer up my congrats! i know others on here swear by the digital, so maybe get one of those for your next test? (not that i am trying to enable you in any way of course!!!!).

dp reported that she felt very, very, very slightly nauseous for a few minutes earlier today...but she thinks it might have been stress...

starling&diesel's Avatar starling&diesel 04:19 PM 01-02-2009
wishin'&hopin'... Get that pee more concentrated and get thee a digital and then get back here and give us the spectacular news that yours will be the first BFP of the New Year!!! That is so exciting!!!:

As for me being your 'local' fairygodmother, I'm MDC 'local', not at all Cleveland local. I'm about as far away as you can get. Way up in the coastal mountain range of BC, Canada.

But this works long distance anyway:
carmen358's Avatar carmen358 06:14 PM 01-02-2009
wishin&hopin, get a digital!! A line IS a line!!

Afm, ewcm is back today but still no response from KD I want to stay positive but I think this month is a write off for us at this point. And I wasted all those opks!!
FtMPapa's Avatar FtMPapa 06:45 PM 01-02-2009
Originally Posted by carmen358 View Post
papa, have you broken down and poas yet??
It scares me some times how well y'all know me.

Carmen, the day you posted this, I POAS that morning. NOTHING!

I skipped today, and Indigo, I'm right there with you tomorrow morning!

I have zero to report in way of symptoms or "symptoms."

So, it looks we have at least three of us testing tomorrow! Wishin' & Hopin', I say a line is a line. Get a digital!!!

Carmen - that is the frustrating part about the KD. If you still have EWCM, go for it. Track that guy down!
erthe_mama's Avatar erthe_mama 08:57 PM 01-02-2009
Originally Posted by indigoscot View Post
yay for a 28 day cycle erthe_mama!
Thanks! I texted my (midwife) roommate who's on vacation in Guatamala just to tell her...

Originally Posted by Raene View Post
erthe_mama, yay! I too LOVE vitex. I also read that it helps prevent miscarriage during the first trimester, so I'm still taking it occasionally.
I have the same plans if/when I get preggers.

Originally Posted by astropeep View Post
I find it hilarious that FtMPapa's felted foods are all super-high in folic acid and iron (at least, the non-wool versions are.)
You noticed that too? They sure are super cute as well!!
wishin'&hopin''s Avatar wishin'&hopin' 09:33 AM 01-03-2009
Okay, so checked this morning. It's positive--faint but it looks EXACTLY like "picture c" on the clear blue easy test. :

OMG (gosh). Pray that it sticks!

And, seriously, during the middle of my second service on Christmas Eve I thought, gee, I think I just got pregnant. How weird. Yikes, pray!

Good luck to everyone else testing today you will be in my prayers and thoughts.
indigoscot's Avatar indigoscot 12:07 PM 01-03-2009
firstly, congrats wishin'&hopin' - it's nice to wake up to some good news today. :

well, another glaring bfn for us this morning. not even a hint of a line. we are sad but ready to meet with the re next week to figure out our plan for february. we haven't heard back from the clinic about the blood test but with no line on the hpt, it's bound to also be negative. at least next time we'll know all the symptoms that dp is bound to have from the prometrium supplements and just discount everything, lol!

good luck to everyone else testing today or still in the tww.

megincl's Avatar megincl 12:37 PM 01-03-2009
Originally Posted by wishin'&hopin' View Post
Okay, so checked this morning. It's positive--faint but it looks EXACTLY like "picture c" on the clear blue easy test. :

OMG (gosh). Pray that it sticks!

And, seriously, during the middle of my second service on Christmas Eve I thought, gee, I think I just got pregnant. How weird. Yikes, pray!

Good luck to everyone else testing today you will be in my prayers and thoughts.

Super congrats to you. What an amazing conception story you'll have to share with this wee babe.

Scalpel's Avatar Scalpel 03:05 PM 01-03-2009
Well I had a u/s done yesterday and today I am going to the pharmacy to pick up the menopur. ( injectables) She said I did have some cysts but since I ovulate i dont have PCOS. I am excited for this adventure to start. I am feeling better since being out of commission for the past 24 hrs....that stomach flu thats going around is a killer!! You can add me to the waiting to ovulate list.

Congrats to wishin'&hopin !!!
FtMPapa's Avatar FtMPapa 04:00 PM 01-03-2009
Indigo - it's still a tad early for y'all yet, right?

Wishin' & Hopin'! I'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Yay!

This month is going so much better around here.

AFM - I got some inconclusive, but possibly positive results from a $ Tree test, and then another dollar tree test was solidly negative. Of course, I took a digital to settle the tie breaker - Not Pregnant.

Grrrr. Only 10 DPO, lots of time still. I just want to be knocked up ASAP. I was so excited between the first and second tests, hoping for my BFP.
astropeep's Avatar astropeep 04:40 PM 01-03-2009
Wishin'&'hopin', that's great news!!!!

After morning service tomorrow we'll light a candle for you and send you sticky, sticky thoughts.
indigoscot's Avatar indigoscot 04:46 PM 01-03-2009
also a negative from the blood draw yesterday so we are officially back to waiting to be ready - since we meet with the re on wednesday it's almost definitely too late to try in january. surprisingly we are ok with that - almost as if we knew our next baby wasn't supposed to come this time.

as a somewhat interesting side note, dp's mom passed away suddenly 3 years ago and always had a magic touch with orchids. we bought some to have at our commitment ceremony in 2006 and of course we're not really plant people and almost killed all of them because we forgot to water them. all except one. and every year it blooms flowers - one for dp, one for me and one for our dog. until our son was born and now it blooms 4. the orchid plant is hanging out in our dining room for the holidays and just recently we noticed another very small bud. it's a bit away from blooming but we feel dp's mom is sending us a sign that yes we will have another baby but it wasn't time yet. dp and i don't do anything special with this orchid except water it and keep it in a room with lots of morning sunshine during the summer.

papa, i got excited too reading your post, i have fx for the next few days bringing you a bfp!! one of us needs to get one i think!!!

we're off to a baby shower this afternoon and we'll be sure to rub the pregnant belly for good luck!

starling&diesel's Avatar starling&diesel 04:51 PM 01-03-2009
Originally Posted by wishin'&hopin' View Post
Okay, so checked this morning. It's positive--faint but it looks EXACTLY like "picture c" on the clear blue easy test. :

I knew it, I knew it!

And as for a derivative of Epiphany ... something like Pippa, or some such nod in that direction.

Stick, baby Wish! Stick!
Coco99's Avatar Coco99 06:24 PM 01-03-2009
Hello everyone !

Just dropping by to say hello, happy new year and congrats to all the new BFP's ! To all those still waiting, I am sending babyvibes your way. To all those awaiting their miracle, I am wishing wonderful pregnancies and healthy babies. :

As for me.. well it will be some time before I TTC again but the sun seems to be shining behind the clouds left over since my big storm... new adventures seem to be just around the corner for me... I sure do hope that 2009 is easier than 2008 was !

Thinking of all of you,

carmen358's Avatar carmen358 06:34 PM 01-03-2009
wishin&hopin, YAY! Congratulations!!!! ::

papa, I also got very excited when I read you got a faint positive...I hope it comes back stronger!!

indigo, sorry it didn't work out this time. best of luck for next time

afm, KD is awol unfortunately so we don't get to try this month Although, my temp hasn't gone up to confirm yet but I expect it will in the next day or two. My guess is that KD will not be available until Monday when he's back at work. Oh well, February is a very romantic month to conceive a baby in, is it not?!
smartycat's Avatar smartycat 08:16 PM 01-03-2009
Wishin and Hopin: Congrats!!! : : Good queer baby juju for the new year!

Papa: Oh my gosh, oh my gosh... I hope that your one maybe positive turns in to a definite positive soon!!

Idigoscot: Sorry about your BFN, but hopefully the rest of your TTC journey is short and sweet.

CoCo99: how good to hear from you. I was just thinking about you today oddly enough. I hope 2009 brings you all kinds of good things. Thanks for thinking of us over here.
carmen358's Avatar carmen358 08:27 PM 01-03-2009
Aak. Did another opk just for fun and I'm pretty sure it's a definite positive today! I realize now that the last 2 days were not positives (maybe I'm being more patient with these things!)....close but definitely not as dark as today! Tons of ewcm too! KD, where the &%$# are you??!!
katharinerose's Avatar katharinerose 11:35 PM 01-03-2009
Hi all! Happy New Year! I'm happy to see so many people have graduated since the last time I was around!

We were supposed to start trying back in June or July, after the 6 mo. quarantine on our sperm was up. But the lab lost our donor's second round of blood work once, couldn't get him rescheduled for weeks, and then it took an interminable amount of time for the bank to get said blood work and actually have their Doc OK it. By then it was August, and the economy was turning to mush and I was about to be done with my Americorps assignment with no known job. I did manage to get employed (I'm now a professional Girl Scout!), but unfortunately can't qualify for maternity leave until I've been there a year. Which put us waiting till now to actually get started.

The delay made me all grr-y, after so long in the planning stages, and I just stopped with anything baby-related (probably for the best).

But I'm back, and we're getting started next cycle, so Squee!!

Much baby dust to all!
indigoscot's Avatar indigoscot 12:17 AM 01-04-2009
welcome back katharine rose! i hope your stay here is short! should i put you under waiting to o or waiting to be ready?

katharinerose's Avatar katharinerose 12:24 AM 01-04-2009
Oh, leave me under waiting to be ready for now(I think I've been there for over a year...) I just O'd, so I'll move over in a couple weeks. Thanks!
FtMPapa's Avatar FtMPapa 04:14 PM 01-04-2009
The tests hate me this month.

I keep breaking them - I must have dud batch, they keep going all weird, like this one, the control line is there clear as day, but where the test line should be, it's a blob of pink. No line. But not negative either. Pic posted here.

Experts? What do y'all say? (As time goes by, the blob seems to be shrinking, maybe it will eventually leave behind a line?)
FtMPapa's Avatar FtMPapa 04:20 PM 01-04-2009
Wishin' & Hopin'!!!!! :::::

The first BFP of 2009, way to bring it!

Indigo - that is a very sweet story. I hope the orchid is right.
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