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When you and your SO got married, how did you propose/get proposed to?
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I am very non-romantic usually, and I knew if I didn't ask soon DP would beat me to it.
Soooo...I found a ring online and guessed the size based on another ring of his. Bought it and when it came in the mail, DP was at work, so I called our favorite romantic restaurant, an Italian place near our house, and told them my plans. They said that they would gladly help out, so I walked there with 2 kids in tow and left the ring with a cook at the back door of the restaurant. I told them when we'd be coming and asked that it be brought out with dessert.
We had a babysitter that night anyway, and DP and I walked to the restaurant. I was so nervous that DP could tell something was up, but I don't think he knew exactly what it was. They seated us in the center of the restaurant, which I thought was a poor choice on their part, but anyway, we ate, and then when dessert came, they had an extra plate with a doily and the ring box. DP was surprised (and a bit embarrassed, lol) and then I started crying and handed him a letter I'd written, knowing that I wouldn't be able to talk. He read it and held my hand and then ate dessert! Finally I was like..." didn't really give me an answer!" and he said "OH SORRY!!! YES!!!!" Lol.
It was really really sweet. And we got a lot of funny looks from the older straight couples around us, which just made it all the more memorable.

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Aww, I love our proposal story!

It was November of 2006, and we had decided that instead of Christmas gifts we were going to buy each other rings. So the day after Thanksgiving we went to the mall at 8am and checked out all the rings. We found some we liked, got really great deals and bought them. But they had to be resized and picked up in a few days so we didn't want to tell anyone the good news until we actually had them on our fingers. And we were going to plan to go out to a nice dinner then exchange the rings and all that. At first I wanted to wait until Christmas, but we got too excited once we bought them. So we tried to pick out a good date but just wanted them ASAP! When the rings were ready we decied we'd pick them up the next chance we got and figured we'd be oficially engaged on Wednesday, November 29th.

But on Tuesday, November 28th I got a little sad that it wasn't going to be as special as a real proposal, the kind you see in movies or read about or imagine as a kid. But I knew DP didn't want a big production and I didn't really know what to do anyways. So I tried to come to terms that it would just be a simple at home thing. And I knew that since I had the claim slip for my ring in my wallet that it wasn't going to be a surprise or anything. It was just going to be a planned out engagement, not really a proposal or anything. And I got upset and was crying about it and all that, but I had to hurry and get to work.

After work DP called me and said she was making dinner. And I was like, "Aww, I bet she feels bad for earlier, that's really sweet." I got home and we had a yummy dinner with candles and no TV on. (I thought something might be going on because DP had her shoes on and the TV was off, but I brushed it off and thought she was just trying to be extra nice to me since I had been so upset.) She told me that she walked to the grocery store and started cooking, and that's why she had her shoes on still. I had the car since I was at work.

Then she told me that she made some new soaps, (we had a soap making kit and had been making them for Christmas gifts) and I was looking at the pile of soap and said "There aren't any new ones here" and she came over and pulled out the one on the very bottom. It said...

"I ♥ You
Will You Marry Me?"

And I said, "That's so cute babe!" And then I turned and she was down on one knee and was holding up my ring!! : So I started crying and then she was crying and we were hugging and laughing and crying! I asked how she got the ring and she said she got the claim slip from my wallet the other day, and she took the bus to the mall and picked them up, then stopped at the grocery store. And then she pulled out a bunch of beautiful roses and put on one of our favorite songs and it was just SO perfect and so us!

But then I felt bad that I was caught off guard and didn't have anything special planned to give her ring to her, and she said "I don't need anything but the ring!" So I opened up the little box and after a few minutes of trying to figure out some exciting way to give it to her, I finally just gave up and and she said I had to at least ask her if she'd marry me, so I said "Well will you?" and she said "Will I what?" and I said "Marry me?" and she said yes and I slipped it on her finger. Then I said I loved her forever and always and we were crying all over again.

It was such a great evening. We were so happy and we kept singing little love songs to each other and we took a candle lit bubble bath with rose petals and went to bed early and stayed up late cuddling and laughing and being lovey.

sigh. I love LOVE!
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We were on a road trip from Ontario to Key West, Florida so I could see Hemingway's house and his cats, which had always been a dream of mine. We were camping along the way, but when we got to Key West, DP suggested getting a motel room as a treat. We did, and then she suggested going to the beach to watch the sun set. Just as the sun kissed the horizon, she brought out a ring and asked me to marry her. And I said yes!
She'd brought the ring with us from the West Coast of Canada, all the way to Ontario, and then on our two week road trip ... all the while BURSTING to propose. But she had a plan, and she stuck to it.

And she'd even picked a ring that I could wear with my vinyl gloves when I work on the ambulance! It has a smooth bevel, so won't tear the gloves. We're not allowed to wear anything that might compromise contamination. AND even though she's the type who would want to get me a giant rock, she picked a ring that suited me perfectly ... small and delicate.

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I'm the Femme in our Butch/Femme relationship and my DW mentioned at the beginning of our relationship that her exes always expected her to propose since she's Butch and she never did. I knew from right then that when we got to that point, that I wanted to propose to her since she's never been engaged before. I have, so I wanted her to have the experience of being proposed to. She wouldn't expect it from me.

I secretly asked her parents and all her brothers for permission and bought a ring. She had no idea! Then on our first trip (my first ever) to Disney World, I proposed in our hotel room after a romantic, fabulous day. She was very moved and excited but was most surprised that I had asked her family's permission ahead of time and they ALL knew it was going to happen on our trip. She loved all the planning it took and was shocked that I could keep the secret for so long, since I'm usually really bad at that.

So then when we got home everyone called her and asked about the engagement. It was great! She's not all mushy/romantic, so if I had done anything cheesy or in front of people, she would have been uncomfortable.

She bought me my dream ring (thank goodness mine wasn't a surprise and I got to pick it out! ) and gave it to me on Valentines Day.

I have another engagement story about my ex that never materialized into a wedding or marriage. It was New Year's Eve many years ago and we had a few friends over to our house. I secretly bought a ring and we played some games, one being Charades. I pulled a planned card that said "proposal" (really it didn't say that, but I pretended like it said that) so I acted out a proposal on one knee for her, like I was pulling out a ring, etc. She kept guessing it right, but I acted like it was wrong. Then I pulled out the box and the ring and she was still guessing like it was a game! Then I said, "Yep, you got it! So? Will you marry me?" She didn't understand for a few seconds since she thought the game was still going on. I planned it so the NYE fireworks on tv were going off very soon after. Everyone was "awwwing" and she said yes. It was a pretty cool idea, if I do say so myself.

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Well, I proposed to my DP. I made a scrapbook of pictures and mementos of our time dating. DP knew I was working on something, but it was leading up to her birthday, so she figured it was a birthday present. I finished it a few days before her birthday while she was out visiting a friend one evening. I had kind of planned to do something romantic and make an event of giving her the book, but I couldn't wait. So, when she got home from her friend's that night, I was sitting on the bed with the wrapped package next to me. She said, "It's not my birthday yet." I insisted that it wasn't for her birthday. She opened the package and read through the book.

The last page was the proposal. It just said, "Will you marry me?" and had a quote from one of the songs we love to dance to together, "I'll only marry you on one condition... We dance." It also had this incredibly silly picture of me from college walking into my dorm room holding out a pineapple as if to offer it to someone. (I chose the picture because my breasts look huge in it!)

DP just stared at the last page for a few minutes. Finally, she kissed me. And I said, "Sooo...." She quickly replied, "Yes, oh yes."

Several months later we were watching something and learend that the pineapple is a traditional engagement gift in some culture!
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I love this question! After six years together, my lovely DW did the proposing. I'm sure that her version of the story would be different from mine, but here's both sides of it:

I complained for weeks and weeks (probably more like months) that I wanted a ring. She and I had looked around and talked about what we liked for a long time before this, and had talked about getting rings for each other ('as soon as money is less tight'... yeah, right, like that's ever going to happen!) She secretly was saving up money little by little, and finally she went to a jeweler we had met at a gay wedding expo and talked with the jeweler several times eventually resulting in an extremely long design session where she personally designed my ring! (isn't she the best?)
A few days after the ring was ready, she and I were going to go out for a nice dinner as a date night. We were planning to move soon and had just signed on a great place near the restaurant. She asked if we could just stop by the place on our way to dinner. So, we're out in the cold and snow, headed toward our new place. We get just outside the door and she's talking about how much she loves the neighborhood, isn't it great, how wonderful that we're settling down, etc... when, all of a sudden, right at the front door, she drops down on one knee and asks me to marry her!!! Of course, after some blushing and giggling, I said YES!
The best part was, she had hired a photographer to capture the moment! She was hiding off to the side and popped out unbeknownst to me just at the right time! It was like our own personal paparazzi.
After that we headed on to our lovely dinner at my favorite restaurant where they brought champagne and free dessert to our table.
All in all, a wonderful night and some wonderful memories (and photos)!

K, H, and baby E (who is now three!!!)
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