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Forthwith's Avatar Forthwith 08:24 PM 02-10-2009
Hello! I am hoping that someone here can help us. My wife and I are in the process of picking our donor from Xytex. I asked them about post-thaw motility counts for three donors and was told:

"...all three have very good sample quality. Average for all 3 donors is at least 50%. Their average count is in the high 80's to 90 million. "

Does anyone know if that means 50% of 80/90 million are motile, or if that is the actual number of motile sperm. And if it is the actual number of motile sperm, is that per vial? Because that sounds improbably high to me.

smartycat's Avatar smartycat 09:37 PM 02-10-2009
We used Xytex. The original, pre-freeze count is 80-90 milliion motile sperm/ml. If the the post thaw survival is 50%... then that is 40-45million motile sperm per ml. Samples are 0.5ml... so that is 20-22.5 million motile sperm per vial. Xytex guarantees 15 million motile sperm per vial. We found that some of our donors had as high as 70-80% post thaw motility.

Good Luck!!
Forthwith's Avatar Forthwith 10:26 PM 02-10-2009
Thanks, smartycat! That's a huge help! So the numbers for those guys are definitely good, but not fantastic. Now I just need to hear back from Xytex about the other set of donors we're asking about, and we'll be ready to make a final pick (at least for now. We're planning on switching donors every two months until I get pregnant)

*crosses fingers and hopes for 70-80% motility*
twistedmyriad's Avatar twistedmyriad 09:31 PM 02-11-2009
Hi! I thought it might help you to know that we did our 3rd IUI today. This was our first try with a Xytex donor, and he had an 87 million sperm count in our sample with 54% motility.
Our previous 2 tries were with California Cryobank donors. The sperm counts in those samples was considerably less (40-50 million,) but it had a slightly higher motility rate of 60-62%.
We're keeping our fingers crossed that this time works!!!! Good luck to you, too!