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robynberkley's Avatar robynberkley 06:13 PM 12-19-2003
...more and more folks I am convinced I am a lesbian and not much so that I asked my husband for a separation last week. He won't be moving out until he finds looking aggressively...but it is so frustrating to be confused about who I am.

As anyone else gone through this...found themselves identifying less as bi and more as a lesbian over time?

Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 02:17 AM 12-20-2003
Robyn, I'm sorry that you guys are going through a seperation. If you want email me or pm (link at the bottom) I'd rather not post that personal of info here.
Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 04:36 PM 12-20-2003
Robyn, your pm box is full
robynberkley's Avatar robynberkley 05:20 PM 12-20-2003
just emptied...
Nicke's Avatar Nicke 09:57 PM 12-20-2003
I have not gone through this myself personally, but a very good friend of mine has. If you ever want to talk, please feel free to PM me.
robynberkley's Avatar robynberkley 09:44 PM 12-21-2003
I will Nicke...later when I get the kids down...thanks!