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activistkate's Avatar activistkate 07:09 PM 10-16-2009
Hey all,

Anyone from St. Louis or thereabouts? My partner and I just moved to the area from South Florida and we're having trouble finding lesbian families or lesbian couples trying to concieve or adopt. We currently don't have any kiddoes but plan on trying in the next 2 years (shes waiting to enter the police force and I'm finishing my Masters degree before we move forward).

I don't know if I'm looking in the wrong places or what, I just can't seem to find support groups, social groups, or any other resources in St. Louis. I would also like to find some LGBT friendly OBGYN, midwife, NP, and/or fertility specialist here. I know there has to be some, I just don't know how to find them!

Also, are there any forums anywhere online specific to lesbian fertility/family planning, etc?

Thanks so much,


mkpgoddess's Avatar mkpgoddess 11:39 PM 10-16-2009

We just moved OUT of St. Louis a couple of years ago, and yeah, it's really hard to find resources. There is a yahoo group, familytreestl, which is really, really helpful and can point you in the right direction. I found my OB, Timothy Philpott (AWESOME) and Catherine Williamson, who is a nurse practitioner but caters to gays and lesbians and does inseminations through that yahoo group.

ETA: Midwifery is sadly illegal in MO, so you will be looking at a hospital birth, but I adored Dr. Philpott with the birth of DD.


citygirl144's Avatar citygirl144 03:23 PM 10-17-2009
Hi- i lived in St. Louis while i was in college and there is a coffee shop that was a hub for the lesbian community -called mokabes - in grand south grand (near tower grove park?)

i bet if you talk to the owners or people there - or if you put up a notice on a bulletin board there that you want to start a meet up group for other queer TTC'ers you will find people.

i think there is definitely queer community in st.louis if you put yourself out there and dig around a bit. another idea is to look on for a group.

good luck!
GoGoGirl's Avatar GoGoGirl 05:21 PM 10-17-2009
Midwifery was recently legalized in Missouri. I just read an article about the first CPM to advertise in the St. Louis yellow pages

Good luck finding your tribe, mama!
Theresa42's Avatar Theresa42 03:59 PM 03-24-2011

if I am remembering correctly my friend's midwife and her partner have a child.  I think one of them is the birth mother but I don't know how they conceived.  I will see if I can find out her name for you.