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Negative HPT again today. How can they seem so much whiter than the negative OPK?

I'm on 100mg of prometrium and I don't notice any side effects aside from sore breasts sometimes. Even when I had the IVFs it was just sore swollen boobs and a bruised butt lol.

Library lol well my husband is fully behind me since the only time I've ever been wrong the doctors were wrong too. It took me 12 years of saying test my thyroid and hormones and sure enough, hypothyroid and low progesterone just like I was trying to tell them! It's not like doctors are gods or anything. Even on progesterone I've had a ton saying that I don't even need to be tested or take anything, some say I should just take it from O to AF, and my main Dr says to take it all cycle. My first IVF I knew my estrogen prescription was too high and my progesterone was too low, and tests showed I was right. My second IVF I specifically asked about the progesterone and the doctor looked at my prescriptions and was angry because the nurse had ordered the suppositories when he told her to order the shots (and I had requested the shots too!), and she had ordered half the dosage he wanted her to order! I asked about increasing it even beyond that, since last IVF I'd spotted and even started my period several days before beta. He agreed with me that if the progesterone is too low the babies can die, but if it's too high the only side effect is delaying AF till after you stop it. So that seemed to be a pretty easy choice to me! I also know someone here on this forum who was on progesterone and her doctors told her to stop at a certain time, (I forget when). Her gut told her not to so I think she went on for another week or so after that, then did stop, and her son was born extremely premature within a week and had to stay in the NICU for a long time. So to me it seems a lot riskier to not have enough progesterone than to have too much. Even if the suppositories are a huge hassle lol.

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Bunny Sorry about the BFN. They are so discouraging! I hope you get a surprise positive soon.

Indigo, Wehrli Thanks for the progesterone info. In a pm, Burg also suggested that for a natural cycle, 15 at 7dpo is perfectly fine. I am reticent to use the prometrium, because won't I have to stay on it through the whole first trimester? With nasty d/c the whole time? Yuk. And I'm not convinced I need it. I may consult my midwife and naturopath, though I bet they'll advise against it. On the other hand, I'm tempted just to do what the nurses/doc at the RE's office say to do...to avoid second-guessing everything for once.

AMom I'm sorry that you are struggling with your DP about whether to take this cycle off...and potentially about meds, too. I definitely sympathize with the need to pick your battles. I can say that I'd fight hard for the trigger shot. I've read so many stories of people who tried and tried and finally got the BFP with the trigger. For some folks, temps and even OPKs don't seem to pinpoint O timing sufficiently, and the trigger does the trick. If you are monitoring with a trigger (but no drugs), you have no higher likelihood of multiples, from what I understand, unless you routinely have more than one mature follicle (which most people don't, though if you did, you'd see it on the u/s and could decide what to do then). I hope that I'll be one more bit of evidence in a few weeks.

Well, my insurance won't cover the trigger shot, but I got it anyway and can't wait to medicate that big follicle into submission! Hee hee.

Off to jazz in the park on the river w/DD and DP. DD leaves tomorrow for 11 days! We've never been home without her for more than overnight. I'm nervous for her and a bit sad for myself, but she'll have a great experience (in CO w/her best friend--camp in the Rockies, etc.).

QOTD What is the most peaceful time in your cycle?

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i TOTALLY agree with bunny. doctors are NOT gods. if you are paying $$$ to try and get pregnant and you know/feel that something needs to be changed or tested or have a burning question for goodness sake say something!! it's very easy to get in that mode of trusting your doctor when in fact some are using you as a guinea pig for a study (true story, happened to a friend of mine doing ivf), or have their own agenda or sadly are just in it to make more money.

i doubt ds1 would be here if i hadn't asserted my somewhat overwhelming personality on the ob we used (she claimed to be a specialist but was just an ob the women's center was contracting). she had a serious god complex going on and wanted me to continue trying even when my prolactin was elevated. thank goodness i stood my ground and got a second opinion.

<end soapbox>


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Hey ladies. Six hours into my summer break and I'm loving it! DP and I had frozen yogurt to celebrate, and now I'm baking for the family holiday weekend (two apple pies and a peach cobbler~ totally worth heating up the house).

Bunny~ sorry about the bfn, but it's too early, so don't fret a bit. How's the rest of the wait going. You're right about the progesterone. The side effects of too much are not so bad. Although, DP always gets a bit of my side effects. Both of us have been ravenously hungry for the past two days, and last time she got fake morning sickness!

AmandaMom~ That is a really tough decision. I know how hard it is to not just keep going and feel like taking a break is missing the ONE TIME when it would have worked. I hope you come to a mutually satisfying decision.

Escher~ A break sounds good, but do come visit us on the boards, we'd miss you too much! Besides, you're part of Team Amanda, so it's important you check in at least sometimes!

AmandaH~ Yay for your trigger shot! That will be a load off your mind. No stick peeing and worrying, just secure knowledge of when it will happen.

Indigo~ Good job standing up to the doctor. They do get high and mighty sometimes, and don't give us credit for knowing something about our bodies.

QOTD~ honestly, since I started this whole process, I don't feel like I have much peace in my cycle. It's always fretting or being disappointed. I guess the closest I come is after a bfn when i've dealt with that, and am gearing up for the next time.

AFM~ Not much. Silly, but I'm excited about taking my temp tomorrow to see what happens. Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement, as usual!

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escher~ I am so sorry about your loss.

Library~I had a crazy temp rise like that this morning too. It was 98.02. I am also using Progesterone suppositories...and today is 9dpo. Oh...have fun lounging around...I should have been a teacher.

Amanda~ My DW worrie about me getting too much into ttc as well. But with work and school...the little time I get to get on-line is my hobby.

As far as prego symptoms...well, I have been sooooooo GASSY. OMG!!!! What is really going on? I have had some twinges and pulls on both sides of my uterus...I am fatigued, irritable and bloated feeling. Also that crazy temp rise that I had this morning. I really do hope that this is it. Oh...I almost forgot. The last time I used the progesteron suppositories I got a really bad yeast infection. This time it is like I had one but then it just went away...it didn't get bad or anyhing...has anyone else had this happen? I know that when you start your period it changes the ph level of your vagina and it will clear up the infection...but I have not seen AF yet...I do have some creamy cm. Any on have any clues to what is going on?

QOTD...well my DW and I met 4 years ago. I was a nun at the time. There were things that I wanted to be in place before we started TTC. I wanted a decent job with insurance, I wanted to be married and I wanted a house. I also wanted to start before I turned 40. We have now accomplished all of that and I am still under 40 so we decide to go for it.

Last but not least here is a shout out to my other TWW Sistas!!! Bunny, Library, Werhli, and Beastie. Hope that I didn't miss anyone...if I did sorry...charge it to my head and not to my heart!

Night all

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1st IVF August 2011....BFN

1st FET March 2012....BFN

2nd IVF July/August 2012....

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gelly, thanks for the shout out, but we don't insem for another week. good luck with your wait and i hope that there is a wonderful surprise at the end!

library, save some pie for me! i hope your temp is where you wanted it!

AHope, i'm not on prometrium... just progesterone pills/capsules. they don't give me very much discharge at all. if you are inclined to "follow doctor's orders" to avoid stress (which against my better judgement, was great for me!), maybe they could prescribe you those instead of the suppository?
when do you get the trigger shot? is DP administering it? where?
i hope you enjoyed your evening, it sounded very nice!

bunny, so sorry for your bfn... but it's too early! FXFU!!

AMom, sorry for your loss of this cycle... but it's good to take a break sometimes (even when you aren't burnt out). but i agree that it is hard to let O go by and not insem... i start thinking crazy things around that time, if i'm not planning to insem, like "i wonder who i know that might donate some sperm" or "oo, that guy looks like DPs family, i wonder if i could just go approach him"... LOL! at any rate, try and make the best of the break, it's for a good reason! you are getting MARRIED!!

beastie, your Sx sound so promising!! when do you test??

QOTD: my most peaceful time of the cycle is 1-3DPO, before i can legitimately start obsessing.

afm, last day of clomid was yesteday. today my CBE monitor wanted me to poas (CD9) but i usually don't O until CD17 and i only have 7 test strips left (due to a wonky cycle with the CBE) so i am waiting 2 more days to start that... i hope that decision doesn't bite me in the @ss! i have my mid-cycle u/s next wednesday and we should trigger that night pending there has been no LH surge before then. i am a bit worried because i O'd 2 days earlier last cycle but i hope it was just a fluke. anyway, i will be doing opks and CBE monitor until i trigger (and O). we insem next friday (if all goes according to plan) and we have that day off... before working the weekend at the RenFaire. i'm starting to get hopeful for this cycle...

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AHope: Go, rightie, go (so what? i named your follicle. totally normal behavior...right?). I'm spending some time today thinking of your ripe follicle, and sending you the best possible conception vibes. Happy trigger day! Is everything set with your KD and his shipment? This cycle seems to have so much lining up in your favor: the ultrasounds, the comfort of having a plan for next cycle, even having a few days without your DD (though you'll be missing her) to focus on your DP and your TWW. Very exciting!

Bunny: How's the back pain? Did you test again today? FX for a much-deserved BFP! It sounds like you've been a great advocate for yourself throughout this TTC process, and I'm looking forward to seeing that work pay off.

Indigo: Have I already complimented you on what an incredible resource you are? We're lucky to have you on the thread!

AmandaMom: You're getting married!!! I didn't respond to your post in the general queer parenting forum, but did want to say that I went to college in Northampton, and I can confirm that it's pretty awesome there. But it's not a big city by any means, so it depends what you're looking for. If you decide to head to Noho, I'll PM you some of my favorite spots. As for taking the cycle off, I know it's hard. But it makes sense to prioritize your wedding and your DP's needs, especially since you KNOW you'll win the battle about the drugs . I do hope you'll stick around on the thread, though. We count on all of you Amandas!

Wehrli: Hooray for a hopeful cycle! It sounds like you've really thought of everything, so I hope you have clear signs and a short wait before you get started with everything. And have fun at the Ren Faire in between! Oh, and thanks for asking when I'll test. I'm holding out until at least 10 dpo, maybe more. So sometime next week?

Library and Gelly:
Those are some really nice looking charts! And some promising "fake" symptoms! I'm loving watching those temperatures climb, and both of your charts already look distinct from your last cycles. Could this be it?!

AFM: 6DPO, and I'm spending it having a lazy day at home. Trying to focus on implanting! My temp is a bit lower today, but still high above the coverline and still tracking my pregnancy cycle, so I'm feeling cautiously optimistic. Still feeling a tiny bit crampy and low grade nausea, but am totally willing to admit that those might be psychosomatic. Big breasts for sure, though!

QOTD: Great question, AHope! I might be with Wehrli on this one; the first few DPO, especially if I feel like I've had good timing. Of course, I'm visualizing the VERY best part of any cycle: the moment it goes triphastic!

Joyful, busy, often overwhelmed queer academic mama to an awesome toddler and:


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AHope: Everything sounds like it's lining up nicely for this cycle. Good luck!

Bunny: Keeping my fingers crossed that you see a BFP.

Indigo: Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

AmandaMom: Congratulations on your marriage! I tried to talk my DP into doing it when it legal in CA for a second, but she said she wanted to wait for federal recognition. It's gonna be a while. LOL But we are DP's here in California which is just about marriage without the name. It's funny - my DP is very pro meds. She just wants to up our chances and get pregnant as quick as possible whatever it takes. I would be willing to try without anything, but quick is good since we only have 2 vials left of our DS's donor.

Wehrli: Good luck with this cycle!

Library: Enjoy your break and the baking sounds yummy! No boating, but horseback riding and swimming if the water is too cold.

Beastie: Good luck!

AFM: RE was ok - the NP seemed uncomforable and not exceedingly friendly. My DP picked up on it too. Luckily she's at the clinic where I'm not likely to go regularly. She told me to call on the first day of my cycle after my DS is weaned so we can do the Clomid challenge. Why is that always their first step - same thing when TTC my DS. I have no evidence of infertility, but they jump right to clomid. It worked with my DS, but I don't know why that's their go to. I could try without clomid and not have to wean. But like I said earlier my DP is very pro clomid since it worked the first time. And it's hard to argue since it led to a BFP, but I have no evidence that I couldn't do that without Clomid since we've never tried. I probably will go the route recommended. My DS is almost 2 so I think he would be ok if I weaned, but I will miss the nursing. But he needs a sibling so whatever it takes. Sorry I'm writing a book...

QOTD: When I know I've o'd - at least now when I'm not sure.

Number # 2 due 5/19/2011.
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How is fertilityfriend calculating the % of people who have +hpt by whatever DPO? It says "45.8% of positive pregnancy test are reported before 11 DPO in the HPT gallery" So that's including *everyone* who ever got a + that cycle at all right? Including all the people who just didn't test till later but could easily HAVE gotten a + if they'd tested by 11DPO? Not just that 45.8% of people who tested by then were positive? Did I even make sense?

I haven't tested yet today. I have the FMU sitting there in a cup in case I change my mind lol. I'm feeling like it's really pale though and I'm wondering if FM is even the best time to collect. I think it might look darker later in the day.

The one thing making me think I could be pregnant is that I'm queasy every day. All the other symptoms I've had to some degree most cycles, though a lot are worse this cycle. But I wasn't even queasy for either of the IVFs, and I'm usually never queasy more than a couple times a year for a few minutes. I'm also really sensitive to smells. I'm on Low Dose Naltrexone, and I did read that stomach upset is one of the symptoms at FULL dose (300mg) but I'm on 3mg! And that is the only thing different this cycle than anything else.

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Hi Everyone,

BunnyLullabye: Exciting symptoms! I can never figure out what the percentages about hpts on FF mean, so I tend to look more at the percentages at http://www.countdowntopregnancy.com/pregnancytest/. I'm never sure if FMU is the best choice or not. When I got a pos test at 10dpo, I used random afternoon urine. Good luck if you do decide to test!

Solejean: That's a tough choice about clomid. On the one hand, I definitely understand wanting to just do what worked last time, but I can also understand wanting to see what your body can do on its own. Good luck figuring that out!

Beastie and Gellybeangrl: You have exciting symptoms too! When do you think you might want to test?

Wehrli: I bet you're safe waiting to start poas--it seems like you pretty consistently ovulate around day 17. Even if you were a few days early this cycle, you still wouldn't need to be testing yet.

LibraryLady: Go team!

AmandaHope: I'm sorry your insurance won't cover the trigger shot, but I'm glad you're using it. I hope it is exactly what you need! My experience with progesterone was that it didn't give me any big side effects, but I'm not convinced it did anything for me (it didn't increase the progesterone levels in my blood tests) and it was one more thing for me to worry about. But I know for some people it makes them worry less!

QOTD: I think probably the most peaceful times of each cycle are CD3-7 (when I'm over the BFN but still not stressing about O timing) and 3-6dpo (when I've over stressing about O timing but not yet stressing about when to test).

AmandaMom: Taking a break is hard, but it sounds like that makes sense for you with the timing of your trip. I hope the trip is great! Maybe we'll end up insemming around the same time in August!

AFM: We're trying to choose a new donor. We almost want to just use the same donor we have been using (we've grown fond of him, and his sperm did get me pregnant, and it probably wasn't his sperm's fault that I miscarried), but on the off chance that there was something wrong with his sperm we think it is probably best to choose someone new. We're hoping to stick with TSBC. Hopefully we can find another great donor there!

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In case anyone else is living in the past (like I was!), come on over to the July thread!


whistling.gifMe, love.gif my wife, blowkiss.gifour son (2.5), and luxlove.gif our daughter (5 months)
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