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qmama42's Avatar qmama42 11:07 PM 03-25-2011

Isa--Fantastic news! What a great surprise; I know you're thrilled!


happycalm--sending you peace while you take a


indigo--KMFX for AF to show up right away. It's so frustrating when cycles that are normally like clockwork all of a sudden do funky things.irked.gif


Library--the book was hilarious! And more importantly, it sounds like you had a very good last day. I know you'll have a great time nesting and getting ready for Aspidistra!


want2be--Welcome.gifYou're definitely at the right place!  Some people get positives at 10dpo, but it's still a little on the early side.  If all went well, the cramps could be implantation that you're feeling.  It is so hard to not overanalyze every single thing you're feeling.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.  In the mean time, don't give up yet, especially with all those symptoms.  It's been a great week around here.  Three (or is it 4?) pregnancies announced!  I hope the babydust spread to you too.  Also, I noticed that you said you inseminated both 3 days and one day prior to O. Just wondering what method you used--fresh or frozen, ICI, IUI, etc. 


AFM: not much to report here. Had my bloodwork on Weds and started my clomid today. Game on.


2ez--great beta numbers! Hopefully the next two weeks breezes by before your u/s!


And to all the preggos announced this week, I told you that I would send veggies!






qmama42's Avatar qmama42 11:11 PM 03-25-2011

Mami--That's a BFP! Yay!!! Is that 9 dpo? And is this yours or DP's?  Can't wait to hear the details!pos.gifjoy.gif

Graceie's Avatar Graceie 11:12 PM 03-25-2011
Mamii I see a faint line maybe test again in the am withbreally concentrated urine ?
mami2mami's Avatar mami2mami 11:23 PM 03-25-2011

QMama- Yes, it is DPO 9 and it is my test. No luck with DP as of yet and she is DPO 10. We will both retest in the


Graceie- Will do! Thanks!

DAWNMP1's Avatar DAWNMP1 11:40 PM 03-25-2011
2EZ- yay for great beta numbers!!!

Mami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a BFP!!!!!!!!! It's exactly what my DP's test showed 9 dpo. She told me it was a bfp and I didn't believe her until it got darker each day. Can't wait to hear about your partner's results!

Indigo- hoping the timing works!

Want to be- Welcome! smile.gif Sounds like promising symptoms. If you can stand it, give yourself a day or two before testing again.

Hi to everyone! It's crazy around here! Was it the supermoon causing all these lucky vibes?

I'm up late after taking our poor puppy to the animal ER. He had a seizure and I've never seen that before. Really frightening. He seemed to be ok quickly after, but he's being kept overnight for observation. greensad.gif My poor DP was sobbing but is now sleeping soundly. Going to try and get some rest myself. After a long night it was so great to check the board and see even more happy news!
indigoscot's Avatar indigoscot 06:27 AM 03-26-2011

so much happening! 


2ez - hell YEAH for almost tripling numbers!!!!  awesome news.  :)


mumx2 - welcome to the board!  :)


mami - no doubt at all, that is a  LINE!!  congrats on your bfp!  :) :) :)  more dancing veggies AHOY!







holy crap the board is a fertile mama-fest of late.  must be SPRING!  lol!


afu - well, we decided that it was time to force af to arrive!!  early to bed + hls + big o = af bright and early this morning!  yup!  dp has called our re's office as is waiting on a call back from the nurse to get her u/s appt.  if there are no cysts and her e2 is at a good level we will have the final green light.  dp is off for her saturday morning acupuncture appt. 


in other news, i meant to update y'all on my sil.  baby is not breech but laying sideways.  she was admitted to the "matty" last thursday for monitoring (she has a history of pregnancy complications and is "older" so they are taking no chances) and has been in a ward since.  her c-section is planned for march 31st.  i emailed her some info plus the spinningbabies website but so far baby is happy to stay in that position.  poor thing had just started her maternity leave too.  ugh.



seraf's Avatar seraf 08:04 AM 03-26-2011

Krista, I knew "the rabbit died" meant you're pregnant.  My grandma asked, when I was TTC Osha, "Did the rabbit die yet?"  Anyway, I think rabbits have been seen as fertile for their own breeding habits, too.  Like, easter bunny and eggs in the springtime?


Indigo, right up to the last minute!




broc1.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gif banana.gifbanana.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifbanana.gif


Graceie's Avatar Graceie 08:19 AM 03-26-2011
So wwho else is in there tww ? Want to be where are you ?

A f m 5 dpo and itching to test Thursday or Friday next week
indigoscot's Avatar indigoscot 09:23 AM 03-26-2011

dp's acupuncture appt went well.  her doctor said her pulse is strong and her chances for pregnancy this cycle are excellent.  we have our cd3 appt on monday morning and will also start 100mg clomid that day if everything looks good.  whee!



2ezforyou's Avatar 2ezforyou 09:25 AM 03-26-2011


Miami - Take it from someone who last week stayed in denial at 10dpo, 11dpo, and 12dpo - that's a BFP sweetie!!!! My tests were the same way and got darker each day. I was in total denial, thinking it had to be bright, bold purple!!! Yippee!!!!





Indigo - fingers crossed for you gals. No cysts!!!!

2ezforyou's Avatar 2ezforyou 09:31 AM 03-26-2011

Indigo - cross post. Congrats on the u/s. Fingers crossed for Monday!

LibraryLady's Avatar LibraryLady 10:07 AM 03-26-2011

Mami~ That's TOTALLY a line!!!!  Veggies for you!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!  This spring thing is bustin' out all over!! When's the next test?  'Twins' for you!!!



Isa~ YAY!!! I'm so glad you got the green light!! Get in on all the March Baby Madness!!!



Indigo~ Sweet!!! I'm glad it's all suddenly working out for you.  AND you have an amazing trip home and your FRICKIN WEDDING to distract you!  Have a few pints for me!!!  Sorry about sil~ and right at the start of her leave, too. 


Gelly~  The picture that goes with 'sliep with you wen you sike' is of a bed with a woman lying on it next to a girl who's throwing up over the side. Pretty funny.  



2bmum~ Welcome!!!  I think cramping at 10 dpo is a great sign. I hope the goodness continues. Apparently it's a fertile board around here, so glad you could join us!



Qmama~ GAME ON!!!  You'll be poppin' like the rest of us soon. There's going to be a December baby explosion!!



AFM~  Shower today, it's going to be epic! I'll get some photos up this evening.   So much cake!!!!   This is such a great board, and it's so wonderful we're having such a population surge. Keep it up, mamas!!!










kgulbransen's Avatar kgulbransen 11:25 AM 03-26-2011

Hi ladies: Have an offer for anyone who is TTCing. I bought some plastic speculums but had to get them in bulk so I won't need them all. I will send (free of charge) to anyone who is in need of one or more large speculums for finding the cervix! No trivia necessary. Our house is too small to keep all on hand. You can PM me individually with your info.



carmen358's Avatar carmen358 03:01 PM 03-26-2011

So much great news on this thread! Woohoo!


Mami! Congratulations!! Definitely a BFP according to my eyes...and wow, at 9dpo!!


Indigo, I'm really excited for you and your DP - I hope ttc goes super quick this time around!!


I think I'll just soak up some of the good energy radiating from this board jumpers.gif

prettyisa's Avatar prettyisa 04:21 PM 03-26-2011
Mami! Congrats! Now FX for your DP!

Want2B—welcome to the thread! You sure could be—as qmama said, it’s pretty early. I’d leave it for a couple days and then test again—10 days is really early for a positive for most people, it seems.

Qmama—hey 2WW buddy! I’m on clomid day 1, too! When are you expecting to insem?

Dawn—I’m sorry about your poor pup—that’s definitely scary! I hope he’s okay and feeling better.

2EZ—Yay for your betas! When do we start throwing the ‘t’ word around?

Indigo—sorry to hear that our vibes didn’t do the trick (yet). Still, a healthy baby is probably worth the bedrest. Wheeeee! On starting on Monday! I thought you were waiting til May, too. Glad to have a posse for the TWW—let’s hope the luck holds out around here!

indigoscot's Avatar indigoscot 05:12 PM 03-26-2011

prettyisa - we were waiting until may and then dp decided she'd like to try in march if it was possible.  and who am i to argue with that since she's the one carrying?  poor thing is having nasty cramps right now.  :( 


rain on and off all day here plus some t-storms.  ds1 really wanted to play outside but we ended up only being out for 10mins at a pop before more rain would come.  he's having fun with his baseball bat and can actually hit the ball with regularity when we throw it to him.  oh yeah and we found a small green caterpillar that he was carefully carrying around for a few minutes.  boys, baseball and bugs.  lol.



qmama42's Avatar qmama42 07:57 PM 03-26-2011

Isa--I am on day 2 of Clomid (CD5-9).  When are you expecting to try?  I don't really know what to expect since I usually do clomid on 3-7.  I'm also having a trigger shot this time too which I've never done maybe Sunday 4/3?

LibraryLady's Avatar LibraryLady 08:16 PM 03-26-2011

Hey ladies~ Too pooped to post tonight, but if you go over to Q&P you can check out the link to some of the photos.  Much love to all~ more tomorrow xoxox

cnmk14's Avatar cnmk14 08:16 PM 03-26-2011

Hello all out there in TTC land....Just a quick update. This was our first month TTC and I didnt get a positive OPK until the middle of the day on day 18 of my cycle. The doctor didnt seem to like this and decided that we would wait until next cycle to try. He wants me to do some blood work to see what my progesterone levels are and then do a mid cycle ultrasound to check out my follies. If he thinks I will ovulate on time on my own then we will go natural, but if not we will do a trigger shot. This worries me a little, seeing as I am only 24 and have had very regular cycles. Although this month my partner got injured at work and now needs surgery so it has been horribly stressful. So I think the stress has caused me to be late.... Anyone have any words of wisdom in order to calm my nerves? It would be well appreciated. I have to say that straight people have no idea how easy they have it. Wam bam thank you maam..... ha. Thanks ladies!!!



mami2mami's Avatar mami2mami 08:38 PM 03-26-2011

Thanks for all the veggies! We are still some what in denial and trying to soak this all in. DP and DD will not allow me to do much of anything and they have quickly adapted to calling me preggos. DD makes it more formal by calling me pregnant lady. DP came up with a new name for herself "The Inseminator" and has been telling me all day "I'll be back!". DP has been testing twice a day for the last 3 days and still no BFP. She is DPO 11. I am a little confused because DP's breasts are swollen and she has a lot of dark blue veins popping out. We will keep testing and if AF shows her ugly face af.gif  we will try again next month.




dust.gifto all the upcoming insems and fingersx.gif to every one in the tww



want2bmumx2's Avatar want2bmumx2 12:24 AM 03-27-2011

Hey There..

Such an awesome thread to join.. is everyone writing on here from America??

still nothing to report from here.... still getting some signs and symptoms but waiting impatiently for AF to NOT arrive... hahah considering this is the first time we have done it.. this is the longest wait of our lives... ready to know either way so we can start planning the next move. 


Qmama -  we did fresh home insemination... we are lucky to have a donor who comes over to provide a "sample" whenever we ask...


it's so great to see and talk to a lot of people experiencing the same thing.... I'm now 11dpo... boobs bigger and sorer.. no blue veins though that people talk about.. cramping has nearly gone and not so moody... starting to believe it hasn't worked. is there anyone out there who got it on the first go??


can't wait to read more and update on everything going on here in Australia..







indigoscot's Avatar indigoscot 07:20 AM 03-27-2011

we might have some canadian friends and there is also someone living in france.  :)  i am originally from scotland but live in the us now.  my parents almost emigrated to aussie after they got married.  our sons call me mum, so your screen name makes me smile.  :)


afu, dp is still feeling af-y blah.  we both had little sleep last night - ds1 woke up needing to pee and ds2 is still teething and now has a little head cold.  i sent her back to bed to get some rest while i monitor the boys.  tomorrow is our cd3 appt (love how the weekend makes the days go faster but also dreading next week as i'm on-call).  dp also needs to get a chiro appt.


anyone else testing?  i'm loving this bfp roll.  :)



Graceie's Avatar Graceie 08:45 AM 03-27-2011
Six dpo this tww is slow and uneventful thus far a little extra tired but that could be the lack of sleep and welcome want to be mum
smilingsara's Avatar smilingsara 11:32 AM 03-27-2011

Wow, Mami, congrats and I hope you and your DP and Seraf and myself all get to be pregnant together and have lots of new babies to take care of! 


Gracie, hang in there. Your TWW will be over before you know, and this is the cycle for me!


Indigo, I'm so glad your DP's AF came, so you guys can insem before your fly to your homeland for wonderful ceremonies and great family visits! 


AFM, I'm bleeding  mid-cycle again. Sara said thats a good thing, because thats what the doc said last time. I think its rather early for any bleeding, but if I get to O earlier, then I'll find out if I'm pregnant earlier... Or at least thats what I'm telling myself. Sperm is coming tomorrow!


I had a dream last night that I was blonde with long hair (Osha said "You were blonde? Thats funny") and that Sara turned into a man and we had a 6-8 month little girl with really dark hair and I was pregnant in the dream. We were shopping somewhere very weird. 

mami2mami's Avatar mami2mami 04:41 PM 03-27-2011

Smiling- Thanks! How far along are you and DP? We are really excited because the pregnancy was definitely confirmed by a doctor. Are you having any weird symptoms?


Want2b-Welcome.gifHope your stay is sweet and short.





Updates: I was having some extremely bad cramping today so we made a visit ti the ER. They confirmed I was pregnant and told me to take it really easy over the next couple of weeks. A lot easier said than done! DP still has lots of symptoms but no BFP. She says they are just sympathy symptoms for me. AF is supposed to be showing her ugly face on Wednesday. Now to find a ob/gyn. DP wants me to have a home birth but if my memory is correct I think I prefer the hospital because all the pain meds are readily available. In any case there is still plenty of time to discuss it.


dust.gifto all!


smilingsara's Avatar smilingsara 04:58 PM 03-27-2011

 Mami, Seraf (my DP) is going to be 8 weeks on Tuesday. I am on CD13, hoping to insem on day 16 or so! Please do take it easy! And as far as the home birth vs. hospital, just be where ever you feel most comfortable. If you feel like being at home you will be the most comfortable, do it there. You do have PLENTY of time to figure this out, but just go with your heart and explore the many options! I'm thrilled you are officially pregnant, along with everyone else, it makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside! 

mami2mami's Avatar mami2mami 05:13 PM 03-27-2011

Smiling- We have followed Seraf since we started on this thread. We had no idea she was your DP. Thanks for sharing now we finally know the Sara that has been jumping up and down. (LOL) We wish you 2 all the best in the world. KMFX for you and the upcoming insem.fingersx.gif

LibraryLady's Avatar LibraryLady 05:18 PM 03-27-2011

Hey everyone~ Just checking in to see who's pregnant today! We'll have a few more bfp's soon I'm sure.    


I'm still worn out today, thank goodness I don't have to go to work tomorrow!

Graceie's Avatar Graceie 05:30 PM 03-27-2011
So shopping at Ikea makes me want to have five babies and redecorate the nursery please please let me be pregnant one of the three iuis just had to be prefect
Graceie's Avatar Graceie 09:21 PM 03-27-2011

LIBRARY you are so cute in you baby shower pics !!!!




ok better now



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