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hi all!!  mami, i think all the advice you've had so far is very valid.  my sister had the same thing with her third son (although the nhs didn't call her she just got a letter in the mail, ugh) and she did do the amnio.  thankfully everything was fine and we think it was a combo of slightly elevated numbers plus her being ama that triggered it.  he is a happy and healthy 2.5yo now.  :)


afu, it looks like we have found a great place for ds1 that has a slot for preschool AND pre-k.  we visited there today and the teachers and director were extremely nice and talked at length about their program and curriculum.  fwiw, since ds1 has been home with me i have been more strict than usual and he is responding well.  yesterday i bought him jumpstart advanced kindergarten and by last night he had grasped the concept of addition and subtraction - was even able to look at the screen where there were 3 orange bottles and 4 blue bottles and tell us there were seven.  he didn't even count them out loud.  anyways, he will hopefully start there next week.  in other news, the old daycare is trying to get naeyc and they sent all the parents a survey.  lmao, you can bet i will be brutally honest with that.



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Ahope- Love the pics!!  I think they are so sweet! I hate when pictures make me look super fat instead of super preggo. Or super fat AND super preggo. Sigh- rough life we lead ;) I bet you will have no issues making it to 37 weeks. Has your MW or OB starting checking you for dilation? I got checked yesterday and I am closed up tighter than a drum :( This is what happened last time, the only reason I went into labor at 39 weeks was because my water broke. How are you feeling? Are you waking up 400,000 times a night as I am?


Mami- I agree with everyone here, and am sorry that you have to deal with this and what seems like an insensitive dr. I would just wait until the ultrasound if you are not planning to terminate. I understand wanting to be prepared. I wouldn't terminate for downs by any stretch but I would need to feel prepared. Keep us all updated, we will be thinking about you!


Amy- The movements, and baby bump will be here sooner than you realize!  I def understand you DW concerns about her nipple growth, mine are rather frightening at this point, I call them national geographic nips. I am afraid the baby will be intimidated! hehe. I was thrilled about my clit growth. It sure made for easy orgasms! Enjoy ;)


Indigo- glad you found placement for DS. I am sure that is such a relief.


Just waiting and waiting. Started my EPO last night, I forgot how stinky  and messy that stuff is. Going to the pool today with the man, need to try to get some work done. I am really struggling with motivation right now. I don't really actually get a maternity leave just a few weeks that I am doing all my work from home and if I am struggling this much now I am not looking forward to attempting to get motivated when little one is here!

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M2M, the probability of having a child with Down's, given that you got a "positive" test results, is still only about 4%.  That's called the positive predictive value of the test (if you want to Google it), and it's pretty bad for this test.  So please try not to worry; maybe it's worth asking your doctor more about what the results mean, and your full range of options.


AHope, this is the week you had your DD, yes?  How are you hanging in?  My 34th week was by far the longest of my pregnancy, and it felt awesome to reach the end of it still pregnant this time!  You must only have one or two more 17P shots left now.  I hope you're doing well.


I'm far too behind to reply to everyone else, but I'm cheering you on as always.  joy.gif


AFM, we reached full term two days ago, on Tuesday.  I cannot put into words how relieved I am (my son was preterm, at 34 weeks).  We're now cleared to give birth at the wonderful local hospital instead of the big NICU place, with the midwives we love.  Halleluiah!

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Mami: I'd be reassured by the info about false positives; are you going to push for a MFM early u/s?  I think that's what I'd do...  Hang in there!


Pigirl:  biggrinbounce.gifCONGRATULATIONS ON REACHING FULL TERM! joy.gif

I'm so happy and relieved for you!  What a huge success--you must be thrilled.  Fingers crossed for an easy birth, in the place you choose, with the midwives you choose, and on your own terms (as much as possible, anyway).  I can't wait to hear your news once the time is right. 

Yup, this is the week DD was born, and I'm somewhat nervous but not as much of a wreck as I'd feared (though I've only just started the week...get to 36 weeks on Wed.).  I think I had a few contractions during the night that woke me up partway, but I figure that as long as they aren't coming at four or more/hour, I'm not going to worry about it.  Here's a paranoid question: do you ever worry that you'll go way OVERdue?  I've been so focused on avoiding induction after PROM that it only recently occurred to me that I could also face induction at 42 weeks.  The irony of that would be thick, for sure. 

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We want to send our most sincere appreciation to all of you who have provided us with such great advice. We have come to a decision and decided that we will not be going ahead with the amnio. The shock of hearing there is a possibility that your innocent, unborn child may already be faced with many challenges before taking its first breath is very hard to encompass. Right away your mind shifts to all the things they might not be able to do. We are prepared to give our child everything they may need to live a full, happy life. No disability in this world will take away from the love and care we are capable of providing. Once again we want to thank you all for the support you have provided. You are all truly amazing women that we are so proud to have in our life as we go through this pregnancy. We will give an update just as soon as we see the Doctor next Friday. Best wishes to all!

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Mami, thinking of you.  Every child faces challenges, if your child is born with downs syndrome, you just have more of a heads up about what they will be.  I still think it's fairly unlikely and wish you peace in your wait.  I had a bad fall when I was 3rd trimester with Ari.  She quit moving for several hours (very scheduled kicking baby) and I was terrified for her.  When she was finally born she was so unlike the other newborns I had experienced (very limp, hard to learn to nurse/take a bottle, didn't open her eyes for weeks, then tortacolis on top of that) that I was sure she suffered brain damage from the fall.  It took me a year to realize that she is just a different kid (several months behind her brother on every milestone but walking - but I have come to learn that he was just early, she is the normal one, btw).  Every child is different.  They all face challenges.  There are kids with downs syndrome going to college these days.  Many hold jobs and live a much more independent life than what we saw growing up.  I know about the risk of false positives.  I hope you're among them.  In the slim chances that you're not, it's still all going to be ok.


Amy, I have totally forgotten important parts of my yurt before, too.  We made due but rain ends it all.  How come I didn't get a bigger clit?  Where's the fun in nipples that enter the room a minute before me?


Indigo, yay for a school problem being resolved.  How is your DPs nausea?  You holding up ok working from home?  Changes like that are really hard sometimes.


Yellow, mmmm EPO.  I never touched the stuff, but can't you get it in gel caps?  No maternity leave sucks.  Like your new pic, too.


Pigirl, congrats on reaching full term!  That's super cool.  Good luck on getting a great birth.


AmandaHope, you are adorable and the pictures look pregnant, not huge.  But I have taken enough bad pictures to say, blame the photographer!  Haha, they can make anything look good if they want to.  They know all about taking pictures at different angles to get rid of double chins and what light is flattering and all.  None of us looks all that attractive sitting down.  Not the thinnest among us.  winky.gif  I never worried too much about going late, but I'm not a worrier (if that wasn't obvious).  It would be ironic, tho.  Did your mom ever go late?  Do you have any reason to think you might?  It's all good.


Starling, you almost done with work?  Feeling better?  Did you tell your family and everyone you're expecting a boy?  Are they super excited?


Escher, 2ez, How are you girls doing?  We're really coming along.  


AFM, life is good.  Work is weird, they're all worried about me All The Time.  They are worriers.  

I have been seeing tons of rabbits lately, which makes me happy.  I haven't seen so many rabbits since my last TWW.  

I gained a bunch of weight on the trip, went from 148 to 152, but I think it was all the salt because I'm back down to 148 3/4.  LOL.  I do need to gain some weight!  I haven't quite gained a pound in the last 3 weeks, bringing my total to 11 3/4 pounds so far.  I really want to gain about 35 pounds because I was scary thin after Osh was born (27 pounds) and I was a bit overpadded after Ari (45 pounds).  35 pounds seems perfect.  

Not a whole lot going on otherwise.  I thought I was getting a UTI and I have been drinking lots of watered down straight cranberry (mmmmmmmm).  All seems better on that front.  

Still not sleeping much.  

I did a kick count, just for fun.  The baby is kicking at least half of every hour.  Sometimes she will nap for 45 min - an hour and then kick for the next 2 hours.  That is way more than I had realized.

Big to-do list today.  Need to get my squash off all my other plants in the garden.  Silly crazy squash.  But man I've been enjoying me some nice fresh salads.  

Only have 2 days off work because I took 6 last week for the trip, then my, "give them another chance" OB appointment is the next day off work.  I need to order a fetoscope and do some research.  Oh, maybe get some labs done like they asked (or maybe I'll just ask which ones they're actually attached to.  I'm pretty sure state law says I need HIV and drug tests.  LOL.  It just kills me to pay hundreds of bucks to take a test I already know the answer to.  Might do some comparison shopping.)  

Here I am, totally rambling when it's already July and there's probably another thread up.




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