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Originally Posted by starling&diesel View Post

Well, crap.  I took two doses of the induction cocktail, had eight hours of painful contractions six minutes apart each lasting more than a minute, and then when she comes, she told us that she didn't want to break my bag of waters because she has four other labouring mamas right now and I've been bumped to the bottom of her triage list because my bloodwork is fine (YAY!).  So, now I'm labouring with no end in sight (Yes, I know there *is* an end), but I feel totally set up.  I told the midwife last night that I did not want to take the cocktail only to not have my waters broken.  And what happens?  Just that! 

Hooray for good bloodwork! But, Oh, how frustrating! I can't even imagine. I hope your little one comes soon! (I've been watching here for your news :) )


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Starling--Argh!!! Sooo frustrating! I'm lighting a candle for you and sending ELV! Hopefully the babe will be here by the morning...

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GRRR!!! Poor Starling! Incredibly frustrating!!!!   I hope something has changed by now and your family is bigger by one and enjoying the first day of your new life.  Thinking of you!!!



Thanks to everyone else for your kind words about my baby hating me.  It was the same thing yesterday~ I opened the front door and she and DP were playing on the floor. Alice had her back to me and was playing happily. DP said "Look who's here!" Alice turned to see me and began wailing at once and kept it up for the five minutes it took me to change clothes and get into my chair for titty time. I'll try and keep in mind that it's because she loves me the most. 


Mean Girl sht continues. So  very glad it's Friday.




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OMOM, she is still lactating and you're letting her wean?!?  I'm kidding.  I mean, I wanted our kids closer together so we could both nurse, what a thing to share (unless you're doing unpleasant elimination diets like some of us have had to do.  I don't think Sara could go off dairy for any time period unless she could see how it was critical).  You know, her milk might not dry up.  If she does wean, but still wants to get back on the nursing train in March or April.  I continued to make milk for almost a year after Ari weaned.  I have met other people with similar experiences.


Library, I'm a Sag, I struggled with my little Pisces in the beginning but now that we have a whole house full of fire, he is rather soothing.  This baby should be a Scorpio (like I would have to go on the extreme ends of term to get anything else.  Osh is voting for R to be a boy so we have 2 water sign boys to contrast with our 3 fire girls.  The baby Sara is expecting will be either Taurus or Gemini, which just confuses everything.  I'm pulling for a Taurus, just because Gemini and Sag are like, total opposites (oh yeah, my ex is a gem, too.)


Starling, wow.  Huge YAY for no pre-e!  Hopefully your double dose induction worked and you didn't need to have your water broken (Ari's didn't break until she was coming out.  Clean clean baby. and less friction, tho I'm told it's a fairly intense way to go).  Perhaps it broke on it's own when you started pushing? 


Wehrli, I'm sorry you're so tired.  I think it's funny that I'm so tired from being pregnant that I really want to get the baby out (at a reasonable time of course) so I can... not sleep?  *sigh*


Isa, I like vowels, too.  Obviously.  This one will be the first consenent baby.  Perhaps.  Sara and I fully support you putting your foot down on those names, tho.  By the way, since she hasn't answered you, when Sara said she got "natural cleaners" it means she got something in a spray bottle with the word "natural" on it.  I don't clean with borax but I do plenty with baking soda.  Baking soda + oil = soap.  You don't actually have to mix it with oil, just use it on oily stuff.  Crayon, greasy hand prints on walls, bathtub.  I just sprinkle it on and rub with a washcloth.   I don't recommend it for stainless steal as it can be too abrasive and make it loose it's mirror finish.  I recently got a steam mop after hearing my mom rave about the one she borrowed.  Now we have one to share.  I used it for the first time last night.  No chemicals, just water.  Worked pretty well (our floors are oak, laminate, tile, linolium).


AFM, I'm feeling better than I have been.  I guess I didn't realize that I've been on the go, non-stop, for almost 2 weeks.  I'm still tired, but less so today.  I am loving the lower immune system of pregnancy.  I don't usually get poison ivy and I pulled a bunch up.  I washed my hands right after but my hands are covered in it.  Couple that with the sniffles and we are full of sneezy joy around here.  Otherwise things are good.  I'm working on getting ready for the baby.  I got some baby safe laundry soap and I'm planning to wash the first 6 months of clothes today and diapers and tiny undies.  I'm also going to try to take all the recycling to the drop off.  I got rid of all the cob webs yesterday (because the baby will probably be born with a twinkle in her eye and a taste for cob webs, right?), steamed half the floors, did 6 loads of laundry and made some chili for dinner and a meal post baby.  Sara is getting pregnancy brain.  It cracks me up.  Last night she said pointed at the washing machine and said, "Those clothes are ready to go in the dishwasher.  F***! Microwave!"  I was almost rolling on the floor by the time she gave up.


Go Starling Go!




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Starling: UGH! I bet you are sooo frustrated!!! Hang on mama, the end can't be far!! Do you have one last belly shot for us?

Inquiring minds: If he'd have been a girl the name would have been either Penelope Lane or McCartney. Cute right? We need a girl hahaha

Library: Titty ninja to the rescue!!!!!!!!! Oh if I could I soo would. I can't stand stupid bitches.

Ahope: I am sorry that Harrison's long distance girlfriend is still miserable. What a chunk though!! That booby milk is awesome!! How are you and DP doing? Zoe? Are your baby blues still around?

Qmama: Hard to believe you are 20 weeks!! Congrats!

Juliet: Any baby?

Afm: Harrison isgreat, pretty chill. We are finally in cloth full time and I am loving it. His butt is so stinkin cute/ I spend far too much monet on dipes cause they are adorable. Lennon has a cold. I brought him to play at his friends house only to find out the little boy was ill. I am so mad. He feels ok but has a nasty cough and I (unlike some people) don't wantspread the germs. Think it is still ok to take him to see Lion King later? It is an early show so there shouldnt be too many people.
I typed that post with one hand and it hurts!

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Yellow, How bad is his cough? Is it going to interrupt the movie?  I would probably take him to the movie with a box of tissues for cough coverage and some hand sanitizer (lies, I would take a hankie).  LOL.  I actually have a spray bottle of sanitizer for objects I don't want to touch (rare, I'm really not very germ phobic), but they also have those sanitizing wipes.  You could take a couple in a zip lock bag and just wipe down the arms of his seat after the movie.  If you are really concerned with spreading germs.  Here's a link suggesting that cold and flu viruses can survive on surfaces up to 48 hours but that's not an especially common route of transmission.



And Sara took this pic a couple of days ago.  34 weeks and nothing fits (tho I pulled the shirt snug so you can see the bump).  And this is 30 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight.  I guess the baggy clothes hide a lot of it.




Go Starling Go

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Bah.  What is this ... day thirteen of serious prodromal labour?  The difference now being that the cocktail ramped it up to *painful* and yet no baby.  I'm ticked.  I can't say that dp and I were very understanding when the mw explained herself, even though I totally get it.  We'd cleared our slates yesterday, had grandma here for dd, etc.  Now we're back to dealing with it whenever it arises.  But me, I'm home alone with a toddler, and having painful baby-coming-out-of-my-ass contractions every 5-10 minutes.  I'm determined to get out, so I think I'll take dd to the local family drop in centre so she can play while I sit on the couch and stare blankly into the mid-distance and feel sorry for myself.

Thanks all for your support and encouragement.  I'm exhausted, and haven't even started 'real' labour yet.  This kid better torpedo his way out.  I'm okay with a UC!  Or I'll call a couple of paramedic friends and we'll just do it ourselves.  For cripes sake. 

The good news is that my best mama friend had a home birth, VBAC last night!  We were aiming for the same birthday for our boys because our olders are just two days apart.  Ah well, she was way more due than me so I figure my little guy is being polite and letting his buddy come first. 


Hello to everyone.  Promise that once my hands can function again I'll be able to contribute more fully ... thinking of you all!

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Hi Everyone,

Happy Last Day of September! It's fun that we get a sparkling new thread tomorrow. I hope Isa gets lots of luck from it!

Starling: I'm so sorry you're in such a frustrating place. I hope your little guy arrives soon! You're getting so close!

Seraf: Nice belly pic! You look great. It sounds like you're being incredibly productive in getting ready for the baby to arrive. Impressive! What kind of baby safe laundry detergent did you get?

Mizyellow: I'm glad that Harrison is being pretty chill. I'm sorry that Lennon has a cold. I hope he feels all better soon!

Library: I'm sorry the mean girl nonsense is continuing. I hope that you have a restful weekend away from her. I'm glad that you'll be somewhere else next year.

Wehrli: I'm sorry that you're so tired. Is your little guy still mostly sleeping in the co-sleeper or somewhere else? You may have already told us, but I unfortunately have the memory of a gnat at the moment.

Hi to everyone else!

AFM: I am tired, so I'm very glad that today is Friday. I'm still walking 2.5 miles to work everyday, but I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to keep that up. I think it is good for me, but it is definitely tiring at this point.
This weekend we're going to try to get a lot done around our apartment. I assume we have a month or more before the baby arrives, but he/she will be full-term next Thursday (!) so we're trying to get the essentials done. Cleaning, washing diapers, lanolizing some wool, and making a few freezer meals are at the top of our list.

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Need to do a bit of work while Lilah naps, but dropping in to say


GO STARLING!  I'd be good and irritated at the midwife, despite the logic behind her decision-making.  With all those contractions, you must be SO CLOSE.  Is it possible to have a baby without ever really going into labor?!  I'm nervous for you with your being home alone and planning to go out, but I'm sure that you'll handle whatever comes at you.  You are so close to meeting your little guy!  Hugs to you.

Partner rainbow1284.gif of 17 yrs to DP,  Mommy to 10-yr-old Z blowkiss.gif, and Lilah Nyx, born 7/24/11 luxlove.gif.

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Starling... thinking of you and hoping this babe arrives soon. So sorry that the MW cocktail made it more painful but not yet productive. But, yay for good blood work. So glad to hear there's no pre-e.

Escher.... 2.5 miles to work everyday is so great. My MW keep mentioning a bunch of studies that show how much better labor goes when them mama is walking each day. We're cooking meals to be frozen this weekend too. What are you making... we've got muffins and banana bread, and probably some dahl (though I'm fairly sick of lentils) on the list so far.

Seref.... great picture! Looking good! Sorry about the poison ivy and sniffles.

MizYellow... sounds like you're having a sweet, mellow time of it right now. Good to hear! I love those squishy cloth rumps and can't wait to have one of my own around. No baby yet.

Library.... errrrgh, down with the mean girl. But, Alice doesn't hate you. I agree with what everyone has mentioned. And, like Seref, I was a nanny for a donkey's age. Those babes did not prefer me to their parents but would often start wailing and running into my lap when they came home. It's just a momentary transition thing.

Qmama... yay for your news!

Isa... good names... I like Esau too and Esme so much.

AFM: Not much here. Struggling with a little cabin fever during my first week home. Another cervix check yesterday... baby is still floating at -3 or -2, 70% effaced and 1.5 cm. Anyone else taking (or taken) Dr. Christopher's Birth Prep. I'm sure that it and the primrose oil are softening things up. But, I still don't feel very close to birth. Very few Braxton Hicks now that my body has adjusted to the herbs.

Mama with my beautiful wife blowkiss.gifenjoying our new little love, R, born October 16, 2011.
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Look, I'm nesting! Escher, Starling, and Julietea, I made a nice, soft place for you to have your babies! wink1.gif Come on over to the new thread! http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1331542/queer-and-pregnant-october-november-and-december#post_16681998 (everyone else, too, of course!)

She's here!
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And so are the boys!
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