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KSDoulaMama's Avatar KSDoulaMama 02:04 PM 11-01-2011

Well, I just got back from the doctor's office and... it looks like we've got a singleton. There were two sacs, but only one of them seemed to have a developing baby. The other was pretty small and undeveloped and looked to be in the beginning stage of disintegration. But, good news: We saw a beating heart, and baby is measuring right on target for gestational age, so it looks like we've got a viable pregnancy! :)

prettyisa's Avatar prettyisa 02:50 PM 11-01-2011
Quickly again (tomorrow I hope I have time to actually write back!):

Seraf and Sara—congrats, mamas! He’s just gorgeous (over on FB)—and it sounds like an amazing time (though maybe not a fun one…). I love the name, I love the birthday, I love it all! Hopefully squishy new baby will help take the morning-sickness edge off, Sara!

Qmama—Hilarious about still being lesbians. Honestly, I think a prius will do you just as well. I mean, it’s no Subaru, but you gotta do what you gotta do…

Brite—welcome over! Glad to have you here! smile.gif

KS--glad to hear you've got one going strong! I'm sorry to hear that the second one didn't make it, but twins does sound like a much more difficult pregnancy, so maybe it'll be for the best.

AFM—everything is perfectly fine. I’m just a big worrywart. Dr said that they sound like BH contractions—but since my uterus is still fairly low in my pelvis they feel like menstrual cramps. Once I get bigger they should feel more like the tightening everyone else describes. As long as it’s not constant for more than an hour and there’s no bleeding she said it was nothing to worry about. But, as a prize for being nervous, I got a bonus ultrasound! DP was mad afterwards that she didn’t get to be there, but it was so reassuring to see the little guy in there bouncing around happily and looking like a (slightly skeletal) baby! No more blob-with-a-heartbeat, this thing has fingers! And she also pointed out that the placenta is in front, so I have a little baby sandwich going on, which is why I can only feel movement when I’m shoved up against something or when s/he’s kicking off to the side. Not blocking the exit, which is also good news.

Ok, have to run off and get back to work, but hello to everyone else! And Seraf, I’ll update the front page for you with little Shay as soon as I get a minute!

seraf's Avatar seraf 07:58 PM 11-01-2011









Doc says he is tongue tied.  Explains pinchy feeling.


Only 8 14 and 21.5 inches.  Guess he's not quite the monster I thought, but not tiny.  


Missed the first poo, but caught the next 4 waves.  Prob only 7 pounds now.


Just laying in bed with us and licking his fingers because he is barfing already.



indigoscot's Avatar indigoscot 08:35 PM 11-01-2011

Congrats Sara and Seraf and welcome to the world Shay Brock!!  Wow what an incredible birth story!!  I went to high school with a boy who was born in the back of a taxi!


We are still around, promise! :)  Fall is insanely busy - this month we have had: soccer practice, soccer games (got ds1 scoring a goal on "tape"), Scottish Highland games festival, pumpkin patch, apple picking, 4d u/s, a baby shower, boo at the zoo, pumpkin carving and trick or treating.  phew, it wore me out just recapping that!!



mami2mami's Avatar mami2mami 08:53 PM 11-01-2011

Seraf and Sara- Your lil guy Shay is adorable, he looks so alert!! The first pic with Sara  looks like he is ready to start cooing with her. LOVE LOVE the pic!!  We are soo happy for your  whole family.

KSDoulaMama's Avatar KSDoulaMama 05:49 AM 11-02-2011

What a cutie. I love his little squishy face in the sling!

Mizyellow's Avatar Mizyellow 07:46 AM 11-02-2011

Guys! These pictueres made me cry! You guys are so sweet, I love him already! Chels and I need to come see you, I work this weekend but maybe next? He really does look like Ari to me.


Library: That picture made me laugh out loud. Kind of amazing.


Isa: Glad everything is fine and you got an extra ultrasound! They are the best, I love seeing a little bouncy baby in there!


Starling: My best advice with gas is unfortunately just being patient. Their digestive systems are so sad and pathetic sometimes at first and it gets better with time. That is to say, the gas gets less painful (not less plentiful :) Those fifrst few weeks are tough, they seem pretty miserable a lot of the time. I panicked with Harrison every moment and tried everything I could think of to alleviate his discomfort, around 6 weeks his gas leveled out and he seemed a lot less miserable. If that magic 6 week moment doesn't happen then I would try an elimination diet. Just my 2 cents. Although I did try gripe water and it made him vomit a lot (which seemed to make him feel better) More pics please!!!! How are YOU feeling?


Escher: I can't wait to see  pics of your little man, I know you are all enjoying him so!


There have been a lot of boys born around these parts! I bet the rest of you will allhave girls! Although I swore Seraf was having a girl so I obviously suck at this.


Trick or treating was awesome this year, Lennon really "got it" and it was so much fun. Although now he chases me around the house begging for candy.  3 year olds! Harrison is soooo much fun right now, so happy and chill and really figuring out his environment.  My mom is babysitting today so I can work downtown. She is going to have a ball ewith the boys. Chels had a rough day yesterday, it was her mom's bday and she took it hard.

My migraines are intense right now, happening at least 1 time a week and so painful. I am wondering if they are hormonal and hoping the dr has some ideas on how to alleviate them. Some times (and I know this sounds dramatic) I feel like they are ruining my quality of life. I am constantly afraid to go places with loud noises or bright lights because they could set it off. Like the flourescent lighting in a thrift store, or a move theater, or being in the car with a crying baby. It is really frustrating and exhausting. Ok I am done complaining.

My boys are amazing, I am so lucky. I want like 5 more. Here are some pictures of fat baby rolls, a cute owl, and family trick or treating.

fat baby.jpgcute owl.jpgfamily.jpg

onemommyonemama's Avatar onemommyonemama 08:22 AM 11-02-2011

hi everyone!


seraf and sara - oh what a beautiful little one. I love his name! Thinking of you as you all adjust. How are you Seraf?


Dawn - yippee! you are next!


isa - glad to hear all is well :)


qmama - still lesbians... that was my laugh of the day :)


ks - great to hear that you've heard the heartbeat and things are looking good for the baby. How are you feeling? has your stomach bug slowed down at all?


hello to everyone!


afm - We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday. Still waiting to hear about the report re:health, etc... We did find out that the tech's 'best guess is that its a girl' :) The baby was bum up, head down, curled in a little ball most of the time - not the most useful position for the ultrasound. We did get to watch her(?) for awhile - moving mouth, fingers, feet, kicking and hiccuping. It was awesome. I wish it lasted longer....


Happy babymooning Seraf and Sara! Welcome Shay! and Escher - update us!



onemommyonemama's Avatar onemommyonemama 08:23 AM 11-02-2011

ooh and welcome rainbow brite!


and mizy - cute cute pics. and maybe you were right about the girl wave? we'll see! :)

LibraryLady's Avatar LibraryLady 09:56 AM 11-02-2011

Hey all~



Seraf~ SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a little keeper! I just wanted to give him smoochy smooches!!


MizYellow~ Your li'l biscuit too! Those fat rolls are OOC!!!!  Love the owl hat too~ your whole family is very lovely. I'm glad you appreciated the magic of our family portrait. For real.


KS~ I'm glad you've got a good heartbeat. As we all know, even one baby is amazing. You're great to be doing this to help these people. I hope they know how lucky they are.



Isa~ YAY for extra ultrasounds! It's amazing to see the skinny little baby-shaped baby boogieing around in there.


OMOM~ Hooray for maybe a girl! You might be starting the new female trend, it's true.


Indigo~ Great to hear from you and glad all's well! My DP just applied for a job at the University of Stirling, so I might be a semi-Scot sometime in the future...


Love to everyone else, just wanted to drop by and say hello xoxoxox

DAWNMP1's Avatar DAWNMP1 10:11 AM 11-02-2011

Oh my -- so many cute baby pictures!


Seraf and Sara - your little Shay is so just beautiful!  I love all the pics and Sara, you look so happy in snuggly in the one.  Congrats again, mamas!


MizY -   Love your pics as well, especially the family trick or treating picture.  So happy for you all.


PrettyIsa - So, so glad that everything was ok with your little one and that  


KSDoula - Yay for a heatbeat and healthy pregnancy! You and the IPs must be so excited! 


OMOM - I love your profile pic! Your little one is adorable.  And yay for 20 week ultrasound -  that was my favorite appointment, just watching all the different movement.  Coolest thing ever.  So ... maybe a girl.  :)  Your little one must be so excited.  


Library -   What a fun Halloween picture!  I love Alice's red har.  Hope you have a wonderful day at school today.


Mami - Love your Halloween photos too.  I can't believe how far along you are!  How are you feeling these days?


Indigo -- hi!  So glad to see you checking in between soccer games!  Glad to hear all is well.


Escher -  will you share pics soon?  How are you feeling?


Hi to everyone else!


As for us, nothing to report.  I've been cooking up a storm to freeze food for after the baby comes.  Last night I made black bean and butternut squash enchiladas and a vat of sweet potato, apple and celery root bisque.  Yum.  It was kind of hard to freeze and not eat it.  Also, our lovely friends had a ton of frozen meals delivered from a local chef who specializes in healthy organic food.  Good thing we have the giant basement freezer.  Now there's nothing left to do but keep cleaning until baby comes.    Since everyone is sharing photos, I thought I'd share DP's 40 week belly pic.  She feels way too good to be past her due date.  smile.gif


.   DP.jpg




justrose13's Avatar justrose13 12:15 PM 11-02-2011
EZ, don't forget to update here!
AmandaHope's Avatar AmandaHope 12:35 PM 11-02-2011

Originally Posted by wehrli View Post

EZ, don't forget to update here!


TineyDreams's Avatar TineyDreams 01:13 PM 11-02-2011

Seraf: Congrats! He's gorgeous! jumpers.gif

ad astra's Avatar ad astra 02:43 PM 11-02-2011

Seraf and Sara-  Congratulations!!!! joy.gif Sounds like handsome Shay made an amazing entrance to the world!

KSDoulaMama's Avatar KSDoulaMama 04:30 PM 11-02-2011

I just came home from work because I suddenly had a huge flow of blood... soaked through my pants and ran down my thighs. Totally out of nowhere. It was bright red with bits of tissue. Please keep us in your thoughts and send sticky vibes to our baby who looked viable yesterday. I'm really hoping this is just the undeveloped embryo and sac making its way out. I've never had this happen before, so I am a wreck. Waiting for the doctor's office to call me back.

AmandaHope's Avatar AmandaHope 04:42 PM 11-02-2011

Seraf and Sara: What a beautiful chunky monkey!  I love the photos.  Sara--you look very comfy with him in that sling.  Think you'll find a sling that can hold both of them when the time comes?  (I've seen people with twins in a Moby...)  Seraf: How are you feeling?  Did you end up tearing?  How did your OB react to seeing you show up with the baby?  What did you do with the placenta, btw?  How are you feeling about the birth?  And tongue-tied, huh?  Is he nursing ok anyway?  You said it felt pinchy--not too uncomfortable I hope.  I hope you are getting to rest up.  How are A and O handling their new little brother?  Were they at home when he was born?  Ok, enough with the 20 questions. 


Dawn: Your DP looks fantastic! Good for her for feeling great at 40 weeks. I bet the birth will be wonderful since she is so strong.  And that bisque sounds incredible. I'd ask for the recipe, but it must have dairy, right?  I think I'll find a non-dairy recipe for squash and apple soup, though.  Thanks for the inspiration.


MizYellow: Adorable pics!  You all look so happy in front of your bright blue car.  H is very long!  And I'm glad I'm not the only one with...um...generously sized bbs. wink1.gif


KS: I can tell that you have some mixed feelings about the singleton pregnancy.  Congratulations, though, on the heartbeat and a healthy pregnancy.  I hope you feel better, though!


Omom: So probably two girls for you, huh?  I had mixed feelings when I found out that our second was (also) a girl, but I love it now.  We have an all-female household, which is a lot of fun and oddly powerful in its own way. 


Escher: How is everything going?  Does he have a name yet?  How are things with your DP?


Isa: Glad all is well and that you got a bonus ultrasound.  So exciting to see fingers and toes!  You've got an actual person growing in there. Amazing, huh?


AFM: A bit of complaining: Lilah and I have another cold; she has started crying whenever we put her in the cosleeper, so she is sleeping next to me and nursing a few times instead of sleeping through the night as she was; she napped beautifully yesterday but not today, so I'm having trouble getting work done, and others can't really help, because she only settles down with me. 

Any thoughts about ways to get her more comfortable with others (esp. my in-laws)?  They want to care for her but get discouraged when they can't comfort her, and I don't know what to do other than to continue to let them try.


In other news, I sent 80 oz of milk to Julie and her little Rowan to help with their supplementation.  I feel good about it and hope it helps them while they get sorted out with milk supply and/or a local donor for ongoing supplementation.  It felt better than donating to someone completely unfamiliar (a la HMFHB).  Now I'm back to stocking the freezer for my own little one! 


seraf's Avatar seraf 05:59 PM 11-02-2011


Sara has all 3 kids out for a walk around the neighborhood, so I'm going to be quick.


KS, I am keeping you in my thoughts.  With O's pregnancy came bright red blood.  He is fine and healthy.  Suspected twin was all we ever had.  2ez, one of the quieter girls on here also had lots of bleeding early on.  Hers resolved, too.  I am hoping you just had the scare of a lifetime and everything is really fine.  hug2.gif


Escher, I hope you're doing well.  I have been thinking about you a lot lately and I'm trying to picture you getting lots of beautiful snuggly rest.


Dawn, She looks great.  I was planning on cooking up a storm.  Went shopping for it and everything.  One day too late.


Everyone else, hi!  

Originally Posted by AmandaHope View Post
Seraf: How are you feeling?  Did you end up tearing?  How did your OB react to seeing you show up with the baby?  What did you do with the placenta, btw?  How are you feeling about the birth?  And tongue-tied, huh?  Is he nursing ok anyway?  You said it felt pinchy--not too uncomfortable I hope.  I hope you are getting to rest up.  How are A and O handling their new little brother?  Were they at home when he was born?  Ok, enough with the 20 questions. 



AmandaHope, since you asked so many questions, I think you covered what everyone else asked.  I feel good.  My tailbone is sore and my upper back, but I think that's from nursing and staring at my wee babe.  I got a small first degree along the scar where I tore with A.  I also got a skid mark where I forgot to take my hood ring out before the birth.  Oops.  The OB laughed about the car birth.  As did everyone else in the office.  We took the placenta in with us to the OB.  We won't be planting it, so we didn't want to keep it.  I feel ok about the birth.  If I had had a midwife, she would have reassured me that I was close to having the baby and I wouldn't have had him in the car.  It was a quite uncomfortable labor, mostly back labor.  You can't tell from the pic, but his nose is bruised, I imagine it was from pushing into my tailbone, despite being anterior.  He is nursing and getting colostrum, but it was pretty intensely painful for me, so we went ahead and got his tongue clipped today.  My nips are still sore from the abuse they have been taking (I guess he was gumming me since his tongue didn't cover the bottom gum), but now it only hurts to latch him on, not the entire nursing.  Last night I slept 2 stretches of 3 hours each, with hourly nursing in between.  Way better than the night before.  Sara had a horrible sinus headache, so she found a different bed where she could try to sleep.  O and A were with their mama when he came, per the usual schedule.  They came home tonight.  They are smitten.  I'm happy they weren't home because I was really loud and uncomfortable with labor.  But they were phoned and emailed pictures yesterday before breakfast.  Tonight O said, it's really exciting having a new brother.  He is really into the brother thing.  And A is simply in love.  As is Sara, for that matter.


Some pics.


They are shading his eyes from the sun on the way home.



Tiny baby, post bath.



My boys



We made this sling for Ari months ago, she was in a hurry to use it.



It's 8 o'clock.  Time for more pain meds for the afterpains.  The ibuprofen is keeping them at a mild level of discomfort.


Night all.


onemommyonemama's Avatar onemommyonemama 06:07 PM 11-02-2011

KS doula - thinking of you. I hope this all clears up and is exactly what you think it is. I will be sending you sticky vibes and all my good thoughts. I hope you hear good news soon.


Amanda - too true about the power of an all-female household ;) I do feel its likely a girl, and DW strongly has always felt girl - so we will probably refer to the baby as 'she' for now even without the for sure. I'm excited either way. I would love to have a son or daughter - I just can't  wait to meet them. Watching my DD grow these last 2.5 years - its like watching a poloroid develop. I love watching her emerge as new skills and language give her voice and ways to express herself. She said this great sentence tonight that was almost gramatically correct and had like 7 words or something and I just think... whoa... you used to just spend all day in a sling snuggling and eating and now look at you.  I'm so excited to watch another one.

starling&diesel's Avatar starling&diesel 06:08 PM 11-02-2011


KS ... Holding you and baby in my thoughts!  dust.gif


Yellow ... Your post about waiting for the baby's gut to mature really resonated with me, thanks!  Great pics!


Sara and Seraf!  Great pictures!  I'm do excited for your family! 


Isa ... I secretly didn't mind at all when we had an impromptu extra u/s when there was a fluid 'issue'


AmandaH ... Thank you for sharing your milk.  It is an awesome thing to do, so many thanks from another low supply mama!


Library and Mami ...Love the Halloween pics! 


Dawn ... Your dp has a great baby belly going on!  So close!


OMOM ... Congratulations on the halfway mark and another little girl!


AFM:  We just had our four week checkup with the midwife.  H is almost ten pounds!  Whoo hoo!  Interestingly, she told me that new research shows that the chemical make-up of breast milk doesn't change no matter what the mother does or doesn't eat.  I hope the research is right!  I don't plan on doing an elimination diet. H's gas and tummy rumbles seem sporadic and not necessarily linked to what I eat.  We only supplement (with hypo-allergenic formula now) 8 oz over a 24 hour period, so he's getting mostly my milk.  Even his poops still look like breast milk poop.  Anyway, I'm going to go look into the research.  She also said that new research shows that amniotic fluid does take on the flavour of whatever mom is eating ... so one myth debunked and one shored up.  Interesting! 

I'm feeling better ... still bleeding, which is mildly annoying, considering we're almost five weeks post partum. 

DP is going out of town for work next week and I'll be alone with the kids for three days!  Exciting!  I think I'll put the dog in the boarding kennel so as not to have her to deal with too. 





starling&diesel's Avatar starling&diesel 06:39 PM 11-02-2011


Some sad news from a queer couple in my ddc ... their daughter was stillborn.

if any of you want to go over there and give your condolences, please do.

Here is the link.  Just a warning that there are picture of their little one, if that might upset you. 





Mizyellow's Avatar Mizyellow 07:39 PM 11-02-2011

Starling: Oh my word, that is so sad. I couldn't not imagine.


Ahope: My breasts are the size of my head if not bigger. They took up that whole picture didn't they? Haha, glad you feel my pain, (although I think it makes the belly looks smaller?) Haha.


Seraf: CUTE pics. I love your fam


Dawn: Your DP looks so great, I bet you gys are so pumped.


KS: My thoughts arewith you, let us know what is going on.


I just ate 2 pumpkin donuts, I am never going to lose the baby weight but they were sooooo yummy. mmmmmmm pumpkin

PS I love all the pics lately, keep em up!

mami2mami's Avatar mami2mami 08:14 PM 11-02-2011

2ez-How are you doing? Anything new?


Dawn-40+ weeks OMG!!


Seraf-Love the pics he is too cute we can't stop looking at all the pics. Keep them coming.


AFM- We are 35 weeks today and contracting like crazy for the last 2 days with no end in site. The baby terrified us for a whie because it was not moving at all which was very odd! Finally after a long bath, small snack, and what seems like gallons of cold water it finally moved. We did some nesting today, cooked lots of yummy food to store, packed all of our bags for d-day and tomorrow we will continue nesting with a deep cleaning to our home. Oh! and we also cleaned out the car, well DD volunteered. We have another stress test tomorrow hoping it goes well and wondering if we should take our bags and car seat. headscratch.gif 

gellybeangrl's Avatar gellybeangrl 08:24 PM 11-02-2011

Thread crashing....sorry that I'm late to the show.


CONGRATULATIONS Seraf, Sara, Osh, Ari....and Baby Shay! He is so cute! Yeah for such a beautiful family! joy.gif jumpers.gif

KSDoulaMama's Avatar KSDoulaMama 03:41 AM 11-03-2011

Update: No new blood this morning, at least as far as I can tell. It's 4:30 am so I need to go back to bed but I had to pee, which meant I had to get out of bed. I had to turn on the light in the bathroom in order to gauge the bleeding situation. After all of that the morning sickness hit and I had to eat a big snack so I am of course looking at the internet while I eat. I sure hope I can go back to sleep after all of this!

imogenlily's Avatar imogenlily 04:03 AM 11-03-2011

Hey everyone - disappeared for a good long while, had some pretty bad birth trauma to contend with. Still sorting things out, but seeing the light.

Solomon and I are doing well. It's so wonderful to hear everyone's good news and updates, and to see new faces in here. Congrats to all.

LibraryLady's Avatar LibraryLady 07:06 AM 11-03-2011

Good morning everyone~  freezing cold and very windy here, so it was tough tough tough to get out of bed. I was all snuggled up between Alice and DP, so it was quite sad to give that up.


So many cute pix and babies!!   Seraf, your family is precious. Are the kids riding in the car exactly where little one was born? That's kind of awesome.  Our PE teacher's wife is pregnant and I said to him "A friend of mine just had her baby in the car on the way to the hospital. Are you practicing for that?" His eyebrows shot up off his forehead and he kinda squeaked "NO!! I don't want to practice for that!!!" it was really funny.



Starling~ Too sad. I can't imagine how awful.  I'm glad you and your little fella are ok. Your family is lovely too.


Imogen~ Glad to see you again. Sorry you've been having troubles but I Hope all is resolved.


KS~ Scary! Please do keep us updated. But yes, we've had more than one baby born here who started off with similar circumstances. Thinking of you.


Mami~ Sorry you're having such painful contractions and scary baby times. I hope your li'l one is with you safe and sound very soon.


I'm sure I'm forgetting people, but I"m half asleep today. AND I'm having monster cramps from the first period I've had in over a year.  I got up to pee this morning and SURPRISE!  It gave me a fright for a moment, since I spent my whole pregnancy in fear of the blood, but I guess I'd better get used to it again, eh?  Having some tylenol and wishing I could go back to bed....

justrose13's Avatar justrose13 07:49 AM 11-03-2011
library, PPAF?! I've been wondering when the red headed witch will be visiting me... what's your nursing/pumping schedule like? how long is your longest stretch without doing either?

imogen, welcome back and congrats on the birth of Solomon! pics?

KS, glad there was no new blood... keep us posted. you, IPs and the li'l babe are in my thoughts.

mami, you ladies are in my thoughts as well... I suppose it couldn't hurt to have bags packed and carseat installed... redface.gif

Mizyellow, mmmm... pumpkin donuts... (and) your family is beautiful!

starling, thanks for sharing... so sad. (and) your kids are gorgeous! your little girl just melts my heart. you shared a video a while back, and I always hear her voice when I see her... "there's a shark in the park! ...no." love.gif

sara and Seraf, he's perfect! love all the pics... esp the one of Ari with Shay in the sling! and the one of your boys.... and the one of the two shielding him from the sun!

who am I forgetting???

EZ, ummmm... update here already! orngbiggrin.gif

Dawn, your DP is glowing... has she had that babe yet? wink1.gif

Escher, thinking about you.... I'd love to see pics... innocent.gif

AHope! you are incredible! I wish I could help someone out like that! (but, alas, I can't even pump enough to leave S for more than a couple of hours :/ )

I know I'm still forgetting some... wave.gif hi!

AFM, the sleep struggles continue to wax and wane... we are having a rough patch (yet again). I think mostly due to a severly stuffy nose. why didn't I just order the nosefrida last time?! ah, well... it'll be here today. until then S is struggling to eat and of course, nurse to sleep. so I have a sick, hungry baby that'll only sleep on my back and STILL will not be transferred to bed. :/ but I love him to pieces, none-the-less! orngbiggrin.gif

LibraryLady's Avatar LibraryLady 08:12 AM 11-03-2011

Wehrli~  I've gone a whole school day without doing either, so from 6:30 (when I leave the house) to about 3:30 when I get home. I don't usually do that, I usually pump at school but there have been times when I've been unable to manage it and have had to go the whole day.  There's not much blood today, but my cramps are MONSTER BAD! 

justrose13's Avatar justrose13 08:14 AM 11-03-2011
oh, yeah... Starling - I also saw research re what mama eats not transferring into BM, at least as far as gas and the like. BM is made from blood, not through the digestive system so I can't wrap my head around how me eating broccoli or beans or dairy could cause the baby gas. that's why I never tried an elimination diet for the fussies. but what do I know, really?! wink1.gif I agree with Mizyellow, his gut just needs to mature! it just keeps getting better and better over here re gas and bowels... smile.gif

oh and, Isa, I forgot you! yay for a bonus u/s! bummer DP missed it, though. I had an anterior placenta and I could feel and see movement in front later in the game, so hopefully it won't stay all on the sides!


sorry was gonna post more but baby woke crying!
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