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crystalperez's Avatar crystalperez 12:47 PM 04-19-2012

AdAstra, Cohen's only problem was feeding also and he was born at 32w5d (4lb6oz) and came home just under 3weeks later so I'm sure your babies will be home soon! Congrats!!


Isa- YAYYYY congrats to you and your family! I can't wait to hear more about your delivery.


Things are going better but I dont see any councelling in sight. I am going to see my mom and family for lunch and DP is going to try to wake up early so she can go to. My aunt is coming in to town tonight so I will be visiting later also after DP goes to work. Cohen-still on the boob!

mami2mami's Avatar mami2mami 12:51 PM 04-19-2012

Isa- Congratulations to you and your DP and welcome to the world Edith! Can't wait for you to be all rested up so that we can get some pix of that precious baby and hear your birth story. Enjoy your baby moon! partytime.gifbirthday.gifpartytime.gif 


Smiling- You're next! How are you feeling?  Any more contractions?

qmama42's Avatar qmama42 01:08 PM 04-19-2012
Oh, welcome to the world, Baby Edith! I am jumping for joy for you, mamas! So excited to hear details...joy.gif
nosreves's Avatar nosreves 01:58 PM 04-19-2012

Welcome to the world, little Edith!  (That fabulous name belonged to both my grandmother and one of my all-time favorite singers.)  Congratulations Isa and DP!  We can't wait to hear the details and see pictures of your wee girl.  flowersforyou.gif & blowkiss.gif

mami2mami's Avatar mami2mami 03:22 PM 04-19-2012

Hello ladies

 So while we wait for ISA'S birth story. Dp and I want to share some pics.




mami2mami's Avatar mami2mami 03:36 PM 04-19-2012

ok one more pic L loves sweet potato


smilingsara's Avatar smilingsara 04:30 PM 04-19-2012
Isa: congrats to you and dP!! Cannot wait to hear more when you feel up to it! Super happy for you and now I don't have to feel bad if I have this baby early! Did you ever get all of your nesting things done?!!

Mami: I'm feeling food thank you for asking. I'm feeling my body spread out and get my swollen. I'm having contractions randomly everyday but none that are in any pattern or at all strong feeling. I'm feeling good but feeling ready to meet this baby. Sara says I have to wait at least 4 more days and have him term. Right now he is moving up a storm but it's the first time I've stopped moving for a while all day. Did some more stuff on my list of things I wanna do and feel happy about that! I'm ready to meet this guy!
escher's Avatar escher 06:58 PM 04-19-2012
HOORAY ISA!!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif Welcome to the world, little one!
onemommyonemama's Avatar onemommyonemama 09:25 PM 04-19-2012

YIPPEE ISA!!!! Welome Edith!!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

SwtRainbowBrite's Avatar SwtRainbowBrite 12:48 AM 04-20-2012

Isa: Wooo- Hooo!!!! Welcome.gif to the world Baby Edith!! (I love that name, it is so Nostalgic!!) I can't wait to hear the birth story and see lots of pics!!! joy.gifbiggrinbounce.gif


Seraf: We have a growth scan and echocardiogram scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. Thank you for your condolences


JuneBug: Thank you for your condolences


Library: That you for your kind words, I am hoping that we will all start to heal soon. And thank you for the wonderful compliment orngbiggrin.gif I hope DP's dissertation went awesome with few or no revisions!


OMom: Thank you so much for your condolences


Mami: Thank you for your prayers and condolences. You hit the nail on the head, it is so hard to enjoy this pregnancy while I know my brother in law and girlfriend are mourning the death of their son. I am really hoping that her heart is just overflowing with love and anticipation. And I LOVE all the pics of your LO she is so adorable!


Desert: Yes all of this has been so much to handle, and slowly but surely things are starting to not hurt as much, but it is still all so very hard. How are you liking the Bradley class?



AHope: Thank you so much, I wish that I could take all of their pain away or at least distribute it among family and friends. Yes we are going to Seattle Children's on Tuesday for 2 extensive scans. I am trying to take care of myself especially emotionally since I have a history of depression, but it is really hard. How did you students react to you "coming out"


Sara: How close are you? It freaks me out that you are getting closer because I think I am next in line YIKES!


AFM: We are still very much in a dark cloud over this way, and we feel like we are in a nightmare that we can't wake up from. Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for your condolences for our family. I still can't believe that my nephew is gone and our hearts our broken. I sent a special prayer asking my daughter Imani to welcome her baby cousin to that special place where baby angels dwell and to show him the ropes and watch out for him. My brother in law and his girlfriend are obviously broken and they are trying to pick up the pieces. We are giving them all the space and time that they need to work through their grief and since I know how it feels to not want to be bothered with pregnant women or babies DW and I are letting them come to us and not forcing ourselves on them.


As for our baby girl we have a high level growth scan and fetal echocardiogram scheduled for Tuesday, I am a wreck and waiting until Tuesday is killing me but it was the soonest that the Children's Hospital could get us in. With these double whammies it has been so hard to really appreciate my pregnancy and the life that is coming in a few weeks. It is also really hard to hear her family say that "everything happens for a reason" and that "they are happy there is another baby coming soon" being the mother of a child that passed away it makes it seem as though Baby Zayden's life was not as important as the "living baby" that is coming and the fact that people think that way makes me physically sick and even more sad. I don't want this baby placed on a pedestal because she "survived" and I don't want the pressure of making sure this baby "survives" I put enough of that stress and pressure on myself.


On a brighter note it seems as though we had come to a decision about our birth plan and birth location and I am feeling more at peace with it. We have also decided to take inventory of all the baby items we have now and sort them so we can make a list of essential items to buy before she gets here. Can you all give  me some suggestions on items that we DEFINETLY need in the first few weeks of life? We have no plans to make any large purchases (cribs, nursery furniture, etc.) but I would like to make sure we have the basic necessities when she arrives.


And thank you all again! I eternally grateful to have an amazing support group of women like you gals! namaste.gif

justrose13's Avatar justrose13 06:22 AM 04-20-2012
gosh... I am so sorry for all you and your family is going through. I'm holding you all in my thoughts.

as far as necessities, I'd say a few outfits, diapers and wipes, and her mothers' warmth. oh, and boobs. I'd say a bassinet, if she's not sleeping with you, but you could always use a laundry basket for the first couple of weeks! I can't think of anything we needed other than those couple of things (we had a arms reach but it turns out DS didn't need it). also, don't forget about what you gals will need... dinners, beverages, snacks, anything that will make it easier to just be in bed or lounging on the couch together as a family! I wish we had made sure to have more snacks, etc on hand. neither one of us wanted to take time to "make food happen". wink1.gif

candle.gif for your nephew
seraf's Avatar seraf 06:24 AM 04-20-2012

Isa, we are thinking of your family this morning.


Rainbow, we are thinking of your family this morning, too. Tuesday can't come soon enough.  Essentials for a newborn are few.  Baby needs warmth, food, a place to sleep, a place to poop, safe travel and love.  Mom needs warmth, good food, a place to sleep, a place to sit (to nurse, to see what's going on), a place to bleed, a way to contain milk overflow, love and a camera to remember all the things hormones will tell her to forget.


For us that was clothes and blankets, boobies, our bed, cloth diapers and potty, sling and carseat, and love for baby.  For mom, clothes (maternity pants the first few weeks), a well stocked pantry and friends with dinner, our bed (with a fleece blanket over the sheet to protect the sheets and mattress from the abundant body fluids), the couch, cloth pads, nursing pads and a milksaver, love and a camera.


The carseat was purchased.  Not everyone needs a milksaver or potty. The camera we had. In our house the sling, diapers, cloth pads, nursing pads, burp cloths and butt wipes were all just pieces of cloth of various sizes.  All our boys' clothes and blankets are hand me downs or handmade.  The well stocked pantry was also purchased, but is useful to have in general.  Babies go in the shower with us still.  You don't need much.  And you probably need more than the baby.



Mizyellow's Avatar Mizyellow 07:17 AM 04-20-2012

ISA: Congrats!! Hello baby Edith! I can't wait to see pictures and hear more! Yay!



Brite: I am so sorry you are dealing with this. My heart hurts for you and I am sending all good positive thoughts your way.


Crystal: I have been in a relationship that sounds similar before. I can tell you that it didn't end well,  byt that I ended up much stronger because of it. If you need anyone to talk to......


Sara; You are next!!!


Library: Love your "profile" picture,  I could use some new Alice shots though. Where are you moving again?


Mami: What a stinking cuties. I love the sweet potato pic.


AFU:  Harrison is SO BIG. 9 Months old today. Sigh. Where does the time go? He is kind of crawling, kind of pulling himself up, and kind of saying all sorts of words. The last week has been crazy developmentally.  The only thing he isn't doing is sleeping....still. This kid just won't sleep more than 1 1/2 hours at a time. Ever. Which translates into mama doesn't sleep and baba doesn't get the sex. Ha! 

We are loving this spring, it feels so nice to NOT be pregnant and be able to cart around the boys and enjoy the weather. We are trying to decide when to have our 3rd. I can't decide whether to start trying summer 2013 or winter 2013 or summer 2014?  I do know that we are wanting to marry it up sometime in 2013. Maybe spring? 

The most important news? ;)  I finally lost all my baby weight!! WOOOOOO!!! Ok maybe not the MOST important but pretty damn exciting.




smilingsara's Avatar smilingsara 08:05 AM 04-20-2012




Ari and I on the see-saw




Feeling ready for this baby to come out.

glassesgirlnj's Avatar glassesgirlnj 08:18 AM 04-20-2012

Congratulations Isa and Edith! Looking forward to reading the birth story.


Mamitomami, those pics are adorable!


Rainbow, I'm so impressed with how brave and calm you are in the face of all this craziness.  Oh, and in addition to all the things others mentioned, I would recommend Lansinoh for the breastfeeding new mom... it really helped soothe my nipples.


Mizyellow, look at Harrison go!  He's not only self feeding but feeding OTHERS!


Smilingsara, that seesaw shot is awesome!


As for us, I have a few minor health things going on but nothing serious.  Luckily we have a large FSA this year, so at least the bills won't be a major problem.  And I'm hoping to have one of my doctors write a letter so I can pay for a yoga class card with my FSA also...





KnittingTigers's Avatar KnittingTigers 09:02 AM 04-20-2012

I don't have time to write a lot, but I wanted to say congrats to Isa and welcome Edith!


Rainbow, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I cannot imagine all that you must be feeling right now. Please feel some love coming at you from the southeast. A couple things that we found helpful in the first weeks: food! We had friends come stock our freezer with homemade soups, cassaroles, and lasagne, and it was so helpful to have things we could just reheat and eat. Or trader joes. But have stuff on hand that's super easy to make and eat. Also, if you don't already have it, get the name and contact info for a great lactation consultant, preferably one who will come to your house. If you're having breastfeeding issues, you will not want to be researching this then, and you will also not want to get back in the car and drive somewhere. You're in Seattle, right? I'm guessing you'll have lots of options. Just line it up ahead of time, and hopefully you'll never need it!

justrose13's Avatar justrose13 09:18 AM 04-20-2012
Originally Posted by AngelaM View Post

I don't have time to write a lot, but I wanted to say congrats to Isa and welcome Edith!


Rainbow, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I cannot imagine all that you must be feeling right now. Please feel some love coming at you from the southeast. A couple things that we found helpful in the first weeks: food! We had friends come stock our freezer with homemade soups, cassaroles, and lasagne, and it was so helpful to have things we could just reheat and eat. Or trader joes. But have stuff on hand that's super easy to make and eat. Also, if you don't already have it, get the name and contact info for a great lactation consultant, preferably one who will come to your house. If you're having breastfeeding issues, you will not want to be researching this then, and you will also not want to get back in the car and drive somewhere. You're in Seattle, right? I'm guessing you'll have lots of options. Just line it up ahead of time, and hopefully you'll never need it!

great call about the LC, Angela!
starling&diesel's Avatar starling&diesel 09:29 AM 04-20-2012


Rainbow.  My heart breaks to hear your family's devastating news.  I'm so sorry. 

Baby Zayden ... Find peace and hold tight to Imani's hand, little one.  candle.gif



LibraryLady's Avatar LibraryLady 09:34 AM 04-20-2012

Morning all~ It's Friday and I still can't get motivated. I suspect that will be true for the rest of this school year. I'm leaving, they know I'm leaving, it's all I can do to show up every day so sometimes that feels like my biggest accomplishment. 


MizYellow~ Look at that li'l guy!  Nine months already. Wow.  I am VERY SORRY about the sleeping thing, though. I know for sure how awful that is and I hope it improves soon, for all three of you!!!    I'll post some more pix of Ace pretty soon, I have some cuties.  And we are moving to Greenville SC in a few weeks, really. I'm starting to freak out about it just a little bit. 


Sara~ That's a heckuva tummy. Be careful on the seesaw!!!


Rainbow~ I agree with everything that's been suggested for your coming-home-time. I think a Boppy or similar is really important, since I spent the first three months in my rocking chair with Alice in my lap, the bop really saved a strain on my back.  We still love that thing! And now when she sees it she reaches for it and gets excited.  I also found it helpful to have a big jug-type cup that had a built in lid and straw so that I could have a giant amount of ice water/iced lactation tea close to hand at all times (in a container that was hard to spill).


AFM~ Not much. Alice reached new heights of light-sleeping last night. We had a thunderstorm (the nice, non-fatal variety) and at one point lightning struck nearby. HUGE flash of light, ENORMOUSLY LOUD crash of thunder that rattled the windows and shook the house for at least ten seconds. Did she peep? No.  Moments later, the cat nudges open the door with a tiny creak: screaming. WTF girl, for real. DP handed in her dissertation finally, so hopefully she'll start to decompress. Her mom arrives later next week to visit us for a while. We need to pack. I need to find a job. lordy lordy lordy. 

starling&diesel's Avatar starling&diesel 09:38 AM 04-20-2012

Ad Astra ... Congrats!  Let's see pictures and hear more, woman!


Isa .... Hallelujah!  Congrats, mama!  Pictures!  Pictures!  Welcome baby Edith!  That was one of our top names for E, who has a different E name. 


Rainbow ... With my first, we didn't acquire anything beforehand because I was feeling strangely superstitious (I'd had a couple of bad calls as a paramedic during my pregnancy) and even though people gave us lots, we were three hours from home, and had come in a rush without bringing a lot with us and we didn't get to go home for over a week. 

E slept with us, although we'd set up a drawer to put her in at first.  We had diapers, and a few outfits, a wrap, and toques, and a couple of blankets.  I had heavy-duty pads, and lots of people to provide food and water.  And a carseat.  That's about it. 

Ideally your boobs will work great, so that covers feeding for now. 

To be honest, we didn't do anything differently with number two, even though we were only a few clicks from home.  Although this time I had my nursing supplementer at the ready, because my boobs are epic fails when it comes to providing enough milk. 

I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday. 


Mami ... Yummy pictures of a yummy baby!


AmandaH ... Love the end-of-year coming out thing!  How do you keep it hush-hush until then?


Sara ... Look at that gorgeous belly full o' babe!  Hi in there, Soren!


Yellow ... Exciting to hear you talk about #3!  Gorgeous pictures.  Thanks for sharing.




AFM:  Must dash.  I'll try to come back later and update on my mammoth six-month-old and all he's getting up to and my precocious three-year-old (who's nearly READING!), but I have to get to work on my mss.  Later, folks! 

qmama42's Avatar qmama42 09:41 AM 04-20-2012

Hello all--time for me to attempt some personals...


Ad astra--Congratulations on the arrival of your twins! What a wonderful surprise to hear that two babies have been welcomed to the world! I hope they get the feeding thing down soon so they can be home with you and DP.


Brite--I am so very sorry for everything you have been through over the last few weeks. I know how difficult it is to be blindsided by bad news about your baby, especially so late in pregnancy. My thoughts and prayers will be with you this weekend as you try to make it through until Tuesday. I am sending you strength and resolve as you learn more about this little one. I know you are doing everything you can to bring her into the world lovingly and safely. Big hugs to you, mama. Special thoughts out to your brother in law and his gf in healing from their loss too.


As far as the early weeks, we needed diapers/wipes, swaddling/receiving blankets, breast pads, nursing bra/tanks, nursing pillow (if you don't already have one, make sure you've got lots of pillows on hand to make nursing comfortable), baby soap, a few outfits (I really love the baby gowns because they make for easy diaper changes and many have the mitts to keep them from scratching themselves), burp cloths (plain prefold diapers or just extra absorbent cloth will do just fine). Quick healthy foods/snacks like yogurt, fruit, granola or whatever you like--you'll be ravenous with breastfeeding and will need little things that you can grab quickly without a lot of prep. Do keep us posted on how things are going. We want to support you in whatever ways possible.


Isa--Can't wait to see pics!


Sara--You look fantastic, mama! Hang in there, just a few more weeks til you meet Soren!


Yellow--I love the pictures! H is such a gorgeous little boy and I love the third picture of you sitting with him on the stairs. You two look so happy!  I love that you're talking about #3 now too! How exciting. Congrats on the baby weight! That is awesome and I am looking forward to the day when I can say the same! That reminds me that I should really step onto the scale...


Library--I think your DP should be done with her dissertation by now. I am so happy to hear that you'll be making an exciting move and will finally be done with the mean girl once and for all. And I second Mizyellow, we need some more pics of Alice.


Crystal--I have been following your posts for the last few days and when I read about some of the things going on with your DP, I was heartbroken for you. You have really gotten some fantastic advice from the folks on this board. I hope that you and DP are able to take the necessary steps for making changes in your relationship. Your LO is so handsome, by the way. I love the photos!


AFM--I just got back from my trip to the Midwest two nights ago, the one where I traveled solo with two children, carseats, luggage and the whole nine yards. It went really well. I got lots of assistance from kind travelers, the airline and the rental car people. It was great! Baby S did much better on the flight to Chicago than on the way back. I think flying in the morning was definitely easier on the kids. We had a wonderful time with family and they absolutely showered us with love and affection and plenty of good food. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to see Isa, but she was doing more important things like finally having her baby (yay!)


In other news, I am going back to work full time on Monday. I don't even want to think about it. Baby S is currently sleeping and intermittently nursing on the Boppy while I'm typing this.  She is too tiny and perfect to send to day care. I went to do another site visit at the day care before I left on vacation last week. It was an f-ing nightmare. The woman who was working with the infants clearly had a cold. Was she at home? No. She was at work, coughing, sniffling and sneezing. And she kept coughing into her hands, not the crook of her arm. I was disgusted. I am seriously rethinking this place. I will give it a one-week trial and continue to look at other options. If I could, I would stay home in a minute. These babies grow so quickly and I can feel the time slipping through my fingers already. It is interesting how my perspective has shifted this second time around. Maybe because I know that this is our last child. Work is the last place on earth I want to be and I'm going to try and enjoy this last day of maternity leave...sigh.







CascadiaMama's Avatar CascadiaMama 11:41 AM 04-20-2012
QMama, aren't you in Portland? Childroots just opened a new center in NW (18th and Flanders?) and should have plenty of openings. There was a two year-ish wait list at their original center on E Burnside. Our little guy is at one of the annex locations, and we LOVE it. So much love from the teachers, great atmosphere, and lots of little great things (they provide cloth diapers, go out of their way to provide educational/creative/sensory experiences, have chickens and rabbits and a garden, and just started providing two healthy snacks and lunch each day). Definitely check it out--I can't say enough good things. We've had to make sacrifices elsewhere to afford it, but Alex lights up just walking up to the front door, and could care less when I leave, because he's so happy to be there. It's made our transition so much easier.

Hi everyone! On my phone and on a quick break at work, so can't stay long. Congrats, Isa! Good luck with all of your major transitions, Library. Happy 6 and 9 month bdays H and H! And Rainbow--you're in my thoughts, lady. My cousin experienced a late term loss last year as well; it's so hard to watch your family member in pain. I have my fingers tightly crossed for excellent news for your little one on Tuesday.

Hope everyone has an excellent weekend...
qmama42's Avatar qmama42 12:35 PM 04-20-2012

Thanks AmyPDX for the recommendation. I'll be sure to check them out! It sounds like the type of place we'd love to be part of and it;s great to know that Alex loves it so much!

carmen358's Avatar carmen358 11:11 PM 04-20-2012

Brite: Sending you BIG hugs. And I hope your tests on Tuesday are reassuring. hug2.gif (ps don't forget Lanolin for sore nursing nipples!!!!)

DesertSunsets's Avatar DesertSunsets 03:28 PM 04-21-2012

Mami - Those photos of Layla are so sweet!  She is beyond adorable in her skirt and Social Butterfly shirt.  Incidentally, we just saw that shirt online at Target while we were working on our baby registry, lol!  Hope you guys are all doing well!  


Yellow - Your boys are so handsome!  I can't get over how grown-up looking H is getting, and those big blue eyes!  Yowza.  It's amazing that you're thinking of the timing for your third; is Chels going to try it or is she going to have you go again?  It is incredible to me how fast things are moving along - I remember when you were newly pregnant with H and now here you are, thinking of becoming newly pregnant with #4!  Not for a little while, but still... 


Sara - love the picture of you and Ari on the seesaw!  Your belly is looking awesome.  Soren, make sure you behave for your mothers and come out after you're term but in a timely fashion!  Don't make them wait too long for you.  


Brite - I can't even fathom how hard it must be for you to wait for Tuesday.  As well as mourn your nephew and be sensitive to your brother and his girlfriend.  Sending you lots of warmth, light, and love to help you pass through this dark cloud.  We're all waiting for some good news right alongside you. 


Starling - eagerly awaiting news of H and E!  Hoping your family is well. 


Crystal - how are you guys?  Thinking of you. 


Isa - I hope you and DP are spending every moment enraptured with your darling Edie.  We are of course waiting on some photos and your birth story, but we will be patient and wait until you have time to share! 


Library - whoa, mama!  You've got a lot going on there.  Sorry to here Alice isn't having easy nights - maybe she's in tune with all the stress over the dissertation and the move?  Certainly things will settle down for you guys SOMEDAY!  Good luck surviving the remaining weeks of school.  


nosreves - how are you doing, lady?  Give us the update!  What's on the horizon for you guys?  How are you feeling?  


As for us, today we're 21 weeks.  Kind of incredible to be in the back half of this pregnancy, since some days I still am incredulous that we're having a baby.  Haha.  Last Tuesday was our first Bradley Method class, and it was ... mostly awkward.  There is only one other couple in the class, and the woman's husband had to work that night.  So it was three of us, plus the instructor.  The other woman seemed pretty closed and standoffish, and of course my first instinct is to wonder if she's that uncomfortable because we're lesbians or if she's just a shy person or what.  We are absolutely reserving judgement about it, because it's only been one class and we might have just taken her by surprise.  One of the prompts from the instructor was to talk about techniques we all have used in the past to deal with pain, and one of this woman's was that she meditated on scripture while she was laboring with her first baby.  DW and I laughed afterward, that she was extremely uncomfortable during that part, and it was like she was coming out to us as a Christian.  We wondered if maybe she thought we'd hate her for being Christian, or something.  I just don't know.  And of course, we don't hate Christians, so I hope she doesn't think that.  


Most of the class we talked about nutrition.  DW and I are insanely sick and tired of talking about damned pregnancy nutrition.  I get it.  I understand.  I really, REALLY do.  DW is doing two different daily food diaries, and then we have homework for our Centering class and homework for our Bradley class and DW is supposed to be doing all the different Bradley exercises every day. It's actually a touch on the overwhelming side, how many things we're trying to keep track of at the moment.  We are very much hoping that this Tuesday's Bradley Class goes a bit more smoothly.  Maybe if the other woman's husband is there she won't feel so outnumbered.  


In other news, we're starting to register for baby stuff and we've set a tentative date for a baby shower!  Things are moving along.  Last weekend I sold my big truck, as some of you may recall, and I'm still searching for our next vehicle.  Thanks to everyone who posted their experiences and advice; it's greatly appreciated!  I found a really AWESOME Honda CR-V through a local Honda/Acura mechanic and I am in love with it... but it's more money than we said we would spend.  That's a bummer.  Maybe they'll come down a little in the pricing... a girl can dream, right?!  


Also, I've been taking my birth control and domperidone for a couple months now, and man alive are my breasts big and sore!  I'm hoping that's a good sign.  It also means I need some new bras. Sigh.  I seem to be very fortunate in that I haven't experienced many side effects from the hormones, except that I occasionally become overly emotional.  And it tends to coincide with when DW is having an emotional time.  Again, luckily, we aren't upset with one another, so I'm glad.  Very glad.  


Okay, I think I've written a long enough NOVEL for you all!  Happy weekends!  

AmandaHope's Avatar AmandaHope 08:30 PM 04-21-2012

Desert: 21 weeks already--that's fantastic.  You are both in for such a treat for the next three months or so (until the too big and heavy part sets in, though it doesn't always).  Registering and shower planning are fun! Hope the CR-V comes down in price so you can get your ideal family vehicle. And cool that your body is responding to the meds.  That is going to be one LUCKY baby to have two nursing mamas. 


Qmama: Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry you have to go back to work and don't have a comfortable place for your little one.  I hope you can try the place that Amy recommended.  Her location sounds amazing!  Big sigh.


Brite: Come on Tuesday...and good news, please.


Isa: How are things going at home?  Can't wait for an update...


AFU: Lilah cut her third tooth (on top--I live in fear for my nipples, since she does bite me now and then already) and is  SO SO close to crawling.  She gets on her hands and knees and rocks and rocks and moves her hands but not her legs.  She is super mobile, though, with her pivoting, rolling, scootching, etc.  She is starting to reject purees and loves to feed herself.  She was perfectly happy with a tray of cut up avocado, carrots, and cheerios for dinner.  She is killing me with her cuteness right now.  She laughs and squeals with delight, coos, and is saying "mama" over and over again, especially when she is sleepy.  It is just a sound to her, I think, but I love it.  She loves my awesome new mei tai less than I do, but we use it anyway for a little while at a time.  We went on a nice walk to the park today, where she and the big kids kept busy fascinating one another.  She wants to grab and eat the dog's face; luckily the dog just puts up with it until she's had enough and then gets up and moves just out of L's reach.  That poor dog once L is crawling... Her butt and thighs are so chunky that she is mostly in 18 month clothes.  She turns nine months on the 24th.  Her hair is really coming in now, too...getting really thick with a bit of red that shows up in the sunlight.  She only poops on her potty and pees in it several times/day.  And she even took a 2 hour nap this afternoon, though that's unusual.  Anyway, I'm in love with my little duck and can't wait for you preggos to experience this kind of joy and delight.  I'll upload and post some new pics tomorrow.  Sleep tight!

seraf's Avatar seraf 09:35 AM 04-22-2012
Qmama, good luck with daycare.

Starling, I'm excited for an update on those kids. They're at such fun ages now.

Desert, we are short timers now and it's so much harder to believe that we will have a baby in 30 days or less. At 20 weeks I still had a lot of disbelief, it's amazing how different it is to be expecting but not carrying. It's not simple logic, like a deadline. I don't know if this makes sense to you, it wasn't clear to me when I was pregnant but now I realize what a huge reminder that belly is.
Your class sounds rough.

AmandaHope, she sounds delightful. I'm excited to meet her.

Not much going on with me. Sara's folks are in town. Her dad and I got into an argument about choking hazards, of all things (I'm too relaxed about them for his liking. It's probably true to an extent, he is my third and I have a pretty good idea of what can be choked on and what will just gag him a bit). It's been a pretty good visit otherwise. Her mom is planning to come for a week when SD comes so ShayB will get a lot of good visits.
planet's Avatar planet 11:26 AM 04-22-2012

Hey, everyone!  As usual, I've been following along, but haven't posted for a while.


Brite - I don't think we've officially "met" yet in the forum, but I have been following your story over the past few weeks.  My heart goes out to you and your family during the loss of your nephew and the uncertainty of your latest scan.  I can't even imagine the pain of losing a baby.  I really appreciate the thoughtful way you shared the news and offered a "trigger warning."  I also really respect and agree with your thoughts on loss - I've lost a few close friends, and I always felt furious when people would say, "these things happen for a reason."  I think you, your DP and family are very strong.   I am hoping and praying that the information you get on Tuesday will be helpful and reassuring.   You are in my thoughts and I am waiting with you.  Also, I just noticed that we are both in Seattle!  So if there's anything I can do to help, or if you're looking for folks to add to your food-bringing list, please let me know!  


Crystal - Like everyone else on here, I was also alarmed when I read your posts about your partner's behaviors that are red flags for emotional/verbal abuse.  I agree with all the supportive advice I've seen on here, and want to acknowledge that you are very strong for setting and holding your boundaries about breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and spending time with your family!  Your partner clearly has issues to work through.  If she refuses therapy, you might consider going to see a therapist/counselor on your own, as a way to receive emotional support as you navigate this tricky/potentially dangerous time in your relationship and set firm boundaries with a partner who is trying to control your choices.


Isa - Congratulations!!!!  Yay!!!!  I am so excited for you!


Ad Asta - Twins!  Amazing!  Congratulations!


Desert - Congratulations on 21 weeks!  That is amazing.  Your story about the Bradley class made me giggle.  Hopefully the tension will be eased in the future classes!  The photos you posted are beautiful!


And for me.. 17 weeks!  We're truckin along over here.  I've now shared the news with the entire staff/faculty of the school I teach at, as well as my 7th grade students!  I'm accepting suggestions for names from them, and have gotten some pretty cute suggestions (including Ruby, Jupiter, and Charlie!) I also finally posted my news on facebook, which was fun!  It feels good to just be open about what's up and get to talk about it with whoever.  I've been feeling *mostly* better.  Any kind of cooked or raw green (except for romaine lettuce, oddly) still tastes like rotten slime to me, which is unfortunate, because I've always eaten tons of greens, and i know how good for us they are!  I have barely been eating any vegetables, to tell you the truth!  I'm hoping with a little time, my taste buds will continue to return to normal. 


We just scheduled our 20 week fetal survey for a few weeks from now.  I can't wait!  This will be our first ultrasound.  I have been secretly jealous as I've watched many of you get reassuring (and even alarming - because at least you know!) news from ultrasounds throughout your pregnancies.  But our midwives only recommend one ultrasound during the pregnancy (unless there's something that needs a closer look, of course), so we are waiting somewhat patiently.


Most people still can't tell that I'm starting to show, because I am still a tiny person!  But some of my close friends have started to notice!  At any rate, my partner and I can most certainly tell.  I've officially moved into the stretch pants and soft skirts phase, which was like entering a new realm of fashion for me, but now I'm kinda into it... it's so comfortable!  Also, it's an opportunity to show off my cute boots that are usually hidden under my pants. ;)  My jeans with the rubber band just don't cut it anymore.  I'll try to share some photos sometime soon!


Sending love and good thoughts to all of you!

prettyisa's Avatar prettyisa 07:29 AM 04-23-2012
Hello, friends!

Sorry for the hiatus--every time I sat down to my computer I would get to facebook and then have something else I had to get up and do. But since E is sleeping and no one is here for the moment I thought I'd check in. I'll go back soon and read what's been happening around here for the last week...

Parenthood is going great so far. E is a very sweet baby--mostly pretty mellow. We're not sure if all newborns are like this or if that's just how she's going to be, but it's a nice way to start out, for sure. Last night was our third back from the hospital and we finally figured out that our plan of going to bed at 10:30 like usual wasn't going to cut it, because she gets her first round of hungry/wet at around 11:15 and it was pushing us both over the edge to not be able to sleep so soon after trying. Last night we slept for an hour before she woke up and then it was every 2 hours like clockwork, which was MUCH more pleasant.

Nursing is going really well so far. My milk startied coming in yesterday and we're both adjusting to so much more supply than there had been in the beginning, but she's a trooper so I think we'll have it sorted out in the next couple days. We also made the switch to cloth diapers, which I'm much more comfortable with, for some reason. I think being able to tell right away that she's wet helps.

So, some pictures for you!


Mizyellow's Avatar Mizyellow 07:39 AM 04-23-2012

I have a crying babe but I have to say ISA: She is is amazingly beautiful and peaceful! What a little angel. I can feel my uterus twinging......;) I am so glad you are enjoying your first days as a mama bear. They are the best. Congrats you guys!

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