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JustAnotherJenny's Avatar JustAnotherJenny 07:41 AM 09-11-2012

Somehow, my posts keep getting eaten.


I'm going to try one more time.  :-[)



Lise: That beta is STELLAR!  Congrats on those numbers!  Happy Graduation!!  thumbsup.gif


Outdoorsy:  My fingers are still crossed for you -- hoping all of those twinges aren't just twinges but a little baby rooting in for a nice long 9month stay!


San Diego: Acupuncture DEFINITELY can help you!  I highly recommend it.  


Cordelia: I hope KD is nice and settled in and ready to get back on the TTC train for you and DH!

outdoorsy's Avatar outdoorsy 07:47 AM 09-11-2012

Indulging in a little TWW obsessing this morning, I have to admit. Plugged my temps into FF, and it thinks I O'd Sunday, and we didn't insem until Monday. We insemed about 34.5 hours after trigger, but temp had already risen slightly that morning. It wasn't enough for me to be too worried, but FF begs to differ. Yay. I've also been re-reading about early pregnancy signs, and I pretty much have none of them, unless I'm overly nit-picky about counting things I shouldn't. So this isn't looking too good. And Sunday, the day before we test, we have to go to a baby shower -- at the house next door to us. I know I could still be pregnant, but I'm worried about how depressed I'll be if I'm not.

carmen358's Avatar carmen358 08:17 AM 09-11-2012
Originally Posted by outdoorsy View Post

Indulging in a little TWW obsessing this morning, I have to admit. Plugged my temps into FF, and it thinks I O'd Sunday, and we didn't insem until Monday. We insemed about 34.5 hours after trigger, but temp had already risen slightly that morning. It wasn't enough for me to be too worried, but FF begs to differ. Yay. I've also been re-reading about early pregnancy signs, and I pretty much have none of them, unless I'm overly nit-picky about counting things I shouldn't. So this isn't looking too good. And Sunday, the day before we test, we have to go to a baby shower -- at the house next door to us. I know I could still be pregnant, but I'm worried about how depressed I'll be if I'm not.


Sometimes FF is wrong! Do you have your chart link to share?

outdoorsy's Avatar outdoorsy 08:56 AM 09-11-2012

Carmen - http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/3b626e

I didn't track CM or do opks because I was using the trigger, so I'm not sure how much useful info you will find on this chart.

lisedea's Avatar lisedea 08:57 AM 09-11-2012
Outdoorsy--Why does your chart have a dashed line?
JustAnotherJenny's Avatar JustAnotherJenny 09:22 AM 09-11-2012

lise:  I think the dashed line represents missing temps on those days.


outdoorsy: I was using opk's, clearblue easy fertility monitor, and an ovacue and NONE of them made any sense when I was doing the medicated cycle.  I wasn't tracking temps though.  I find that everything just gets thrown off -- NONE of those things showed me as fertile or as having ovulated when I actually did.  In fact, the clearblue easy monitor never showed that I reached peak fertility at all.

outdoorsy's Avatar outdoorsy 09:40 AM 09-11-2012

Thank you, Jenny. I hope my body knows better than FF!


Lise, the dashed red line on FF shows up when your signs are inconsistent with one another, or when you only track temp but no other signs. In this case, I only tracked temp.

nosreves's Avatar nosreves 09:55 AM 09-11-2012

outdoorsy -- the trigger makes your temperature rise.  you absolutely *cannot* rely on temping during medicated cycles, and you really shouldn't, since the meds are running the show and your hormones.  hang in there, gal, and try not too stress too much (yeah, i know how ridiculous that advice is.)  hug2.gif

lisedea's Avatar lisedea 10:15 AM 09-11-2012
Huh, I don't remember that from when I used FF. I only had the dashed line if I took my temps at the wrong time and had open circles. And nosreves is right! You shouldn't temp when doing medicated cycles! They aren't as accurate then.
easttowest's Avatar easttowest 10:43 AM 09-11-2012

cordelia - I hope it works out for your KD.  Coordinating with another person is probably the thing I hate most about this whole process.  It's only been two months, but if it doesn't work this time, I do worry about our relationship starting to strain (doesn't help that it's my brother, a relationship that hasn't always been perfect anyway).  Anyway, I hope you're in for this cycle!


lise - Congratulations!


everyone else - Best wishes, for wherever you are in the process.


AFU - 9 DPO (or maybe 8, depending on if we believe FF or ourselves).  Officially past the first time we tested last cycle, and no strong urges to test this time.  Sure, I want to know, but I think it's actually much easier this time, since I really don't bad news.  We'll just wait for AF.  ETA is Sunday or Monday, so by a week from now, we'll surely know one way or another.  I'm feeling particularly pessimistic (absolutely no symptoms, no bleeding, no dip, worried that I don't know how long sperm lives in the buffer through shipping), but I know it's not over until it's over.  

outdoorsy's Avatar outdoorsy 01:54 PM 09-11-2012

Nosreves - It's so good to hear from you. Thanks for the pep talk! It kind of worked. I feel better.

You must surely be getting excited as you get closer to "picking" your little Brussels sprout! Hope you're enjoying pregnancy. Do they have baby showers in France?


Easttowest - I've read that only 20-25 percent of pregnant women have implantation bleeding, so don't let the lack of it worry you any. Chin up! We are in this together.

tandy401's Avatar tandy401 02:31 PM 09-11-2012

Hi All: Thanks to everyone for all your support and responses to my cynical question the other day. 


easttowest: This very well could be your month-- Keep heart! We are indeed in this together. 


outdoorsy: What Nosreves said.  Don't doubt what you did now-- FF isn't a failsafe, obviously. Totally sending baby dust your way.


Cordelia: Good luck with KD!


AFM, I am now 10dpo, and while I don't have any "symptoms," I actually have a weird, renewed sense of optimism (probably from this community!). I'm planning to POAS on Thursday morning, which seems reasonable. 

fmorris28's Avatar fmorris28 03:38 PM 09-11-2012

tandy, ive noticed this community does give you a great sense of optimisim and hope! dust.gif all the best baby dust to you!!!


easttowest, its not over till the fat lady sings nd its might quiet right now. we're behind ya nd hoping good things and a BFP for you!


AFM, looks like ive got 9 days till AF comes to town and we'll be in full swing with this cycle!! I'll be switching to the Femara and adding the trigger, so i shouldnt temp this cycle with all the meds right?

lisedea's Avatar lisedea 04:54 PM 09-11-2012
fmorris--Yes, if you trigger there is no need to temp. All of the extra hormones can really mess with them and you already know that you will ovulate within a 36 hour window (give or take) so there isn't much of a reason to. I am glad your countdown has started! It is getting closer!
fmorris28's Avatar fmorris28 06:42 PM 09-11-2012

Lise, thank ya! Time is progressing...I want your kind of luck though!!

outdoorsy's Avatar outdoorsy 08:19 AM 09-12-2012

Thanks, Tandy. Baby dust to you, too! I will be thinking of you tomorrow on test day. Fingers crossed for a big BFP for you!


AFM - 9 DPO here. Feeling totally normal. I'm not testing until 14 DPO (Monday) to make sure the HCG shot is out of my system.


Have a good day everybody!



pokeyac's Avatar pokeyac 09:02 AM 09-12-2012

fingersx.gif for you Tandy and Outdoorsy and easttowest!  Jenny, hope the TWW is going by more smoothly this time!

sotohana's Avatar sotohana 09:39 AM 09-12-2012

Hi everyone! I'm popping in to send dust.gif to all those in the TWW. We have had a string of BFPs in here, so I'm feeling very optimistic for each of you!


Lise, will you please move me to Taking a Break? We don't have the $ this month, but we should be back next month. Next month we plan to do an at-home ICI with frozen from NW Crobank. I'll be having a few appointments with a fertility acupuncturist before then and also getting a regular check-up of my female bits. Also I just started taking Vitex because when I looked at my chart from last month, it showed a stairstep temp rise after O and a short luteal phase. It also showed mostly temps in the 96 degree range, which Stephanie Brill's book says is not good. 


Honestly, I was going a bit off the deep end after my BFN, but I'm feeling slightly better yesterday and today. I don't know if any of you are in the same boat as me- with you starting after your partner decided to take a break. If you are, I wonder if you felt what I did, which was kind of like it didn't matter that it was her those first three tries and me the last one- it felt like I'd tried 4 times and it just wasn't working. Does that make any sense? I do tend to over-relate to people and get so drawn into their experiences that it feels like its happening to me. I definitely did that with DW. I know she was so confused when I was flipping out after only one try, but I really do think its because for me it felt like my fourth try with no luck. A large part of me thought that we'd get lucky because of what I've heard about partners getting pregnant on the first try after their partner stops trying. I also convinced myself that the only reason they say that it takes 6 tries on average is because you are getting your timing down and well, we'd already tried three times, so this one could work- right? Plus, I just want a baby so. damn. bad. I'm beyond ready, ya know?


Anyway, it's been a rough few days, but I'm beginning to feel like myself again and just feeling like it will happen whenever it happens. No rush, no reason to freak out. 




cordelia15's Avatar cordelia15 09:40 AM 09-12-2012

outdoorsy. . I agree with everyone about the temps, also looking at your chart it's only a .1 difference btwn your first high temp and a lot of your other ones so if not for that dip the day before it wouldn't even be above the coverline. . also all the meds can change temps so much. . I would have faith and I know so many people who had ZERO symptoms. . 


tandy. . FX for your BFP tomorrow. . post ASAP 


easttowest. . congrats on not testing so far!  I am going to TRY to do the same next cycle.  And yes, it's so hard with KDs. . and I imagine it would be even harder with your brother.  I hope you don't have to worry about stress for another cycle.  


jenny.  .,FX for you too!


fm morris. . this is the only time you WANT af to get here right!!  c'mon! 


and anyone I missed, goo luck! 


AFM. . going to reach out to KD today and see how things go, other than that feel good about starting back to acupuncture even though it is SO out of my budget!  But I feel like I am doing something proactive. . and each morning and evening as I drink my disgusting herbal concoction I think BABY BABY BABY>  as a total OT aside. . went to Amanda Palmer last night with DH and I f-ing love her. .I have not been out with DH in forever and it was great to do something totally unrelated to baby world!   

carmen358's Avatar carmen358 12:43 PM 09-12-2012

outdoorsy, I have no experience with triggers, meds, etc but I would imagine all the experience on here saying you shouldn't temp is good advice ;) I hope this is the one for you!


cordelia, most larger cities will have a community type acupuncture clinic with a sliding scale....they likely don't focus on fertility but it would still be helpful!

SanDiego78's Avatar SanDiego78 02:11 PM 09-12-2012

Jenny - thanks, my wife is headed to her first acupuncture appt tonight, with the fertility specialist.... I actually have always wanted to get acupuncture too! (more so for digestive issues) maybe I'll go as well one day.


good luck to everyone!

fmorris28's Avatar fmorris28 02:37 PM 09-12-2012

Cordelia, mye goodness you are so right!!! i'm trying not to think to much about it all but i'm just so anxious and excited!! Glad you and DH got to have some "US" time and enjoyed it!!! i love getting the chance to do that too!

fmorris28's Avatar fmorris28 05:34 PM 09-12-2012

Sandiego, that sounds pretty relaxing. Enjoy your session!!


So just got off with the RE's nurse a bit ago. Well we've confirmed this upcoming cycle. AF should be here next week!! I'll start Femara for the first time (switching from the clomid, thanx for the tip knitting joy.gif) on CD 3-7, which is a little different. I was taking the clomid on CD 5-9. Then in for the u/s to check on mye follies!! It seems I've just been waiting and waiting, but when Rhonda (RE's nurse) said, "well your cycle should be here soon, actually next week", it almost suprised meeh! I had to look at mye calendar and verify...nd sure enough she was right..guess all mye wanting the time to pass quicker made it breeze by bc AF's touching down next week for sure!


LUCK TO ALL! especially those braving the TWW!

tandy401's Avatar tandy401 07:28 PM 09-12-2012

So I just couldn't wait until tomorrow morning, and I just POAS. I am in extreme shock, but there was an indisputable second line (ie. a BFP). I am going to wait until this weekend, when AF is expected, to fully freak out. Needless to say, DP and I are thrilled and kind of awestruck. I *really* did not think this would work at home with washed samples. Anyway, you all have made this isolating process so much more bearable. I will wait to "graduate" until at least Sunday. In the meantime, baby dust to everyone else and thank you all again for your support. 

lisedea's Avatar lisedea 08:08 PM 09-12-2012
tandy--I wondered if this was it with your lack of symptoms and optimistic feelings. Congrats! joy.gif
easttowest's Avatar easttowest 08:34 PM 09-12-2012
Tandy!! smile.gif. Sad to lose our cycle buddy, but sooo happy for you!

I might make my wife go pee on a stick...
fmorris28's Avatar fmorris28 09:32 PM 09-12-2012

Tandy, Thats great news!!!! That undisputable second line is wonderful! Congrats!!!!

hoping2bmoms's Avatar hoping2bmoms 11:28 PM 09-12-2012
joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif Tandy congratulations stick little one stick joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

Kinda makes me more optimistic about my lack of symptoms but otherwise zen feelings. I'm waiting until Friday to poas since that's officially 14 days from when I think I od
cordelia15's Avatar cordelia15 05:04 AM 09-13-2012

TANDY!!!  congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sticky dusty sticky dust!  So wonderfuljoy.gifjoy.gif


easttowest.. you won't lose tandy if you go join her on the pregnancy board. . .wink1.gif

wishin'&hopin''s Avatar wishin'&hopin' 05:31 AM 09-13-2012

Tandy!!  broc1.gifcarrot.gif  Rock on with your pregnant self!  It's amazing how BFPs seem to come in waves--I hope this wave picks everyone up soon!

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