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Sphinxy 12-31-2012 11:11 AM

Welcome to January! dust.gif

It's time to make some Fall Babies!



GRADUATES, please click here to visit a thread for sharing the method that got your BFP.

Waiting to O whistling.gif







Waiting to Know... Braving the 2WW fingersx.gif





Taking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be Ready wool.gif



*Photo Girl
*justrose13 & JenMostOften


2013 Graduates! babyf.gif

January * esenbee2 joy.gif * LindseyW joy.gif * Sphinxy joy.gif


2012 Graduates! 
December * joyseattle * mrsandmrs & bigfoot

October * cordelia15 * pokeyAC * easttowest * erinTNgirl * outdoorsy 
September * Wishin'&hopin'  * lisedea  * Tandy401 
August * thenewzero  * KnittingTigers  * TaraL 
July * Cananny 
May * mtnlisa 
April * nosreves 
March * SkyandTru  * JuneBug 
February * MidwifeStephPDX  * SouthernBelle24 
January * Planet  * Dandylez 

2011 Graduates!
December * DesertSunsets
November * Aljm41910
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September * Smilingsara * Ad Astra * Mumquest
August * Prettyisa
July * Onemommyonemama * Southern Fried Karma
June * CrystalPerez * Qmama42
May * KellySF
April * want2bmumx2 * Indigoscot & DP
March * Graceie * Seraf * 2ezforyou * Mommy55
February * Escher 10/24/11 * SharriKitColorado * DAWNMP1
January * Starling&diesel 10/2/11

2010 Graduates!
November * Mizyellow 7/25/11 * AmyPDX 7/30/11 * AmandaHope 8/3/11 * Cejae 7/4/11
September * Solejean 5/19/11 * Painefaria 6/5/11
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July * Beastie 3/21/11 * Gumshoegirl007 4/2/11 * Wehrli 4/1/11
June * Coco & DP 2/14/11
May * Burg 2/4/11 * Korey 2/1/11
April * Calimeow * Mtnlisa * Kimlyn32
February * Mistral * Quasar & smartycat * Monarchgrrl * Erthe_mama & DP
January * Lyndzies * FtMpapa

2009 Graduates!
December* Osker * Megan sacha * Mkpgoddess
October * JJNoho * Mommies 2 Be * Megincl & Ktcl
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August * Chicagoml * Wishin'&hopin'
July * Hbog
May * Indigoscot's dp
April * Kelmendi * KJM * Whoabethy * Carmen
March * Scalpel * Katwomyn4
February * Deny_zoo29
January * Jodybird511

granite 12-31-2012 11:12 AM

Thanks, Sphinxy!

Sphinxy 12-31-2012 11:24 AM

Everyone - Just a reminder to please check your location above and let me know if you need to be moved. 


Sotohana - I really appreciated your comment the other day about how much effort we put into this ourselves vs. how much is just out of our control. Thank you. I feel like I haven't gotten a solid insem yet that I can feel confident in for the factors that I can control. I do think that the first cycle when I think I've done "everything right", it will be very hard if I don't get a BFP. Much more so than these other ones that I've been able to "explain away". I appreciate your support!


rs11 - So sorry to hear about your troubles and family stress. Sending you good thoughts for a good preparation month in January. 


scorpio - Glad you are having fun in Santa Fe!


Friederike - Not wierd at all, thanks for the follicular wishes! Peace.gif


Afm, heading to my sister's for the rest of the day to ring in the new year, then I'll back home tomorrow. After that, no more travelling until after our insem - phew! I'm looking forward to planning some relaxing things to help get me in a good state of mind. 

mrsandmrs 12-31-2012 12:37 PM

wellllllllllllllllllll my third beta came in at 2014 (funny, since it will be 2013 tomorrow?) 


so i guess i should go with it and let myself be graduated. may i be moved to december graduate please? i am going to be watching the QC post closely and i expect that a good many of this january crew will follow me over there. and then i can tell you everything from 1 month in the future of pregnancy. i couldn't ever express how much this support system has meant to me over the last year, and thank you all for the time, energy, jokes, hugs and support. xo.

mrsandmrs 12-31-2012 12:40 PM

RS - you asked about long profiles. i have some from TSBC and i could share them if that's your bank? 


someone on the Dec thread mentioned that TSBC has a donor registry. somehow that slipped my mind and i think it's awesome. i know our donor has 2 other families with kids out there. 

rs11 12-31-2012 01:09 PM

I came back to say Happy New Year everyone!


(Our banks is NW, for those who asked.)

granite 12-31-2012 01:48 PM

champagne.gifCONGRATS, mrsandmrs!!! Thank you for sharing this adventure... Hope to see you on the other side too!


And howsabout some champers for the rest of us, too? Happy New Year, all!


SanDiego78 12-31-2012 01:56 PM

mrsandmrs - I am soooooo happy for you!!! ROTFLMAO.gif

esenbee2 12-31-2012 02:40 PM

Hope everyone has a happy new years eve! Have a glass of bubbly for me? I'll be having Welch's Sparkling White Grape Juice as a toast to the new year.... Going to the local casino, hoping to strike some new years luck and then back to the in-laws to watch Carson Daly's program with Cassadee Pope (I absolutely adored her on The Voice!) and Train (my all time FAVORITE band!)

My normal New Year's resolution would be to lose weight and start exercise, but I suppose this year it will be to eat two eggs a day (once I am pregnant), eat more fruits and veggies, and be more active. DSp's has resolved to quit smoking, YAY!

fmorris28 12-31-2012 04:15 PM

Scorp, Well we should be cycle buddies, but we've had some troubles with health issues here recently with DP's mum nd we had some other things to worry about. But in the mean time I found a SB with even lower prices than the last we used :) Smiles for that! I hope January is magical for you!



Good luck with your TWW!


M&M, Super congrats. What an exciting time!


2Justice, Glad everything looks great with the KD. Hope everything goes great. The digital opk is hands down mye fav. i use the cheapies and when i get closer to O date I start with the digital.

Darcy, Good luck with everything and the TWW!


Sphinxy, You're new years resolution is the same as mine! Good luck on the cycle!


KWPX2, Welcome.gif Looks like you guys have a great plan. For our first IUI we used Xytex as well. They were very helpful, but in the end we went with another bank that was a little less expensive as this can be a bit pricey! I also used letrezole on mye last cycle. Didnt produce as many follicles as when i used clomid but i wanted to give it a try because i'd heard so many success stories. Best of luck to you two.


Lindsey, Welcome.gifI hope that you find a lot of useful info here and good luck on making #2!


Sandiego, Hate that Cp so much for you, but things will get better. It will happen. Big hugs your way.hug2.gif


Soto, You two are gonna get it one of these months, but hopefully this one!



, sounds like you had the december I had. Needless to say things will get on track again...for us both! Hang in there!


AFM, well things have been super crazy. DP's mum had some unexpected health issues earlier this month, and Christmas brought the craziest winter storm. From Christmas night and the next 5 days we were snowed in and without power! And on top of things mye cycle was strange this month as well. I've been pretty steady at the 29/30 day mark with mye cycles, but this one was 33 days which completely threw meeh for a loop. Atleast we have electricity, now I've got to continue to hassle maintenance to fix our heat! ..which we've been without since before winter! New Year new everything! High hopes for the new year for us all!! Happy New Year Ladies!

JustAnotherJenny 12-31-2012 05:28 PM

Mrs. & Mrs. OMG!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!  What a wonderful New Year gift for you both!  I'm so elated for you!!!






afm:  I am thinking my next try will be in February.  I need to pick a new donor and follow up with my RE.  Oddly, since I've been on a break after my last try in October, my periods have been SPOT ON.  Miracle of miracles! 

Sphinxy 12-31-2012 05:58 PM

mrs&mrs - You are graduated. That was fun biggrinbounce.gif


esenbee - Those sound like some great resolutions for both of you!


Afm, raising a glass for everyone on this board tonight, and hoping we're all toasting each other's newborns this time next year!

KWPX2 12-31-2012 06:35 PM

M&M- congrats!! What a happy start to your new year!

Esenbee- good luck with the TWW and across the river as well!

For all else-- Have a Happy, Fertile New Year!!!

LindseyW 12-31-2012 07:43 PM

Happy New Year to all!  


Could I be moved to "Waiting to Know"?


Thanks for all of the reassurances about TMI - I guess I figured as much but being a newcomer, I figured I'd wade into that stuff slowly.


We went ahead and did the insemination today based on the OPK and CM. My temps had been all over the place. I looked at the BBT thermometer today and noticed a little icon was flashing. Turns out that was the low battery indicator and now it won't even turn on. Maybe that explains the crazy temps shrug.gif?


Crazy thing about this time is that we conceived our DS on the 31st (of August) 2007 and the vial of sperm that we used was from 8/31/04 (weird enough that we used it on the same date 3 yrs later). Today is also a 31st of a month (and and the vial of sperm said it was "collected" on 8/14/04 (just 2 weeks different from the one that worked for us last time!). How strange would it be if the second kid was created from sperm that is two weeks older than the first one? 


I've had a little spotting after the IUI (first time that has happened). I hope that is OK not a bad sign.

Sphinxy 12-31-2012 08:15 PM

Good Luck, Lindsey! My understanding is that spotting post IUI is totally normal and not a good or bad sign, just something that can happen due to the catheter. Fingers crossed!

friederike 01-01-2013 12:07 AM

Happy New Year Everybody. 2013 seems like a perfect year for babymaking.

Lindsay lots of baby dust for your TWW.

Twomommyfamily 01-01-2013 06:05 AM

Mrs & Mrs! Congratulations on officially graduating, 2013 is clearly going to be a very special year for you and I hope that many of us join you over at QP&P soon!

Lindsey and Esenbee: sticky baby dust to both of you!

San Diego: any news regarding the third beta?

Happy New Year to all you wonderful, supportive, soon to be queer mamas! May all our resolutions, dreams, plans, etc for 2013 come true!

esenbee2 01-01-2013 07:00 AM

I was reading an article this morning and it mentioned using a blue dye pregnancy test and the possibility of getting a false positive. Has anyone heard of this? It said many women who get a false positive with a blue dye test may think they had a chemical pregnancy. Anyone experience this themselves or know of any that has? I think I might go with a pink dye test just in case.

friederike 01-01-2013 07:42 AM

I heard about it, too. About the issue with false positives, I found this article interesting

scorpioma 01-01-2013 10:16 AM

wow, so much to catch up on!


Sphinxy, thanks for the new thread!  


mrsandmrs, YAYAY! Is it starting to sink in yet? Have fun in QP&P! We are close behind you!


Lindsey, so glad you did the IUI... I think spotting is totally normal. Glad you were able to rely on CM and OPK, I would say both of those are great indicators of good timing!

It's good that when things happen like not waking in time or a low battery on our thermometer we can have other signs to guide us through this wild timing obstacle course.


esenbee, how are you feeling physically? What DPO are you?



esenbee2 01-01-2013 11:22 AM

I am 4 DPO. Feeling normal... and since most early pregnancy symptoms are normal in a non-pregnancy luteal phase, I am trying my best to save my sanity and save myself from disappointment and not search for symptoms, lol. Also, if I obsess over it too much, my mind will imagine symptoms! Just trying to keep my cool, however, I do have a weird since of calm that AF just isn't coming and I don't need to be worried, anxious, on edge about her arrival. Again, I'm not trying to psych myself out over that feeling though! When I got pregnant with DD, I KNEW that morning after conception.. I just had this feeling of the future when finding out. But that very well could have been that I knew what I had just participated in could VERY POSSIBLY cause something I was not prepared for and would change my life forever. I had an idea of where I was in my cycle, but was not tracking. Back then I knew enough about conception that I could have been fertile at that point, especially after counting the days since my new cycle started. But still, I HAD THAT FEELING that went past knowledge and information. Who really knows, though?....

outdoorsy 01-01-2013 01:12 PM

Hi everyone. Visiting from QP&P (almost 4 mos along) to wish everyone a very pregnant New Year! Good luck esenbee!

SanDiego78 01-01-2013 02:39 PM

I hope everyone had a nice new years!


lindsey - good luck! yes, spotting after iui is totally normal


esenbee - I haven't heard about the blue dye issue..we actually tested again this morning w/ a blue dye stick and again got a bfp (got our first faint bfp approx. 5 days ago w/ a pink dye stick)


twomommy  - the third beta came back and #s more than doubled, we are so confused, but trying to stay positive.  levels are low, but they're going in the right direction.


this emotional rollercoaster/in limbo phase is insane...right now we're in the cautiously optimistic boat of this being a viable pregnancy....DW has not had any bleeding for the past few days, and we'll get another blood test on 1/8 (DW is headed out of town for a few days) ...we're holding onto that shred of hope that this was not another chemical pregnancy, and rather 1 stuck around? we had almost 4 mature follicles time of iui, maybe we just lost a few?... more to come, trying to stay positive!!

Sphinxy 01-01-2013 02:55 PM

SanDiego - Sending you so much hope! C'mon little bean, you can do it! fingersx.gif

fillefantome 01-01-2013 04:38 PM

Sandiego fingersx.gif for a sticky, sticky bean!

LindseyW 01-01-2013 05:14 PM

Wow SanDiego, my fingers are crossed too! I can only imagine what an emotional roller coaster this must be for you and your DW! So happy to hear there is still hope. With no bleeding and an increasing beta, that sounds really positive!


Fillefantome, I see you are in VT too. Mind if I ask where-ish? We are in Brattleboro. 

chortles 01-01-2013 05:21 PM

*nervously waves hello* innocent.gif


Hi everyone, so lovely to "meet" you, and very excited to be part of this community!  My wife (34) and I (38) have just recently begun charting and tracking in earnest, we've had our pre-conception meetings with our doctor, and our first IUI is planned for end of February. Gulp.  I didn't see an intro thread, so hope it is ok to jump on in here.  I was also looking for some sort of a "things I wish I'd known" thread - while I realize that everyone' situation is very individual, we were interested to read comments about (e.g.) "I would have done an u/s + trigger".   I'm obviously on the older side, so we want to make sure every one of these counts!


What is your name? chortles ;)

What are the names/pronouns of your partner and children (if you have any)? She/She. Our dog is a he.

What method are you using to get pregnant this next cycle? WTBK donor via IUI 

What do you and/or your partner do for work? We're both science nerds involved in biotechnology

What state/province do you live? California

What is the most exciting part about this TTC time for you? That we're almost ready to start! 

What is the most difficult part? The challenge of not knowing if it will work, and if not - why. DW and I are biologically savvy, but even with that it feels like there's so much of it beyond our control.  And also I feel like I can't possibly read everything that I should have in order to prepare for this and because of that I'll screw something up and waste previous time, money, and stress!

granite 01-01-2013 06:51 PM

Welcome.gifchortles! Happy to meet you... Yes, there's no active intro thread 'round these parts at the moment, but everyone's friendly, I promise! Will it be you or your DP carrying? Or are you both going to try?


Sandiego, FX for you!!! I am so full of hope for you and your DP!

scorpioma 01-01-2013 07:00 PM

Welcome, chortles! February is right around the corner, so exciting!

I'm flying home tomorrow. Can't wait to be home and get geared up for insem.!

sandiego sending you sticky thoughts! So hopeful for you two!

merstone 01-01-2013 11:34 PM

Hi all, and Happy 2013!


Sphinxy - will you please add me to the 2WW? Thank you!


Lindsey - congrats on the insem! 


Tomorrow will be 12DPO and I've already tested twice over the past few days. Both negative, or course. I'm trying hard to wait to day 14 or even 15 to test again. Every twitch and pinch has me convinced I'm pregnant. Unfortunately I also came down with a bad cold so almost all of the symptoms could be attributed to that (except for some pretty serious cramping early on). Who knows - I think I must have blocked out how nuts this process can make one of my new goals is to find a way to take care of myself even for a short while every day.


Wishing everyone a fantastic year ahead!

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