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DarcySD's Avatar DarcySD 10:50 PM 01-02-2014

:rotflmao Welcome to the January Thread! :rotflmao

Let's make some fall 2014 babies

Please put your updates in BOLD.

GRADUATES: Please click here to share how you got your BFP!

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lrex99's Avatar lrex99 01:04 AM 01-03-2014

Thank you so much, @DarcySD !! I'm so grateful to be a part of this group.  Sending best wishes to all of you for baby-ful 2014!


AFM - I was disappointed with the RE call today because they are taking me out of the January classes required for IVF and putting me in the February ones, since I haven't started my period yet after quitting Lupron.  I know it's not a big deal, but I had been hopeful that IVF would be less frustrating because the RE would deal with the fact I don't ovulate regularly, but it feels like my body's finding a way to be difficult yet again with these fertility issues.  I'm just trying to remember that I am my body (instead of me vs. my body), and I guess I just need to love my body through the hard times and be patient.

sandiegongp's Avatar sandiegongp 01:25 PM 01-03-2014

Hi, everybody!  


agrex, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!


lrex, I'm so sorry your body isn't doing what you want.   i hope the wait isn't too frustrating, and i know you said it's not a big deal, but as someone without regular cycles, i can only imagine how it just adds another level of stress to ttc, so your feelings sound really legit to me!  


as the ngp, it's been interesting watching lady go through the process.  she has her fertility "dings" like low amh and short luteal phase, but when i imagine if we'd been trying to knock me up, with my 8-9 periods per year, totally unpredictable cycles, pcos, low and lazy female sex hormones, i just think it would be a whole different set of frustrations and anxieties.  what's amazing is that, even with lower amh's or fewer periods, people get pregnant!  so there's always hope.


So, here's out update.  Just got back from our 8 weeks ultrasound and we're finally ready to be graduated.  Like I said in QPP, if something awful happens, we'll be back, but I'm now ready to commit to this pregnancy mentally.  It reminds me of that moment in dating when you just acknowledge "I'm now so invested that if this ends, it will really hurt" and how admitting that to yourself also helps you be more present.  So, you can graduate us for Dec 2013!  Our little bundle of joy is now 16mm long and has a heartbeat and a yolk sac and limb nubs and is just amazing to look at!  I'm going to keep following along with your insems and adventures, and just know that this thread means so much to me.  We really would have been lost without it and you in these last months!  Lots of queer conceiving magic (and luck and hard work and sacrifice and perseverance and all the rest this process demands) to you all <3 

lrex99's Avatar lrex99 11:11 AM 01-04-2014

Thank you @sandiegongp! I appreciate it - and it means a lot to me to hear that.  Congratulations on graduating!  Hope to join in you the parenting threads before too long.


All the best!

mamaetmaman's Avatar mamaetmaman 03:44 PM 01-04-2014
hi Irex- I'm just starting IVF as well, and am sorry to hear your body is not behaving itself. I would love to hear what protocol your RE has you on. I have been on Marvelon since my last period, and stopped 2 days ago. I started Lupron (20 units per day) 9 days ago, and have been told to continue right until the trigger date (though I think they might lower the dose when I start to stim). I got my period today, and will probably start stimming with Gonal-F (not sure of dose yet) on Monday.
friederike's Avatar friederike 04:33 AM 01-05-2014
Mama, I am so excited for you that you finally get to start. In two weeks or so you should already have retrieval! Wow. How is your wife doing? Is she on meds also, to prepare the lining for the big move-in? I'll cross my fingers for good follicle growth.
lrex99's Avatar lrex99 10:55 AM 01-05-2014

Hi MamaetMaman, Here's hoping for a smooth IVF journey for both of us!


I just did three months of injections of Lupron for my endometriosis, with my last injection on 11/14 (which went through 12/14).  The RE wanted to see if I would start my period on my own after stopping the Lupron, which of course I did not. I have an ultrasound and blood work on Thursday and hopefully then I will know what my protocol will be. I will definitely post an update - since I'm sure my brain will be full and need to share. :)


Wishing you all the best!

mamaetmaman's Avatar mamaetmaman 12:26 PM 01-05-2014
irex- good luck! How exciting to find out your plan soon! Can't wait to hear what your protocol is.

fried- so great to hear from you! I am very excited that things are happening now. Both DW and I go in tomorrow for our day 3 bloodwork and ultrasounds. I believe they want her to start taking estrace for her lining as well as endometrium and prometrium later on. I told her that in a month, she might be pregnant! Fingers crossed. The timing is a bit nerve wracking- as it is so dependent on how my body responds to the stim meds... And it's hard to plan lessons when you don't have much notice that you're going to be away. Oh well. How are you? How is the pregnancy going?

sandiegongp- after the egg retrieval, I will be the NGP too! How's it going for you?
lizbian's Avatar lizbian 04:31 AM 01-06-2014

hi ladies, good luck with the IVF! It worked for both Fried & I so I hope you have the same success xx watch out for hyperstimulation though, it's a killer!

hopeful22's Avatar hopeful22 02:52 PM 01-06-2014

Darcy- Thanks for the new thread. I'm wishing you tons of threadkeepers luck!


Agrex- Congratulations!!! :joy


lrex- Sorry your body isn't doing what you want it to do. Good luck on Thursday in figuring out what your protocol will be.


Sandie- Yay for your ultrasound and seeing that beautiful heartbeat!


AFM- I am now 8 DPO. So I guess I can be moved to waiting to know. We were able to do three inseminations this month!!! The most I have ever done is two and that was only once, so I am really hoping that is the key for us. We had a little change of plans when our original KD kinda backed out. I saw this coming and had other options kinda ready to go and I am actually really pleased with how it worked out. I feel so fortunate that we had other options and were able to get the contract and everything wrapped up just in time to inseminate. And our KD is lovely! He is super supportive and seems willing to do whatever he needs to do to help us. I also really love that he wants to be a close friend to our LO and be involved in his or her life but doesn't want the role of parent. His partner is also super supportive, which I think is huge. I am feeling really optimistic about this cycle! DP and I keep talking about our zygote as if it already is, and this morning when he was kissing me goodbye he kissed my stomach and said goodbye to our zygote. :love I really, really hope it is in there getting all snuggled in for a nine month stay.


dust.gifand fingersx.gif  to you all for BFPs in 2014!!

DarcySD's Avatar DarcySD 03:29 PM 01-06-2014

lrex - I hope you get the answers you need this week and I look forward to hearing updates about your IVF process. I am pretty sure we will be going this route at some point. 

sandiegongp - Yipeee for seeing that lovely little bundle. It felt great to graduate you!!! Thanks for all your support. 

mamaet - you are getting so close!! 

hopeful - Congrats on 3 insems and thanks for the luck!! Glad you were able to coordinate a back up so quickly. That is really incredible! When do you plan to test?

AFM - This process is teaching me so much. All I can do is laugh right now because we had the funniest/heart sinking insemination this morning. We triggered last night at 9:30 and have an IUI at RE tomorrow morning. This morning was our hail mary insem because I ordered a second vial due to the timing always being crazy. DW was all set to do an IUI at home (we weren't able to find a midwife to come to the house) when we couldn't find my cervix for 30-40 mins. I was shocked. I have always been able to find it and couldn't believe our luck...finally DW turned the speculum around after I did 10 jumping jacks (they say it helps with finding a tricky cervix) and she found it super low and way to the side. My cervix is usually high and open right in the middle during ovulation. All the sperm she inserted into my cervix spilled out because of the way my cervix was facing. All she kept saying every few seconds was, "I'm watching all the sperm just spill out of your cervix." Even when we gave up on the IUI and did IVI the sperm still kept spilling out. She said she did it very slowly but I am thinking it needed to be slower or my crazy cervix was just rejecting the sperm because of the way it was facing. Anyhow, after the shock of it not working wore off all I could do was laugh and shake my head. What a roller coaster! Hopefully they will find my cervix tomorrow at the IUI. There has never been a problem before so I am not sure what happened. 

Let me know if you need to be moved! 

Twomommyfamily's Avatar Twomommyfamily 03:47 PM 01-06-2014
Hi all, I see that, due to my lengthy silence, I'm listed as waiting to be ready on here... Please move me to Dec graduates- I'm currently 8 weeks along with twins! It was a crazy journey but we are happy to have made it this far and hope things continue to go well. After two losses, a single, seemingly poorly timed iui with the help of menopur injectables did the sticky trick. Clomid was not my friend.

Good luck to everyone!!
DarcySD's Avatar DarcySD 03:52 PM 01-06-2014

Omg congrats Angie!! I was wondering how you were doing - it's been so long! I will move you now! 

sandiegongp's Avatar sandiegongp 05:51 PM 01-06-2014

Congrats, twomommy!  We were just laughing because the time that led to our BFP also seemed poorly timed to the point that lady said she didn't want to count it as one of our tries!  This whole thing makes no sense.  

lea2012's Avatar lea2012 05:52 PM 01-06-2014

Just stopping by to wish everyone luck with all that's coming up. 


lrex - I liked the reminder that it isn't you versus your body. I tend to fall into a similar mindset and it is helpful to have ways to pull myself out of it.


sandie - congrats on officially graduating.


hopeful - good luck in the tww! I love how you and your partner have such positive attitudes about the whole thing and it's so great that you had another kd and did 3 insems - sounds very promising!


Darcy - I have only done ivi, but we've had major spillage problems. But I try to remind myself that it is that sperm's job to find its way to that egg. And it is great that you're having another IUI tomorrow. Fingers crossed! 


Twomommyfamily - I am so heartened to hear about your success after two losses. Although I haven't had the luck you did with our attempts since, it is always nice to hear good news from someone who has had success after losses.  


Darcy - Also, thanks for keeping the thread again this month. Although technically I'm anxiously awaiting af (should have come today...hopefully will come tomorrow otherwise the timing for my next cross-country insem trip will be a bit off) will you move me to waiting to o


Hope everyone is enjoying 2014 so far and that those of you in areas that have been hit by this terrible weather are staying warm and safe. 

jam51212's Avatar jam51212 10:10 AM 01-07-2014
Lea - looks like we might be cycle buddies, AF arrived for me today. Last time we insemed on CD19, what day do you usually insem? When's your trip to your donor? Fingers crossed for us!

Twomommy - congrats! I don't know your story but I'm happy to hear a success for you guys after what seems like such a hard time with loses and all greensad.gif

Darcy - I hope today's appointment went well and they were able to find your cervix without a problem, what a frustrating experience for you guys at home. We've never tried at home and honestly don't think we ever will, I don't think I could handle that stress and pressure, I like having the nurse have that pressure ha

Hopeful - sounds like this was a great month! Fingers crossed that this was what you needed! When do you plan to test?

AFM - AF arrived today right on time. First time I have had 2 consistent months in a row since the MC so that makes me feel better about trying this month. Made my first monitoring appointment for next wednesday for bloodwork and an ultrasound. This will be my first time going through monitoring so I'm excited to see how things go and cautiously optimistic that it will heighten our chances for another BFP. Last time I insemed on CD19 which would be on a Saturday this month and perfect timing for work and hopefully relaxation. Now that it's here and were starting up again I am both very excited and also scared. I keep having flash backs and dreams about how this all ended in a MC before and that terrifies me but not enough to push forward and try again. Let's hope 2014 is the year for us all!
lizbian's Avatar lizbian 11:51 AM 01-07-2014

twomommy congrats-  what a start to the year!!!! :joybroc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gif

agrex's Avatar agrex 04:15 PM 01-07-2014

twomommy- congrats!!!


jam, lea, darcy, hopeful, mama, lrex- good luck with everything!



AFU- We had our third round of blood work today.  Last Wednesday we were at 588, today we are at 3945 for hCG.  So far, so good.  Progesterone was reported as over 40 last week and at 39.4 today. We are scheduled for an ultrasound next Thursday, 16 January.  At that point we will be 6.5 weeks in.  I'm still holding my breath.  I think I'll feel better after the first U/S and then better still after the 8 week mark.  Today's appointment definitely made me feel a bit better.  I am trying to stay calm and focus on other things but it is so hard! So all we can do is wait. Which is really difficult. But my classes started on Monday so I'm sure I'll be kept pretty busy.  I'd like to stay in this thread for a bit.  I'm not really ready to graduate yet, all things considered. If that's alright with you guys?

mamaetmaman's Avatar mamaetmaman 05:19 PM 01-07-2014
Thanks for the love everyone!

Hopeful- Good luck with your TWW! Fx for you!
Darcy- Hope your insem went well today. You're so lucky to get to do multiple insems. We had a laughable moment inseminatin at home as well. Lol.

Twomommies- congrats!!!

AFU- notice the us now? Yep DW has now started her role in this- taking the estrace! I had some wonky bloodwork again and they are putting me on synthroid (a thyroid medication). I've also started my stim medication yesterday... Now it's just a matter of time before I get bloated and my ovaries start feeling like chandeliers! I'm also really sick with the flu right now... Which sucks greensad.gif

Fried- can you tell me about your experience with thyroid meds? They've got me on 25mcg daily dose, which I'm going to start taking tonight (3hrs after food). Side effects?
friederike's Avatar friederike 01:30 AM 01-08-2014
Twomommy, how amazing. Congratulations!

Agrex, I know what you mean. Sending you good and calming vibes, you'll get through the first trimester. And hooray for great numbers.

Darcy, what a mess with the insems. You are so cool for doing those at home, my wife would never have dared poking around my cervix at all, so this option was always out of the picture. I hope the second try worked better? All the best for the TWW to you.

Jam, all the best for your upcoming try. It is normal that you're so terrified but you're right that is really no alternative to trying again. I hope you can find ways to deal with it and not let it get too much. Big hug.
I also still have flashbacks and at least 3 nightmares a week. Last night I dreamt I had an ultrasound and the baby's heartrate was only 30 so a nurse inserted a needle into my uterus to poke it awake but went to far and killed it. WTF.

Mama, 25 is a really low, gentle dose. It definitely doesn't hurt at such a low dose and it takes some stress of the hormonal system, which is always good during an IVF, right? Taking it after food decreases the effectiveness a bit as compared to taking it at an completely empty stomach in the morning half an hour before breakfast. The molecules of the med are very sensitive if there is other bigger molecules from food in your stomach. but they might do that on purpose with you because many people report that it decreases possible side effects. I never felt any effects though.
I started with 50 which was a bit too much and lowered my TSH from 1,7 to 0,07, now I take 37,5 and my last count was 1,2 which is pretty ideal for pregnancy. They have been checking me for markers of an auto-immune thyroid deases for a while and haven't found any but my thyroid us shows a pattern that would suggest inflammation (looks like a cheetah fur). My doc says, that different autoimmune-thyroiditis versions are not very well researched yet.
From what my doctors told me, thyroid issues are the most dangerous in pregnancy especially during the critical 12 weeks. If TSH and the other markers are off it can increase miscarriage rates a lot. They check preggo women more often because the numbers fluctuate and increase during a pregnancy. I am not completely sure why they put you on it right now, since your wife is carrying, and it takes a while to really kick in so I don't think it would influence the quality of the eggs you're making right now (I don't think it is relevant for the follicular phase anyways from what I read), but it might be just for your health benefit in the future. Have they told you how long they want you to stay on the meds?
lea2012's Avatar lea2012 10:31 AM 01-08-2014

Jam - I'm glad we'll be cycle buddies this month! I usually O a bit earlier than it sounds like you do - sometime between CD 12-15, but it has been slightly unpredictable lately so we'll see. If my cycle starts today (my temp dropped this morning, so I'm sure hoping that means it is going to happen), I'll be there for CD 10-13, so I think I'll try to meet with KD on cd11 and cd13 (which will be Jan 18 and 20).


I'm thinking about extending my trip by a day (esp if my period doesn't come today) but I have an important all-day work event that I was aiming to get back on 1/21 for that would be bad form to miss. I have to decide where I want to put my priorities and whether I want to risk pushing that boundary with my boss so early in a the new year, knowing I may have to travel and miss work again next month or the following for the same reason.


Anyone else have an insem coming up next week or the following?

mamaetmaman's Avatar mamaetmaman 03:28 PM 01-08-2014
fried- thanks for sharing. I'm not sure why they put me on it- my levels fluctuate a lot. About half of the months I've got a tsh that is between 3 and 9, which is no good for getting preggo. I agree though, that synthroid does take like 6 weeks to kick in. I'm fine with being on it though, since my levels do indicate an underfunctioning thyroid. Personally, the clinic really sucks, and I wouldn't be surprised if they have mixed me up with my wife. Lol. They said they'd check my thyroid at 6 weeks pregnant and we'd reassess.

I'm super sick right now with the flu though, and really hope it doesn't interfere with the eggs. DW is forcing me to take the day off tomorrow, which I am happily doing.
mamaetmaman's Avatar mamaetmaman 11:50 AM 01-09-2014

So, after 3 days of stims, I have 14 follicles! Not sure how that compares to the average, but I'm excited either way!

friederike's Avatar friederike 02:09 PM 01-09-2014
That is slightly above statistical average (11) from what I know. It is lightyears better than my 2 follies :-) Glad to hear it is going so well.
DarcySD's Avatar DarcySD 06:33 PM 01-09-2014

Lea - Thanks Lea! The insem with the RE went much better! Has AF arrived yet?


Jam - Yeah I would never be apply to rely on home insems because of what happened this month but it was nice to have the extra vial to help calm my nerves on timing. Thank goodness we had another shot with a professional. I am so glad AF showed up on time for you and excited that you will be getting some monitoring done. Despite driving to the multiple visits during my menopur cycles I really enjoy getting to see the follicles develop. My eggs are so unpredictable with their slow growth and the only way we figured that out for sure was through ultrasound. 


Agrex - So glad things have been going well! You can stay as long as you would like!! 


mamaet -  Thank you. I remember you mentioning your home insem before with the headlamp!  Things are moving so quickly for you and wow 14 follicles!! That is amazing and I am extremely jealous! When I am stimming on high doeses of injectables I only get two!! 


Fried - Thank you! The insem at the RE went off without a hitch! Yeah, DW was a trooper but was mortified about the spillage - maybe TMI but she ended up sucking it all back up in the catheter and then she wasn't sure how much of it was CM vs sperm. What a mess is right lol! 


AFM - sitting here at 2dpo - we have been really busy with work and family so I haven't had much time to obsess yet. My FIL is redoing our kitchen and since our house was built in 1939 and has never had a kitchen update it is pretty exciting for us. This weekend I am going sailing to see the whales head down to Baja to give birth in the lagoons and we have a trip to Sedona coming up in a few weeks. Lots to look forward to and hopefully a sticky bean, as well. 


Anyone testing soon?

fillefantome's Avatar fillefantome 08:48 PM 01-09-2014
mamaetmaman: yay for lots of follicles! And I hope you're on the mend from the flu! I'm about to go on a work trip Sunday and everyone here is sick/has been sick/is getting sick (My supervisor described it as "the worst cold I've ever had.") Yuck. I've had a nasty cough for a couple of days, but otherwise feel okay. But, I always get colds after I fly, even when I'm perfectly healthy beforehand, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to be struck down during my work trip or after I get back.

Tavi and Hopeful and the rest of the TWWers: fingers crossed for a fast TWW with happy news at the end!

lrex, you had your RE visit today, right? Any updates? I've got to say, loving your body and being patient are individually quite difficult tasks for me. Both at the same time seems like a whole lot to expect. We're only human after all....

Darcy, that insem experience sounds so frustrating. I've definitely struggled with feeling like "wow, I think I'm doing this all wrong, and probably there's absolutely no chance that any sperm is getting anywhere near an egg" and I'm not even doing IUIs. So glad things went better at the doctor's office!

Agrex, can't speak for anyone else, but I'm happy to have you hang around QC for as long as you want. Experience is always welcomed! And then hopefully we'll all come over and join you (and sandiegongp and twomommyfamily in QPP)....

Speaking of sandiegongp and twomommyfamily... carrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gif

AFM: I was supposed to be insemming yesterday and tomorrow (my first try not bothering with OPKs that never turn positive and just trying twice during my likely fertile window), but we got a little derailed because of the polar vortex. My KD was suppose to mail the first shipment on Tuesday, but he called me and said "it's 30 below, and the zoo just brought the polar bear inside, there's no way I'm leaving my house. Besides, I think the sperm will freeze." So, he shipped today, and I'll insem tomorrow on CD17. I've been consistently O'ing CD15-18 for the past year, and there was no temp rise this morning, so I don't think I O'ed CD15. So, fingers crossed that my temp stays down tomorrow morning as well, as it'll likely mean that even with only one shipment, I have a chance ....
mamaetmaman's Avatar mamaetmaman 08:42 AM 01-10-2014
fille- I really hope you get to inseminate this cycle. I know what a bummer it is to feel like you've lost a month. I laughed out loud when I read what your KD said about the polar bears! Hilarious!

fried- thanks for the info. I feel like with all this TTC business, you are such a wealth of knowledge!

darcy- your house was built in the 1930's? Amazing. I would love to see pictures. We are in love with older homes. Sounds like you'll have lots of fun things to keep you busy during the TWW- watching whales give birth? Wow. I used to sail as a young gal. I miss it a lot.

AFM- Got a call from the RE's office to increase my dose of Gonal-F to 250 units and decrease my Lupron (suppressant) to 10 units. Apparently they were expecting me to have more follicles!?! I wonder if they're not worried about hyperstimulating me because I'm not the one having the FET? We'll see. I have another scan tomorrow.
hopeful22's Avatar hopeful22 10:21 AM 01-10-2014

Mama- That sounds like a fabulous number of follies! Yay for you.


Fille- I laughed at your KD's polar bear comment. Just the thought of it being to cold for polar bears here is kinda funny! Good luck to you!


Dary- Good luck and yay for getting your kitchen remodled and watching the whales this weekend! I bet that will be an amazing experience.



My temp dropped yesterday and I tested, 11 dpo, BFN. It hit me hard.  I hate this rollercoaster of TTC. We made an appt. with a local RE for the beginning of Feb. We will have one more cycle at home before then so we'll see what happens. My period is due today and it really feels like it is coming so I am counting myself out.

jam51212's Avatar jam51212 06:52 PM 01-10-2014

Hopeful - I am sorry to hear you're counting yourself out :( Hopefully the RE is just what you needed and 2014 will prove to be your year!


Mama - I thought you follicle count sounded great! although I admit my IVF knowledge is limited though. I am looking forward to learning more and hearing about your journey!


Fille - Hopefully the non-stress of not worrying about testing is just what you need! And I too laughed about the Polar Bears!


Darcy - I wish I could come with you on your whale adventure, that sounds awesome! Sounds like you will also stay busy for this 2WW which is also great! I am thinking I will have my birthday over my 2WW and some visitors for the occasion so that will be nice. When do you plan on testing?


Lea - So did AF show up? That is a hard one, deciding between extending your trip and your work commitment. I personally can see both sides... good luck deciding!

mamaetmaman's Avatar mamaetmaman 01:05 PM 01-11-2014
Hopeful- the roller coaster sucks, i agree. I feel like I struggle the most with balancing my optimism with the pessimism of the negative outcomes. If AF comes, I hope it's cleansing and gets your body ready for the next round smile.gif

AFM- today's ultrasound revealed 18 follicles! 12 on the L and 6 on the R. They're all still tiny though, most hovering between 4mm and 8mm. Back to the clinic on Monday morning!
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