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WImom3's Avatar WImom3 04:08 PM 09-01-2006
Looking for others to talk about how they deal with helping the children deal with having 2 moms... We've been together 6yrs and are a great family, but its hard to think of what to say to help with school issues.

appifanie's Avatar appifanie 04:42 PM 09-01-2006
personally i have no idea have you tried over here: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...play.php?f=235 ?

it's too bad it even has to be an issue, isn't it? ah well. some day perhaps it'll be a non issue
hawkfeather's Avatar hawkfeather 02:30 PM 09-02-2006
the queer parenting forum might help ya!!..

I have two moms!..to be honest I never caught any crap about it at all- in fact I honeslty think i just resonated more towards the open minded kids. Despite hearing and seeing many many debatres on gay parenting and seeinghow hard it is for the kids- that hasn't been my experience.
MrsCorell's Avatar MrsCorell 04:50 PM 09-06-2006
I have a dad and step-mom and a mom and step-mom . My kids have never had any issues with grandma being lesbian. It was a little difficult when my friends in high school found out, but by the end of the month it was old news and they were on to gossip about someone else!! Hope the other forum gives you lots of help!!
MamaBug's Avatar MamaBug 05:52 PM 09-06-2006
Moving this to Queer Parenting