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NoliMum's Avatar NoliMum 12:49 PM 10-31-2008
Originally Posted by wheresthealoha View Post
I have a similar story and it feels really great to know I'm not alone. My soon to be ex-spouse and I were doing well getting along as friends until Wed night when I found out he told MY MOTHER about me having a gf.
I was beyond pissed. I can't believe he thought it was his place to tell my mom that info.

So now I can't be nice and go out of my way for him...not for a while anyway. I'm too angry.

Thanks ladies for sharing all ur stories and all the resources. It means a lot.
: That is really crossing the line in terms of privacy, familial relations, etc... I mean, it's your mom. Did he give a reason? I can't imagine my DP calling my mom up, "Oh did you know your daughter is bisexual?"

loveandmore's Avatar loveandmore 12:54 PM 11-05-2008
Thanks guys. It felt soooo good to admit that.
Questioning's Avatar Questioning 03:58 PM 11-05-2008
This last weekend, I told my DH that I have poly feelings (other men) - which I've known since before we started dating, but I thought I could commit to a mono relationship. However, DH is very conservative, and basically said that he couldn't accept that and we should "Agree to disagree". I am beyond hurt with how he reacted - and I have no idea how we can agree to disagree. What's worse is we're relatively new to our area (we moved for my job), and I don't have any friends that I can talk to - DH is/was my best friend. But he seems to think that I can just forget about my feelings for other people and it will go away.

He knows about the current guy - I've told him everything that has happened between us - and at first said he was OK with the emotional involvement we have, but didn't want physical involvement beyond what had already happened. Then last night blew up and said that I couldn't have any emotional or physical involvement with another guy.

We've been together for 10 years, married for 4, and have 4 little ones at home. I have no interest in leaving him. I know that he's had feelings for other women, but he refuses to admit that he might actually enjoy a deeper relationship with any of them - it would go against his Christian background. So I'm at work struggling to do anything - and feeling myself falling into a deep depression. I have no idea how to deal with this -this is the first time that we've hit something that I can't figure out how to compromise on.
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