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my_baby_love's Avatar my_baby_love 04:26 PM 08-29-2007
I just got my first sewing machine a couple days ago , and I'm hoping to make myself some skirts. I want something simple to make (I am not experienced at all!), A-line, about knee-length. I would prefer free patterns, but I don't mind spending a little bit for a pattern I will use over and over. Anyone have anything good? Thanks, mamas!

kaleidoscopeeyes's Avatar kaleidoscopeeyes 01:36 PM 09-05-2007
andreac's Avatar andreac 02:41 PM 09-05-2007
Check out the sewing boards on ! Lots of free tutorials for cool skirts.
mother4good's Avatar mother4good 03:05 PM 09-05-2007
I don't know if this is your style, but I started making my daughter tiered skirts. I think they are SO easy. I got directions free off the internet by googling Tiered skirt and gathering.

If you are not experienced "at all", take some advice from my mom and practice your stitches on a scrap of fabric (paper towel works fine if you are short on scraps like me) until you get the hang of your machine, how to keep things straight, how hard to press the foot down, etc. After a few runs you will feel more confident.

Best of Luck to you!
Tanzie's Avatar Tanzie 01:37 AM 09-06-2007

some good ideas in here...hope it helps!
my_baby_love's Avatar my_baby_love 02:05 AM 09-06-2007
Thanks, mamas. I am currently working on my first skirt and we'll see how it turns out. I'm afraid I made it too small - oops! But it's not done yet, so we'll see. Great links!
Pepperdove's Avatar Pepperdove 03:15 PM 09-17-2007

i started with maing my own patterns, and it was easier than using a premade one.. it was like this:

measure widest part of hips. add 2 inches or so for gathering. that is top measurement.

how much spin do you want? add, say, 30 inches to the waist measurement. that is your hem measurement. a 90 inch spin is very full and fun to wear, but ymmv.

how long do you want the skirt? measure from waist to wherever you like. add 2 inches for waistband and 1 for hem. there's your length.

how many panels do you want? say you want 6. divide your waist and hem measurements by 6. add 1 inch for the seams. now you have the measurement for the top and bottom of each panel.

draw out your panels on wrong side of folded fabric and cut. when you have one cut you can use it as a pattern for the rest.

sew them all together, pressing seams open. fold over the top 1 inch and sew almost all the way around, leaving a gap at one of the seams. that will channel your drawstring. you can make a drawstring (preferred) or use a ribbon or some such.

Make your hem and VOILA! a very easy to sew strip skirt. Go hippie go! But made long and of, say, a dress crepe, it is a lovely and elegant skirt.
my_baby_love's Avatar my_baby_love 04:45 PM 09-18-2007
Thanks for the tips, Pepperdove. I might have to try that on my next skirt. Thank you!
kenscoff's Avatar kenscoff 07:13 PM 09-19-2007
There is a great beginner book called "Sew What! Skirts" - with a few basic pattern shapes, you can make anything!
milehighmonkeys's Avatar milehighmonkeys 03:00 AM 10-05-2007
I don't have the link at my fingertips right now, but googling "open source patterns" should get you what you're looking for.
MOM2ANSLEY's Avatar MOM2ANSLEY 11:47 PM 10-27-2007
at hancock fabrics all butterick patterns are 99cent this weekend....and some other brand will be onsale next week or the week after......that is a super deal
amhancock's Avatar amhancock 05:18 PM 10-29-2007
Get thee to the library and check it out! It has TONS of skirt patterns and is a wonderful book. I plan to add it to my personal sewing library when I get some extra funds!
llamalluv's Avatar llamalluv 09:08 PM 11-11-2007
Originally Posted by MOM2ANSLEY View Post
at hancock fabrics all butterick patterns are 99cent this weekend....and some other brand will be onsale next week or the week after......that is a super deal
That's what I would recommend - buy a few "Sew Easy" patterns. That is what I started learning on - when I was 10!