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Fuji's Avatar Fuji 01:11 PM 04-16-2009
I'm borrowing a friend's Kelty Pathfinder carrier to take with us on a trip to Hawaii for my 23-month-old. We're planning on doing a few hikes that would be too tough for him, and it should work well for us.

The only thing I can't figure out it... how am I gonna get the thing there? Does it fold up? Do I stick it in a suitcase or a dufflebag? Carry it on the plane?

I should have asked my friend, but alas, she's out of town now! Any advice?

Hobie's Avatar Hobie 02:48 PM 04-16-2009
How about taking a smaller carrier with you, like the Toddler Patapum. It will be much easier for you to pack on the plane, and more comefortable to hike in as well. If you take the Kelty, I'd assume that you'd have to take an extra duffle bag for the plane ride (which could cost extra $). Have fun on your hikes!