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hananana's Avatar hananana 02:45 PM 04-29-2009
I'm considering getting a Beco for short trips out. Looking at photos of it, I can't figure out if it's possible to nurse in it. It looks like part of the carrier goes between you and the baby. Is that true? Or is the baby's head high enough that nursing is still possible?

crystaldawn's Avatar crystaldawn 12:10 AM 05-01-2009
Personally I don't think it'd be that easy to nurse in... I end up taking her out to nurse. There is a chest part BUT from what I understand you are supposed to loosen the straps so you can move that down. My dd is pretty destractable lately and we haven't tried in this particular carrier.
Drummer's Wife's Avatar Drummer's Wife 01:48 AM 05-01-2009
I'm not seeing how it would be possible w/o undoing part of it or really loosening up a shoulder strap. The Y shaped panel does pretty much cover your entire chest and goes all the way to your shoulders. Maybe with a very stretchy boob! : It's a great carrier, but that is definitely a downside.