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AnnaNova's Avatar AnnaNova 02:01 AM 05-06-2009
i bought an ergo for my baby, we also have a cuddly wrap (which is i guess like moby), he's 3 mo, and im just wondering if its too big for him ... it says on the box that its up to 40 lbs but doesnt really say when to start. he seems pretty comfy in there, but i just wonder if his legs spread too far apart and if there is not too much pressure on his back...

Quirky's Avatar Quirky 02:03 AM 05-06-2009
I would judge by his reactions. If he's comfy, then he is OK.

FWIW, you can also tuck one leg in and have one leg out of the carrier -- just make sure that with the leg that's in, he's sitting on his flat foot parallel to the hip belt rather than sitting on top of his toe/foot pointing down.