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bremen's Avatar bremen 07:19 AM 05-07-2009
i have 3 baby carriers, and two kids, and would like to wear them both.
i am really not interested in getting any more carriers, and my older boy doesn't really need to be worn, but he likes it from time to time.
i have:
a babyhawk
an ultimate baby wrap (which is basically like a moby)
a ring sling

the kids:
12 month old, 25 lb kid who is just starting to walk
almost 3 year old, almost 40 lb toddler

i wear the baby every day in the babyhawk on my back. sometimes the big boy wants to be worn, too.

i would only be wearing them both around the house, for a short time.
i have seen other people wear 2 kids, but usually one is an infant.
the baby is really to big for the wrap, but maybe there is a different way to wear it.

any suggestions on how i could wear them both with the carriers that i have?
i appreciate any suggestions.

Kiara.I's Avatar Kiara.I 01:48 PM 05-07-2009
You could put one on your back in the babyhawk and one on your front in the ring sling. If it cups your shoulder it kind of needs to be over the babyhawk strap. It won't be the most comfy, though since having 25 pounds on one shoulder with 40 on the back will be tough.

Your 25-lb kid is really too heavy for the ultimate baby wrap though. If you can get it tight enough in a front-wrap-cross it will work for a while, and you can use the BH on the back with the 3yo.
almadianna's Avatar almadianna 03:08 PM 05-07-2009
well both kids are too big for the wrap honestly so that has to be taken out of the equation here. the BH can go on your back as the PP suggested, and the RS can be good for the smaller one but it wont be comfortable for very long either. I think that with what you have its the best that you can do.
bremen's Avatar bremen 03:51 PM 05-07-2009
how would do the ringsling and the babyhawk together?
which carrier do i put on first? how do i get both kids on?

i don't use the wrap anymore. i just listed it just incase there was some way to use it
poiyt's Avatar poiyt 04:00 PM 05-07-2009
I would put ringsling on, put toddler on back in baby hawk and then put 12month old in ring sling.