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dziwozony's Avatar dziwozony 10:12 PM 05-07-2009
i posted a while back with questions about a chunei ( & just wanted to update that i got one & love it! i have done some tramping/hiking with it as well as for doing everyday activities & it's sooo cozy. i mostly do front carry with my now 4mo, but have carried my 2 year old on my back as well. i recomend it! it's truly hands-free & equally distributes weight so that no one body part is strained.

one question though: has anyone managed to breastfeed in one? it says you can on the website/youtube video, but i wonder if she just means to use it as a cover while you sit & nurse rather than while actively doing other things. i still like my sling best for that.

other than that, it's great for chasing after a toddler w/ baby in tow.