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ChetMC's Avatar ChetMC 02:19 PM 06-01-2009
What carriers have you used while pregnant?

if it had something that went around your waist, did you wear it above or below your bump?

Was there a point when you had to just stop wearing your older child until after delivery?

Dov'sMom's Avatar Dov'sMom 04:16 PM 06-01-2009
I used a Moby until a week before I delivered. The reason I stopped the week before I delivered was that we don't go out much during the week because I work long hours and I was in labor all weekend. I tied it above my bump.

Now that I'm more experienced with back carries, I think that an MT back carry might have been more comfortable toward the end (just because of balancing).
MaryLang's Avatar MaryLang 09:09 PM 06-01-2009
I used a MT with the bottom straps tied over the top of my belly until the very end, worked out just fine, and was a heck of a lot easier than chasing my toddler through the stores!
Kiara.I's Avatar Kiara.I 02:54 AM 06-03-2009
I used different things at different times.

At first, while I was feeling so sick, I couldn't stand anything tied around my waist. So all the mei tais went away, and I broke out the ring sling again, or back wrapped with a tibetan tie for longer trips.

Then, when I could stand things around my waist again, I got a toddler sized Olives & Applesauce full buckle, that I buckled below the bump. That worked for a long while.

The last month I didn't wear much at all, because I was feeling pretty tired, and if I stood up for too long, or carried much weight, it really put a strain on the vaginal floor muscles. You know how they tell you to do your kegels? Turns out it matters. Who knew? :S
mnkygrl79's Avatar mnkygrl79 04:01 PM 06-03-2009
recently I've been using my Kanga XT - I put the strap under my belly and wear DS on my back
lishoprah's Avatar lishoprah 09:46 PM 06-04-2009
I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant and use a ring sling with my 15 month old every day -- mostly tummy to tummy, sometimes in a hip carry, but I don't really have hips right now.

I find wraps to be just as comfortable right now -- I've only had her on my front, but basically she is in front of me so the wrap is going around my stomach and tied in back.