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Channelle's Avatar Channelle 07:29 PM 03-07-2010
Thinking I want one of these two, but can't decide. Is there any difference? Anything that might make me lean towards one or the other?

(It's for a 2 1/2 month old who weighs 13 pounds, and I'm slightly on the large side, and want something really easy to put on)

I'm also thinking about buying a ring sling while I'm at it...any suggestions?

MamaKickyPants's Avatar MamaKickyPants 10:42 PM 03-07-2010
In a word: YES! There is (IMO) a substantial difference between the two carriers. I'm going on the assumption that you're talking about the Babyhawk Mei Tai as opposed to the Babyhawk OhSnap Structured buckle carrier. I'll talk about all three, though.

The BH mei tai has long straps that tie around your waist, and over your shoulders/across your back. It is a wonderful carrier for a baby up to a year or so, about 20-25 lbs (it is safe for much higher weights than that, but IMO, not as comfortable for bigger babes as something with a structured waistband and shoulder padding). It has a nice head-rest for neck support in little ones.
Pluses: Many different ways to tie it, totally adjustable for different sized wearers, snuggly, secure and hands-free for babies right from birth. Good for both front and back carries. Pretty easy to BF in.
Minuses: Long straps can be a bit intimidating to tie at first, long straps can drag on the ground when tying

The BH OhSnap is a soft-structured carrier (SSC). It has a padded waistband and back-pack type shoulder straps. It has the same body and head-rest as the regular babyhawk.
Pluses: Very comfy for bigger babies. Quick and easy to put on. Relatively adjustable for use between different wearers. Great for front and back carries (although I find SSCs really shine in back carries, I find them a bit uncomfy for front carries, unless I can cross the straps in back). Great adjustability in the waist-strap w innovative extra adjust straps to change the angle of the waist-band. Pretty easy to BF in.
Minuses: Not safe for newborns and smaller babies (the sides gape open when a child is legs-in). Body is a bit on the short side, so as your babe gets taller (over 18 mos or so) the body may not be sufficient for them.

The Beco Butterfly is an SSC as well, but has a panel between baby and the wearer. This allows you to put the baby into the carrier, and then put the carrier on. It has a structured waist and back-pack type straps
pluses: Very easy to get baby on your back. can transfer carrier between wearers without taking baby out. has an infant insert for newborns. Higher body, making it usable for toddlers as well as little ones.
minuses: the buckles are weird and fiddly, IMO, and cannot be undone one-handed. Hard if not impossible to BF in, due to the fabric between mama and baby.

Whichever one you get, I'd def. get a RS as well. For me, I find a mei tai plus ring sling to be a wonderful combo for babywearing that would meet all your needs up to 12-18 mos or so.

HTH! Happy

ETA: The MT would be fine for a bigger mama. I'm a size 16 and had LOTS of strap left over. If you are worried, you can get one with XL straps. I can't speak to the other two, as I've only borrowed, and can't remember the length of the webbing.
I have a Storchenweige RS and I LOVE it. it is completely unpadded and made from woven wrap material. It is a total work-horse, looks gorgeous, and is fairly easy to get comfy, once you learn it. I prefer unpadded RS in general. I find them much easier to deal with, but that's a fairly personal decision. I know people like slings by Sleeping Baby Productions, as well the Maya Wrap lightly padded version and the Sakura Bloom brands are good, I've heard.
Drummer's Wife's Avatar Drummer's Wife 10:50 PM 03-07-2010
MamaKickyPants did a great job describing them, but having owned both a Babyhawk (mei tai) and a Beco Butterfly - I would probably choose the Beco if I could only have one. I just found it more comfy, overall, and easier to use.
Channelle's Avatar Channelle 11:12 PM 03-07-2010
Thanks so much! MamaKickyPants, that was super helpful! I'm leaning towards a BabyHawk, I like the idea that their are just ties versus having buckles...
b-girl's Avatar b-girl 01:17 AM 03-08-2010
I have both a beco and a bh mei tai (along with a few other carriers).

If I had to choose just one I definitely would go with the beco. The padded waist stap and the padding in the shoulder straps is great. You can use the beco without the panel between you and baby if you wish, just have the panel by the babes backs, though in my opinion it's much more comfortable (and probably safer) with the panel between you and the babe.

I love my bh... but I definitely reach for my beco far more often.
meco's Avatar meco 03:47 AM 03-08-2010
I love the BabyHawk, but if you are leaning towards ties, there are other carriers you could consider as well. There's the NapSack Baby which has broader, wrap style straps. There's the Kozy Carrier and Mei Tai Baby.

While I found the Beco buckles to be a little annoying at first, it quickly becomes second nature. There are also a few other interesting buckle carriers out there--the CatBirdBaby Pikkolo with a waist belt has only three really easy buckles, is super supportive and the only SSC I know of that allows the baby to face outward. I like the Boba a lot. It's soft, comfortable, organic and a great price point.

That said, I do find a lot of people tend to prefer either buckles or ties. It's just all a matter of what appeals to you.

Although I disagree that a Mei Tai is uncomfortable for an older child. I find it to be quite comfortable. I think it's more likely to depend on the person.
Channelle's Avatar Channelle 12:43 AM 03-09-2010
Thanks! I bought a Zolo ring sling today, and OH MY GOD! I LOVVVVE IT! It's my first real baby carrier, and I've worn her in it almost all evening and she's snoozed and I got housework done! YAY!
lovepiggie's Avatar lovepiggie 01:03 AM 03-09-2010
I bought a beco butterfly 2, and I like it so far, although I wish I had learned that it was difficult to nurse in before hand!

I think that the buckles needing two hands to undo is a plus though, rather than a negative. My first thought when I put it on was that my DS might be able to undo them! But because they need two hands, he can't.

A plus to the babyhawk is that you can have a wider choice of fabrics!
kikikiwi18's Avatar kikikiwi18 02:59 PM 03-17-2010
I think for me, the beco looks easier since you can put the baby in the sling, then on yourself. I saw it first here, and think it might be a good carrier to invest in. I used the snugli before and HATED it, so this time around, I'm looking at all my options, not just what is at Target.