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The evenflo snuggli brand seems so much cheaper at walmart. I wonder if they're just as good. I really don't need a super duper carrier. Just something to use in supermarket and short walks. My baby is 2 1/2 months and weight 12lbs. I want smthg like bjorn just without the hefty price tag. pls recommend.

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If you have your heart set on that type of carrier, I don't have much help. I will, however, tell you that I HATED my evenflo carrier and d not recommend it. I bought a nice mai tai on and they have a lot of cute carrier there for cheaper than a bjorn
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Bjorns and Snuglis are really hard on a parent's back and baby's spine. What is your budget?

A good carrier will take you from infancy through toddlerhood. My Mei Tai was $75 from Etsy, but I've been using it since Peepers was about 10 pounds and she's over 20 pounds now. It is so comfortable that I will no doubt still be wearing her when she's 2.

I also have a simple pouch sling that I bought from Etsy on clearance for $12. I used it a lot when she was a newborn, and started using it again recently as a hip carrier. I use it for quick trips to the store, or into my son's school to pick him up, and the Mei Tai for longer wears like at the zoo or grocery shopping.

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I've bought 3 carriers used on There are a lot of items, prices vary.
I don't want to belittle your carrier choice, but I started out with a bjorn and grew to hate it. It dug into my shoulders, the baby swung around every time I bent over, difficult for my husband and I to share. The TBW website has a lot of reviews about various carriers. You might also check if Craigslist has any good deals.
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I agree with getting a used carrier on TheBabyWearer. Any sort of Soft Structured Carrier is similar to the Bjorn only "better" Maybe an Ergo or Beco to name a couple brands. If those prices are out of your range, you can find cheaper, less "popular" (well known) name brands for less.
I even saw in target that Infantino came out with a Wrap and Tie or something just like a Mei Tai for aroound $50 maybe...I don't know a whole lot about it, but could be worth looking into. Mei tais are similar to bjorns as well, except they tie, not buckle basically.
It can be confusing and overwhelming, but I guarentee that if you take some time to look into your options you will find something that both you and baby will LOVE.
Feel free to post more questions in this forum or even PM me if you'd like, I'd be happy to help. I found babywearing when my second DD was about 6 months old and don't know what I'd do now without it!

Kelly mama to DD E (14), DD A (6), DS A (4), DD E (born still at 36 weeks April 6, 2009) and fully attached to Ella Faith, now 1!!!
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To kind of add to what the other mamas have said here, I'd never buy a carrier of that sort that couldn't be worn on the back. I, too, got so much use out of my Babyhawk Mei Tai with DD. I wore her in it constantly until she was about 2-1/2, and periodically until she turned four! Oddly enough, I found a younger babe easier to lie down or put in a bouncy or a swing so I could clean or cook dinner. Once DD was an older infant and young toddler, being able to wear her on my back while I worked around the house was invaluable.

Holy cow! I just looked at Buy Buy Baby's website and you're right, OP. The Bjorn is ridiculously expensive! I can't imagine spending that much on a carrier that only can be used in one way. I've never used an Ergo but have heard so many fans rave about it, and it's quite a bit less. And, as a PP mentioned, a Mei Tai will be even less expensive if you can handle the learning curve.

(I just noticed that you're in Philly... there's got to be a babywearers meeting. I know there's on in Wilmington. Or, I'm sure some of the mamas around here would be willing to have a playdate/carrier tutorial. I have a Mei Tai you could try if you want... you just would have to wait a few weeks since I'm sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting to give birth!)

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In addition to all of the above, isn't the weight limit on the Bjorn/Snuggli really low? like 15lbs or something?

If you're set on something that buckles... I'm in complete love with my buckle tai from Two Mommas Designs (
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I hated my Snugli. I could never wear DS in it for more than 20 minutes. We loved our Hotslings, and I'm going to get a MT for this Bubble as I hope to wear this one more.

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i have used both evenflo and snuggli. they have worked for me the evenflo has a little bit on a buckle issue, it is hard to line up.

the evenflo is good enough, though, that I turned down a $3 bjorn at a thrift shop.
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The bjorn really is way too expensive. Check out the Ergo - less than a bjorn and WAY worth it (unless you're super tiny like I am now that I lost the preggo weight - it didn't quite adjust enough, I'm hoping the Beco I just bought off MDC trading post is better.)

Mei Tai's are also AMAZING - I have a Kozy that I'll be selling soon I hope, and I've LOVED it. DS is just getting super hard to put on my back in it, hence the Beco.

I had a HotSling for a while too, that was great, and I have a Moby but DS hated it - my friends baby was in love with his though.

Is there a babywearing store in your area that you can go to and get some help to figure out what you like, and then you can look online to find used versions? (Not BRU or buy buy baby - a store devoted to babywearing will have knowledgeable sales people who can help you fit things properly and find something you and baby love).

Good luck!!
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Those are terrible carriers. I would suggest a used Beco or Ergo or Mei Tei if you want something like a bjorn but immensely better-and cheaper from the look of it!

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Do you sew at all? I adore Jan's DIY page at because you can figured out how to make just about anything. The no-sew ring sling is SO easy...and you can make it out of any 2+ yards of continuous, strong fabric.

Crinkle cotton is amazing for ring slings and wraps. You'll need 2.5 yards to double over for a ring sling and about 5-6 yards for a a wrap. Refer to Jan's instructions...they're simple.

Etsy is full of WAHMs who will make you something for little.

Also, do you have anything to trade? You can post an ISO on or

FTR, Bjorns are dreadful on your back. Your best bet for a low price is a wrap or a pod.
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I used the Moby wrap until my DD was about 6 months, then switched to the Ergo. Both of them are fantastic and super comfy. The Ergo is on the spendy side, but you can get the Moby for about $40, and it can be used way longer than 6 months.
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I have to put in another vote for mei tai.

Have you looked on your local craigslist? I live in a podunk town and there are baby hawks popping up all the time.

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I know on our local craigslist there are always ergo carriers popping up, maybe you'll have luck there?
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I love SSCs. I got my first fairly inexpensively, then sprung for the super-pretty/spendy sort- not because the first wasn't great, but because I used it SO MUCH that I wanted to spoil myself a little.

Once people get hooked on babywearing, it's really easy to have more carriers than you'll ever use. You can check out some babywearing fsot boards or craigslist for used carriers.
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I think a MT would be better as well. The bjorns and any of the bjorn-wannabes are pretty much awful.

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I have an un-popular opinion, but we still use and love our Bjorn. Yes, our baby is a peanut (15%) so there is still time to grow to hate it as she gets older and heavier. We use multiple carriers daily, we do have the Ergo and it is super comfy, but I am so lame and it is difficult for me to buckle by myself. I am sure with practice it gets better and as I have admitted I am lame.
I am sure all of the issues everyone has with the Bjorn are valid, it just is not the case for us...yet.
If you do still want a Bjorn or any other carrier mentioned try a re-sale store. We have a Children's Orchard here and they have Bjorns for $35.00, I bought my Moby there for $20.00 brand new and my Hot Sling for $13.00.
Good luck!

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The Attached to Baby site has an outlet with many well priced popular carriers (mostly returns I believe):
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On what planet is the Ergo cheaper than the bjorn? They are both in the neighborhood of $100.

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I use an ergo for my ds caden and don't know how i managed without it, although it isn't the cheapest carrier, unless you can pick it up 2nd hand on ebay or something.
i would deffonately reccomend.

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i spent $5 and got two slings. now the fabric is $1.50/yd, so it would be $7.50 for 5 yards. instructions here

i just bought 5 yds of jersey (t-shirt) and cut it in half long ways so that i had 2 pieces 23" wide and 5 yards long. no sewing involved.

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