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CallMeMommy's Avatar CallMeMommy 01:44 PM 03-18-2010
I have an Ergo and love it, but when I wear DS on my back the belt gives me a horrible muffin top. Seriously, it's bad. I'm so self-conscious of it now that I won't even use it in a back carry. I have a mei tai but would have to do a high-back carry, and I'd have to cross the straps across my chest so it won't hurt my shoulders, but then it gives me Madonna cone boobs. Not a pretty sight, either. So, magical baby-wearers, lead me to a back carrier I can love!

kayabrink's Avatar kayabrink 02:16 PM 03-18-2010
A woven wrap tied tibetan. All the wrap and the knot is up around your chest. It's above your boobs too, so no weirdness there.
MittensKittens's Avatar MittensKittens 02:18 PM 03-18-2010
Chunei? They go all around the body, so even if you do have a muffin top, nobody would see it
lifeguard's Avatar lifeguard 04:22 AM 03-19-2010
I put my ergo strap around my waist not down on my hips. I'm fat so it still digs in but better then across my hips. I also someimes untuck my shirt from he strap in the front so it can hang over the strap & tummy bulge.
Theia's Avatar Theia 05:06 AM 03-19-2010
I would go for a woven wrap. You can experiment with many different ways of wrapping it and adjust the fabric to suit your needs. It takes more of a learning curve than a SSC, but I love the versatility of a woven.
Limabean1975's Avatar Limabean1975 02:31 PM 03-19-2010
Ugggh, the back carry muffin top! It has inspired me to take up jogging.
I agree with other posters that a wrap would be great - even if not in tibetan carry, in other carries you can spread the material around in a more flattering way...but for me I have tried SO HARD to learn how to back-wrap my baby and I just can't get the hang of it. I really want to! I've watched all the videos, tried all the tricks, but all I succeed in doing is making my baby upset and/or dropping her on the bed that I'm using as a safety net.
confustication's Avatar confustication 08:05 PM 03-19-2010
Maybe I'm an odd one out, but I kind of like the 'slimming' effect of the nice wide belt on my SSC. Now, I have bluejean muffin top on a regular basis (thank you nursing for making me gain weight instead of lose it like a normal person) but the belt on my ssc sits pretty mych at my natural waist and fixes it... maybe it's because I wear it a little higher?

FWIW I use a nana's jet pack, and it's thoroughly muffin-less.

Mmm... muffins...
mama in the forest's Avatar mama in the forest 08:11 PM 03-19-2010
Ergo carries a waist strap extender too - just in case your strap is a little tight. I know you need to have it tight *enough*, but if it could stand loosening the waist extender might be the thing.
Lineymom's Avatar Lineymom 11:26 PM 03-19-2010
Funny I see this post!! I have been fussing about this all day today, trying to figure the best way to wear it. I have always wore it high with my ds but with my dd I have been trying it lower and looser, but it strains my back more and feels too floppy. Up high and tight and I hate how it digs in, does remind me to suck it in though, lol. I am always trying to figure the best clothes to wear with it, vainity, I know. At home, I don't care, but when we are out you know, I hate how a loose fitting shirt looks on me with it all bunched up and stuff. I really like the moby for the front because it does not bind. I have never tried it on back but I guess it would do that boob thing, lol.
GoGoGirl's Avatar GoGoGirl 12:09 AM 03-20-2010
I know that Ergo back carry muffin top! I wear DD on my back in the Ergo when I work out and it is NOT PRETTY with tight workout pants.

For me, the most flattering (slimming, even!) way to wear DD on my back is in a woven wrap, in a double hammock carry. Here's a great video. You could also do a ruck tied tibetan or tied in front under the bust, but those aren't as comfortable for me.
Megan73's Avatar Megan73 11:29 AM 03-20-2010
And I thought I was alone in the Ergo muffin top dilemma
chase_mommy's Avatar chase_mommy 04:56 PM 03-20-2010
Onbuhimo is my solution. I hope I spelled that right, I usually just call it my onbu. It doesn't have a waist strap so there is no muffinage. Where the bottom straps would be is rings. I bring the top straps down like a back pack would look, loop through the rings, cross above the boobs, pull through the 'back pack' straps and tie at my chest.. I have huge boobs and it works well. By far my fave carrier... I have an ergo and I am not in love with it, I think I am going to sell it.
almadianna's Avatar almadianna 05:30 PM 03-20-2010
A pod would work with no muffin top and i never get them with my woven wraps either.
lonegirl's Avatar lonegirl 02:26 PM 03-21-2010
Originally Posted by lifeguard View Post
I put my ergo strap around my waist not down on my hips. I'm fat so it still digs in but better then across my hips. I also someimes untuck my shirt from he strap in the front so it can hang over the strap & tummy bulge.
That's how I wore my Ergo too. I always untucked so the bulge wasn't quite so noticable.
Alisse's Avatar Alisse 03:32 PM 03-21-2010
I dislike the ergo back carry for this very reason.

Try a chunei. I love mine.

Or an onbu.
jocelyndale's Avatar jocelyndale 12:29 PM 03-22-2010
I put the Ergo belt under my shirt, so the shirt poofs over it.