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So, I'm in love with one of the Beco patterns, and not incredibly crazy about the Oh Snap patterns (they're fine, but none is grabbing me like the Beco one). I'm expecting my firstborn any day now, and I already have a ring sling, so I know there's no dire emergency here, but I'm wondering how often you really do nurse in the carrier??

The ability to nurse in the Oh Snap because there's nothing between mom and baby is what's making me think it's the better buy. It seems nursing is difficult if not impossible in the Beco (Butterfly 2 model). I've read that you can unclip one side of the Beco and move it over around the "v" and then sort of nurse, but that sounds complicated.

So, how often do you nurse in the carrier? Like, all the time and I should definitely buy the Oh Snap? Or rarely, so go ahead and buy the Beco?


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I think it will just depend on your LO, but I personally would go with one that is easy to nurse in. I didn't think I would nurse very often while using a carrier before I had DD, but I actually have done it quite a bit.
There are a lot of Beco users here though and they may have some tips about nursing in it for you.
Good luck and congratulations!

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Beco is coming out with a new carrier called the Beco Gemini - any day now. It does not have the harness like the Butterfly II, but is does have side, front,back carry and you can face baby out in front carry too. I'm pretty excited to see it. The harness on the ButterflyII seems like sucha great idea for me, but DS1 really hatyed to be carried facing in, so I rarely wore him in my Beco (BWD - older model) until he was big enough to see over my shoulders. Don't think the Beco Gemini will release lots of pattern choices right away though. They do choose amazing fabrics!
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just remember that you will not be able to wear a newborn in the Oh Snap. IIRC, the Oh Snap is only for babies 6+ months. I have a Beco and love it. I don't nurse in it very often, but I HAVE nursed in it, I just undo one of the straps and that makes it a lot easier. it's not as easy as nursing in my mei tai, but it's not impossible and the comfort and convience of being able to do an idiot-proof back carry were what made me choose the Beco and it's some of the best money I have ever spent. I use it every single day.

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I agree that the Oh Snap! will probably be best for a slightly older baby, and the Beco would be better if you want to use it right away.

About nursing in a carrier, I never have and my dd is almost 3 and still nursing. I always prefered to sit down to nurse as I would leak horribly and had to absorb it with receiving blankets/hand towels the first few months, and found it awkward to nurse her without supporting her head with my arm. Nursing in a carrier never appealed to me. It wasn't necessary as she was the only child I was looking after. I may feel differently if I have a second as I'll have to keep up with my first. I know lots of people like nursing in carriers though, just wanted to give a different perspective.
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Originally Posted by angelachristin View Post
just remember that you will not be able to wear a newborn in the Oh Snap. IIRC, the Oh Snap is only for babies 6+ months.
Ditto. The Oh Snap is definitely for bigger/older babies. It is a really great carrier, but you won't be able to use it for a while.

As for nursing, I nursed my DD all the time in a SSC!!!! Especially when she was older and a busy toddler. It actually worked much better for us because she could nurse on and off like so many nosy babies do and I didn't have to stop constantly. Also, she could nurse to sleep and then be in the carrier for her nap. It was great and we did it all the time. Not so much now, but she's 2+ now and only nurses before nap and bed.

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I nursed and BW three babies and pretty much never did both at the same time with an SSC - even though it's possible in many brands, in real life I only nursed and BW if I had a sling/pouch/wrap on, and not a SSC.

the Oh Snap is cool but not for small babies. the gemini isn't out for a while longer, and the Butterfly is so ideal for newborns and first-timer back carries, I think you'd be happiest with that.

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I bought a D ring sling because I thought I'd nurse her in it. Hasn't happened yet. Don't think it will happen in the future.
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i love my beco b/c it's cute and i think the inner panel will give me confidence when i am ready to start back carrying. but i cannot nurse in it, and i really wish i could. very often while we are out on our walks, DS will start rooting, but that fabric is in the way. as previous people have said, the oh snap is for an older baby. my personal expereience has been that it is very hard to nurse a tiny baby in the upright position anyway. they need better head and torso control for that.

Erica, mama to DS1 (02/2010) DS2 (01/2012) and DS3 (04/2014)
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I was never able to nurse in an carrier. I am a nursing top and T-shirt kind of girl and could never get m shirt up, the nursing top down all with a baby and a sling holding it down.

I would get the one that you think you will like to carry the baby in!

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I have nursed in a carrier 2 times. My DD is 10 months. The first time, I nursed her in the carrier because I was grocery shopping and hadn't yet realized I could go sit on the furniture. The next time, it was because I just wanted to try nursing in the Ergo. I guess maybe I'm just never i such a rush that I must be nursing and walking.

Besides, I love an excuse to sit and enjoy the view. Sweet cuddly babe, people watching, scenic view, whatever.

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I think it's really hard to tell ahead of time how much you'll nurse while babywearing, and even how much babywearing you'll actually do.

For me, I didn't think I'd probably babywear all that much... and then ended up wearing my son for literally upwards of 8 hours a day every day when he was younger.

Nursing in a carrier has been essential for us. We spend many hours out of the house every day and I can't really imagine nursing him in public without the carrier to help support him.

So, based on that alone, I'd want the Oh Snap! But... the Beco IS really easy on the eyes. I think you'd probably learn how to do the snap/unsnap thing if you got the Beco, it just might take longer.

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I love my Beco, but no it isn't really possible to nurse with him in it. I pretty much had to unbuckle, and move the straps etc, before we could do so.

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I've nursed DS in my Beco a couple of times! I don't undo the strap...I just loosen it so he sits much lower, and then kind of shift the carrier sideways a bit on my hip. The fabric doesn't get much in the way, but I will use my hand to support my breast.. since I think walking and nursing feels funny.
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I'd get the Beco, use it now, enjoy it now. I have 4th gen ones but we love them. You're going to want to see what you and the baby like anyway, and you can always resell/trade on TBW if you need to. It took me three carriers to find out my baby liked to have legs and arms out, so a stretchy wrap was all she really liked until she was bigger. But she lived in the Beco starting around 6 months.

Full disclosure, I nursed maybe once in a carrier. Huge boobs make it hard!
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it's hard to say. I agree with pp's
1.) it is difficult for ME anyway tp nurse a little (under 3 month) babe in an upright carrier
2.) it's really hard to say until you try the carrier
3.)oh snap is for bigger babies. I found the stretchy wraps fine until about 13-15 lbs (3.5 months for us) especially as I wore dd to sleep on me. they ARE hot in summer though, so I have started using a light cotton woven wrap.

I have just begun nursing ina carrier...I use the ergo and just loosen it so her head is lower. It really depends on your LO and you how much you nurse in the carrier...some mamas are more on the go, have more than one kid etc. and need to, some babes will preferr to be moving while nursing or could be very fussy and need some sort of sucking, movement simultaneously to settle (my babe), but even with a babe like this I barely nursed in the carrier until over 4 months. I wouldn;t worry a huge amount about it unles you think you won't have time to sit down and nurse.

Is there any way to borrow one from a friend when your lo is born to see what you like? I was able to try many carriers this way. In the end you have to just try one, you can always trade/resell etc.

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