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Old 07-30-2010, 03:16 PM
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it depends soooo much.

i have done it without taking my kiddos out many times, and i have had to take them out a few times.

in the US its usually take them out but i fly out of IAH and houston is really strict on this stuff. San Francisco was not as strict. Chicago was strict.

Outside of the US I have never had to take them out and I have flown through major airports: Schipul, Oslo, Peking, etc.

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My experience is it depends on the airport or even the person working. It seems to also depend on the type of carrier you're using and how it catches the person's eye at the security station.

I have passed through without doing anything. I've been asked to remove the baby or toddler from the carrier. I've been asked to remove the carrier, but was allowed to leave the baby in it (with a Beco). I've been asked to lift the carrier away from my body at which point they wanded me and the baby (this was a sling).

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I've worn DD through security in an Ergo quite a bit on the east coast of the US (DC-National, DC-Dulles, White Plains, Boston, Providence).

I had one agent in White Plains that asked me to take her out and I was in the middle of complying with the request (I had kneeled down to take her off my back as I was not traveling with another adult) and the agent said I could try to go through without setting off the monitors. I think the agent didn't realize it would take me a minute or two to get DD out.

I always have to take off her shoes and we are patted down once we go through the detector.

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I'm in Canada and just flew out of a very small airport and then back througha different but small airport. I had to take dd off both times, one time it was very early and she was sleeping! Then yes the ergo had to be oput through the x ray thing. I don't think the type of carrier would have mattered. They also really seemed to believe I was not declaring some kind of baby related liquid. I got asked several times if I was sure I ahd no formula, I said no she is breast fed and the young guy oggled me!

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We flew with DD when she was 10 months and I had her on Ergo. We got through security no problem both at SFO and at Irvine (I think John Wayne airport, is it?). They did make another kid (older toddler maybe 3 yrs?) come off Ergo and walk through security by herself, though. I guess it all depends.

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In most airports I have been able to wear DS and now DD through security. Occasionally I would have to take them out and pass the carrier through. Seems totally dependant on the mood of the agent.
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Old 08-14-2010, 04:32 AM
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I fly a lot and I've had to take the babies out every.single.time. They didn't make me take the carrier off and put it through the x-ray, just take the baby out.

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For me, I think only once I was able to leave baby in the sling - no metal. Otherwise, I had to take the carrier off and put it through the x-ray.

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I think it depends. I always fly alone and have only been asked to remove either child twice. Once was in Chicago (try chasing two toddlers around security when they are both in bad moods, hungry and tired) and the other time was in Taiwan. I have had to take their shoes off.. every single time.

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6 weeks ago I went through Atlanta with the ergo and didn't pause when we approached the security, just walked through...and no prob!

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It definitely depends. I took ds through in a mei tai and wasn't asked to take him out gong one way, but then was asked to take him out going the other way.

If they asked everyone to remove their shoes/babies/ and searched everyone's luggage thoroughly etc. there would be much longer waits then there already are. I think the point is that most people aren't terrorists and it's all about measured risks. Most people with proper identification for themselves and their infants who have their own infants with them are probably less likely to intend to blow up the plane. These things are still left to the individual descretion of the security guard.

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If she's been sleeping in the ergo, they never make me take her out, just shoes (even her little robeez when she was itty bitty...which is a pain, dig?). One time I think I had to disassemble, and that was a pain, but usually we just walk on through. They do ask sometimes if the thing has metal, and I suppose that's a deal breaker, but I dunno.

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The one time I traveled with a babe in a carrier (a wrap - nothin' but cloth), she was 18 months. On the outgoing trip I had to take her out and take her shoes off and she walked thru the metal detector herself. On the way home she stayed in the wrap and kept her shoes on.

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I have not flown often but 6 times through security with a baby on me and I have had 3 times yes and 3 times no....

1X Montreal, 1X Vancouver and 1X Prince-Rupert (northern BC)...

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I flew last month and I did not have to remove baby from the wrap. When I flew with my middle child as a baby (three years ago), I did have to take her out of the sling.

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I took mine through the airport, both in a wrap and in a ring sling, and never was I asked to take him out. I went through Denver and Roanoke airports with him.
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